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E3 2015: The Last Guardian Walkthrough

Back at E3 in 2009, Sony unveiled the third title from Japanese developer Team Ico. It featured a small child with his giant feathered companion, which resembled a griffin. This game was called The Last Guardian. The unveiling was nothing more than a trailer, but it embedded an emotional connection that many gamers already felt between the young boy, and his pet. It ended up winning many E3 awards that year, but once the show ended, it went dark. The game disappeared from existence. Later, Sony would break the dreadful news that it was canceled.


A few young hopefuls every year, around this time during the expo, would hope Sony would once again reveal the title to the world. Eventually it would be forgotten, and many of us just accepted its cruel fate. (more…)

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Sony’s List of Games at the Tokyo Game Show, The Last Guardian a No Show?

Sony has just released what we should expect from them at the Tokyo Game Show. What’s not surprising is the company will relentlessly try to push the PlayStation Move and its 3D technology. Obviously, the way they publicize this is by showing off their exclusive videogames that will appear on their systems that take advantage of both features.

Like you would imagine, Sony is highlighting the franchise titles like LittleBigPlanet 2, Gran Turismo 5 and SOCOM 4; however one title is noticeably absent from the list — The Last Guardian.

The Last Guardian has been under pretty much every hardcore gamer’s radar as a project to watch out for, and for good reason. The game is being developed by the ultra talented Team Ico studio, the makers behind such works of art as Ico and Shadow of Colossus. Not only that, when the first trailer leaked on the Internet just days before the unveiling at E3, the buzz about the title has been enormous and never ending.

Of course, not much as been shown since the first time we were in awe of the venture. The game’s designer Fumito Ueda had made numerous claims that we would be getting a lot more info about The Last Guardian in 2010 and since TGS is the last big convention of the year, most of us thought that must be the time we finally get to see the game in action. But as of now, we won’t because the game is not listed as a Sony game that is expected to be displayed during the show. Although, that could change and hopefully it does!

After the jump, check out what games will be shown, thanks to andriasang. (more…)

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E3 09: Updated Trailer for The Last Guardian (Trico)

A few weeks ago, a trailer from Team Ico (Shadow of the Colossus) was release, and was titled Trico. This same game was rumored for sometime now, but only one single screen capture was shown. When this ‘leaked’ trailer was set loose to the internet hounds, many, including myself, thought it was quite impressive.

Guess what? A new updated trailer has been released thanks to E3, and it looks considerably superior. The textures, animations, lighting and even the boy’s expressions have been upgraded. Even simple If you don’t think it’s possible, check out this clip I have embedded above. The textures, the animations, lighting and even the boys expressions have been all upgraded to a realistic feel. Another thing that just drops my jaw, is the fur swaying rapidly from the wind.

Also, the name Trico has been officially changed to The Last Guardian, which I like better.

There is even a more exciting part about this game, than just the graphics alone. Not only can Team Ico create a stunning visual title, but they can match it with the gameplay too.

I would also like to mention how happy I am that they have kept the wonderful score. It really helps set the mode of the relationship between the monster and the small boy.

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