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Super Mario Bros Theme Mashed Up With J. Lo and Shakira? Yes, Why Not!

Ever wanted to hear a mashup of J. Lo (Booty), Shakira (She Wolf) and with the Super Mario Bros. theme thrown in? If you answered yes, than the super talented one band girl Kawehi has your back.


If you’re unfamiliar with the musician, she’s had a slew of internet videos that have gone viral. Her most successful ended up being mashups of songs, or her take on an individual song where she records all the samples in real time. It’s pretty incredible multitasking on her part. I have a hard time eating a sandwich and talking to the person next to me. Yet somehow she can record a Nirvana song with all the rifts, drum beats, chorus and vocals at the same time. So Kudos to her and stuff.


Recently she’s launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund her EP. She was only asking for a mere $3,000 but the Internet has surprised her with almost $40,000, with four days to go, at this writing. The video above is a gift to her backers. And I say thank you, I just might have to donate! But first, I need to finish a sandwich.

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Cool Stuff: “Historical Reconstitution” Mario Shirt

Mario Peach Scary Shirt

Vincent Bocognani designed this terrific shirt above. It’s cleverly titled Historical Reconstitution and shows Mario with Princess Peach, riding Yoshi, but with an obvious realistic take. Is it disturbing? Sure, but at the same time — awesome.


The shirt sells for $18 or you can buy the Hoody for $40, over at threadless.


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VOTD: Pac-Man vs. Mario, The Battle of the Ages

Russian animation studio tvigle, came up with a concept of having two famous videogame stars, Pac-Man & Mario, pitted against each other in an epic battle to the death. But I think it was more about Mario going through his ordinary routine, but suddenly Pac-Man has to be a dick once again, and ruin somebody’s fun.

The direction of the action was crafted beautifully, while the animation was drawn to perfection, and the sound is guaranteed to make you at least chuckle. It’s definitely worth a few minutes of your time.

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Cool Stuff: “Super Plumber” Print (Super Mario)

SuperPlumber People seem to forget when Mario isn’t saving Princess Peach inside the strange world of the Mushroom Kingdom, from the clutches of Lord Bowser, he is a plumber on the side. Everyone wants a little extra cash and in this economy, being a hero just doesn’t pay all the bills.

Up top is picture drawn by Pat Kinell, which he entitled “Super Plumber.” It shows Mario what he does best, and that is fix the pipes of an old-broken-down sink, while having a few ‘friends’ on the side.

Obviously right away you can spot some of his enemies on the floor, but there are a few other Super Mario Bros. references. For one, if you look on the floor to the right of Mario, you’ll see a raccoon tail, which would have been from the third installment of the famed series. On the top of the toilet, you should notice a tissue-box with it baring a mushroom logo. Above that, on the windowsill, you’ll see a miniature Piranha Plant getting some rays. And to the right of that, check out the picture that resembles one of the many infamous castles.

If you want to own a 11X 14″ print, click here — it will only set you back $50.


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Cool Stuff: Don’t Blow on this Mario Hoodie


This sweet hoodie, which was designed by Derek on enclothe, reminds me of a time when we had to blow into an NES cartridge because when we turned on the game — this is what it looked like on the TV.

Besides the color scheme and how the pattern begins to break up as it nears the top of the hoodie, I love how the zipper has a “1UP” mushroom for a zipper, which gives it an authentic feel. If you want one, hurry up because there is only a limited quantity and each sells for $65.

After the jump check out more pictures. (more…)

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Death Metal Cover of the Castle Theme From Super Mario

When I think of death metal, I obviously think of the castle theme from Super Mario Bros., Rock on!

[Thanks Kenny]

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Thank God the Piranha Plant is Not Real


Jamie Margary has a talented, yet horrifying imagination. He somehow took a simple character from the cute Mushroom Kingdom and made it as evil as he could. Up top is his vision of what a Piranha Plant would look like in real life and is made out of acrylics, clay and some wire. Sure, the carnivorous plant is only included in the game to kill our beloved plumber(s), and it is not some attractive videogame star. But why does it have to be so scary?

Destructoid were the guys who found the frighting images of the 80s icon, but they told their readers it wouldn’t give them nightmares. I for one can’t lie, and I’m pretty sure you’re gonna have a hard time sleeping the next time you lay down on your bed. With all that said, I really love the uvula is in a position like the plant is screaming, it gives it a much more terrifying look.

After the jump, check out the rest of the pictures and a quick movie on how Jamie made the plant.


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Picture: Mario’s Affair


The guys over at duelinganalogs made this picture of what looks like Mario having an affair with the Companion Cube. I’m not sure if I’m more disturbed of the inability of Mario being able to keep his zipper up, or the fact Mario has sexual relationships with boxes.

Also, the apparent man-boobs is a sight I never wanted to see with Nintendo’s plumber. Yuck!

via: pixelatedgeek

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Mushroom Kingdom Gets Hit Hard With the Recession


These are rough times. Unemployment is at its highest, people are still losing their jobs and companies are going out of business left and right. The economic meltdown isn’t just happening in America or the world for that matter; it’s affecting the Mushroom Kingdom as well.

We received an exclusive picture of Mario in distress and he’s contemplating ending it all, after reports of Nintendo’s profits dipping.

In all seriousness, I love how the artist, Jude Buffum, captured the platform Mario runs on as nothing more than buildings. Check out the full image after the break. Also, notice how he has no coins either, that’s pretty clever. (more…)

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Picture: The Koopa Troopa Killings Stop Now


If you didn’t know, Mario is a psychopath who is a mass murderer of turtles. The same can be said with his hatred towards living mushrooms, but that’s a whole other story. The testudines community in the Mushroom Kingdom, known as the Koopa Troopa, are so fed up with the turtle massacre, they called upon one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which is depicted in this drawing by theautumnsociety.

This fight is about to be epic.

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