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E3 09: Soul Calibur Broken Destiny Trailer

A new trailer for Namco Bandai’s new PSP game, Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny, came out this week. The game-play looks like a Soul Calibur game, nothing out of the ordinary. What was exciting though was that Kratos, you know that guy from God of War, will be a playable character in the game and he looks great. You get to use his Icarus wings, his blades of Athena, and a sword that looks very much like the Blade of Olympus.

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Debut Trailer for Soul Calibur for PSP

Namco Bandai has published a trailer for their upcoming fighter Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny for the PSP. The next chapter in the famous fighter seems like it’s holding up really well on Sony’s portable system. Graphically, it really does look stunning and Namco might have pushed the handheld to the max.

Gameplay wise, I have a quite a bit of faith for the game. My reason is solely based on how well Tekken translated onto the PSP, I don’t really see a reason why Soul Calibur could not do the same.

Check out the video up top.

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