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Video: Resident Evil ‘Clay-Mation’

Youtube user MikeG1679 created this quick clay stop-motion film based off of the first Resident Evil. Sure, the animation isn’t the best, but that’s what gives it is charm and it definitely made me chuckle.

I guess if you haven’t played all the way through the original, you might not ‘get it’ because I don’t think there is another videogame on earth that is as cheesy as Resident Evil.


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Cool Stuff: Video Game Magnets

ArcadeArt over at etsy has created these brilliant video game magnets. The three separate packs include a modern day video game, but the magnets are styled like a pixelated 8-bit video game, rather than their ‘high-end’ graphics.

The three sets are Pikmin, Resident Evil and my personal favorite Half-Life (top). If you want to purchase one of items, the seller is asking for $20 and that includes three magnets that can be hang on your refrigerator.

Cool Stuff is a feature of /gamer. Know of any geekarific creations or cool products which should be featured on Cool Stuff? E-Mail us at (more…)

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Capcom Talks About Resident Evil: “Wii Fans Will be Very Happy Very Soon.”

Now what does this mean? While speaking with Joystiq in Toronto, Capcom‘s Matt Dahlgren talked about the Wii and how its missing a true Resident Evil game — and why owners should be excited for the future.

“It was made for the Xbox 360 and PS3 [Resident Evil 5]. That being said, Nintendo Wii fans will be very happy very soon.”

Now, Mr. Dahlgren didn’t go into any specifics, but we really want to know what the hell he means. Last week, we reported Capcom mentioning how fans of the older Resident Evils should be ‘excited’ about new announcements sometime in the near future. However, he also didn’t go into detail — but we wonder if these two quotes are related to each other. We certainly would not be surprised if they were.

Stay tuned to /gamer because as soon as Capcom mentions it, we will post it!


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Resident Evil 2 Remake Coming!?

During a Q&A segment at the Resident Evil 5 Wondercon panel, Capcom was asked by an enthusiastic fan about a possible Resident Evil 2 remake. Mike Webster of Capcom decided to responded to the answer. He said, “Stay tuned, we absolutely understands that these are classic games,” and added, “Some announcements, that you will be very interested in [are on the way].”

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean we are seeing Resident Evil 2 coming to a next-gen console near you — but he is definitely implying that some of their classic games are on the way. Which one? Who knows. But, to us, we might be seeing the publisher unveil an unannounced Resident Evil remake and soon! We also wonder which system Capcom chooses!

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Movie Director Guillermo del Toro Loves Video Games

Film director Guillermo del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy), apparently enjoys to play video games. He enjoys them so much he can have an in-depth conversation and give detailed answers about why he likes certain games. He even compares the atmosphere of some games to legendary movie directors such as Roman Polanski (Rosemary’s Baby) and George A. Romero (Dawn of the Dead).

I absolutely loved BioShock. I loved the world, the design, the lighting, the beautiful art direction and cinematography. I’m a fan of Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Devil May Cry. I love them all. The first Silent Hill was so beautiful, almost like a Lynch, Polanski or Romero type of horror experience…

I love the engine of GTA IV. I’m not a big fan of the actual game: I’m not into break-ins or running people over, but the engine is incredibly beautiful, and the sandbox is very complete. The same goes for Medal of Honor Airborne, Call of Duty 4 or Army of Two. There are only two games I consider masterpieces: Ico and Shadow of the Colossus… I have a 12-year-old daughter and we play together, but unfortunately she’s more into Sonic and Kirby.

The more time goes by and games become more mainstream, the more we see respectable Hollywood names come out of the woodwork and admit they play video games. When a ‘star’ used to ‘admit’ he/she plays video games, we usually got the “I’m more of a Pac-Man kind of person,” response. You know, the answer we always get when they want to look ‘cool’ for pop-culture.

Not only does del Toro admit he enjoys a next-gen game from time to time, but so does Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson. The growing trend of video games in Hollywood is great news for us gamers. With movies like Max Payne coming out later this year and Bioshock next year, hopefully movies adapted from video games will be the next ‘comic book’ genre for the film industry.

Source: destructoid

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