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‘Myst’ TV Show In Production

Myst Cover Art


If you’re over the age of 25, then you surely remember the point-&-click adventure game Myst for the PC, and some other older consoles. If you owned it, chances are it was one of the first, if not THE first, CD ROM game in your collection. During it’s 1993 release, it was noted for its “realistic” graphics, combined with full-motion video sequences, and one of the most successful to include those features to this day. In fact it was such a huge hit, it was the most popular PC game ever, up until The Sims stole the crown in 2002.  (more…)

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Original Myst Being Ported Over to the iPhone

A Cyan employee on a Myst forum announced that a team of three are all ready underway of developing a port of the original Myst for the iPhone. Under the handle Chogon, wrote the following:

This is a small project that probably a very few of you know about. We are porting Myst to the iPhone. Ok, before some of you start groaning, this is an outside funded project that is keeping a few developers employed… but it is really more than that. It is an interesting and fun project. This is also a very small team with three of us (which includes Derek, Rand (not Randy) and myself).

The touchscreen function of the phone could be perfect for the iPhone, but that’s what I said about the DS version that ended up coming out a few weeks ago. And if some of you are wondering how it was, it sucked. it’s by far the most disastrous port of the series.

Thanks to CVG

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