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VOTD: Pac-Man vs. Mario, The Battle of the Ages

Russian animation studio tvigle, came up with a concept of having two famous videogame stars, Pac-Man & Mario, pitted against each other in an epic battle to the death. But I think it was more about Mario going through his ordinary routine, but suddenly Pac-Man has to be a dick once again, and ruin somebody’s fun.

The direction of the action was crafted beautifully, while the animation was drawn to perfection, and the sound is guaranteed to make you at least chuckle. It’s definitely worth a few minutes of your time.

Video of the Day is a feature of /gamer showcasing geekarific video creations. Have a video we should feature on VOTD? E-Mail us at

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Picture: Mario’s Affair


The guys over at duelinganalogs made this picture of what looks like Mario having an affair with the Companion Cube. I’m not sure if I’m more disturbed of the inability of Mario being able to keep his zipper up, or the fact Mario has sexual relationships with boxes.

Also, the apparent man-boobs is a sight I never wanted to see with Nintendo’s plumber. Yuck!

via: pixelatedgeek

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Mushroom Kingdom Gets Hit Hard With the Recession


These are rough times. Unemployment is at its highest, people are still losing their jobs and companies are going out of business left and right. The economic meltdown isn’t just happening in America or the world for that matter; it’s affecting the Mushroom Kingdom as well.

We received an exclusive picture of Mario in distress and he’s contemplating ending it all, after reports of Nintendo’s profits dipping.

In all seriousness, I love how the artist, Jude Buffum, captured the platform Mario runs on as nothing more than buildings. Check out the full image after the break. Also, notice how he has no coins either, that’s pretty clever. (more…)

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Picture: The Koopa Troopa Killings Stop Now


If you didn’t know, Mario is a psychopath who is a mass murderer of turtles. The same can be said with his hatred towards living mushrooms, but that’s a whole other story. The testudines community in the Mushroom Kingdom, known as the Koopa Troopa, are so fed up with the turtle massacre, they called upon one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which is depicted in this drawing by theautumnsociety.

This fight is about to be epic.

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Fire Hydrant Mario is Ready to Put Out the Flames


Okay, I have a fire hydrant pretty close to where I live. Could somebody please paint it like Mario? Thanks in advance.

Seriously, why isn’t there more fire hydrant art? It’s certainly pretty damn cool. Although, next time someone should paint the fire “Mario” suit on the hydrant. Ha get it? Ya, I know — lame.


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E3 09: New Mario Game?

This morning Nintendo Everything posted some images of E3 banners with a black sheet over them. This is nothing out of the ordinary as publishers want to try to contain as much information as possibly to make the reveal that much more exciting. However you can almost see through these banners to see what appears to be a title on one bannerĀ and a Goomba and the Fire Flower that turns Mario into Fire Mario.

We wont know for sure if this is actually a Mario game until the show starts today but we will post anything we find out. Be sure to check back for updates on this and all other games coming out of this year’s E3.

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How did JJ Abrams Beat Super Mario Bros. 2?

If you don’t know by know, JJ Abrams is amazing. From Lost to Cloverfield to his future projects like Star Trek, for the most part everything he touches turns into gold. The writer/director wrote a fantastic editorial called, “The Mystery of Magic,” for Wired. The article deals with how the mystery in storytelling is incredibly important and how the age of spoilers can ruin the art. Not only does Abrams’ opinion deal with movie making, but parallels it with the journey of life itself. One of the cool examples he uses, is his own adventure of trying to beat Super Mario Bros. 2, with his best friend — and how they ‘cheated’ to get there. Here is a quick snippet of the article:

“We were obsessed freaks. For us, getting to the end screen of that game was more important than anything in the history of time. And this particular game was lacking a certain feature I like to call The Ability To Fucking Save (or TATFS). This meant that playing Super Mario Bros. 2 was an all-or-nothing activity. Yeah, you could pause it, but then when you left your house the thing might catch fire and kill people. No, you had to play that damn thing in one hideous sitting.”

Again, its a great read, and its always good to see a successful (and awesome) Hollywood celebrity talk about video games in good light.

Oh, and I pray the day will come when we will see Mr. Abrams dip his hand into the video game industry.

Read the full editorial here.

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Super Mario Bros. Blanket

created this awesome Super Mario Bros. crocheted blanket. The level of detail is pretty incredible and looks almost exactly like the NES classic title. Crochet wrote on her blog, about the technique she used to design the blanket:

“There is no pattern that I followed. I searched the internet for screen shots of SMB and then used them for the map I had in my head. There is no ‘master graph’ for any of the panels, much less for the entire project. The most involved panel was the battle scene and is the only one I drew out. I have absolutely no intention of creating a graph of my entire work; however, there may be a time when I decide to make a graph of a panel or two…..dunno when/if that will happen, though.”

Yes. She has more talent than you!

via: boingboing

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Comic: Mario Pissed

What happens when Mario is placed in a unforgivable predicament? He acts like every other old pissed-off Italian guy. You have to wonder if Mario is starting to think Princess Peach just isn’t worth the hassle.

Every time he rescues her, she better be giving up something — and you know exactly what I mean!

hockeyzombie (via davechen)

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1980s Service Announcement Video With Mario (Don’t do Drugs)

After watching this old 80s service announcement, it would appear that Mario had our backs when we were kids. In the clip, Mario, who is played by Cpt. Lou Albano, pleaded with us not to do drugs. Although, I find it hypocritical because isn’t Mario the one who eats mushrooms to get ‘bigger,’ because he’s trying to save the princess of a land called Mushroom Kingdom, from an evil dragon?

“I learned it from you MARIO!”

[Thanks Ken]

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