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E3 09: Soul Calibur Broken Destiny Trailer

A new trailer for Namco Bandai’s new PSP game, Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny, came out this week. The game-play looks like a Soul Calibur game, nothing out of the ordinary. What was exciting though was that Kratos, you know that guy from God of War, will be a playable character in the game and he looks great. You get to use his Icarus wings, his blades of Athena, and a sword that looks very much like the Blade of Olympus.

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Download Kratos From God of War in PS3′s Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds

Oh jeez, after the rumors ran wild that Kratos would be an exclusive fighter for the PlayStation 3‘s version of Soul Calibar IV, we were sadly disappointed with the no show.

Well, it looks like Sony had other plans  to included the ‘God of War‘ star in another game besides his own, and I don’t think anyone saw this one coming. According to the PlayStation Blog, it was confirmed that we’ll be swinging clubs with Kratos in Sony‘s Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds for the PS3.

The developers of the game worked closely with the team behind the God of War game, including the animators and voice over actors. It was important to get the feel of Kratos, even though he’s more of a cartoon character in the golf game.

Checking out the pictures after the jump, you’ll notice that Kratos won’t only be swinging for a hole in one with his own clubs, but they will look completely different than a traditional club that you’re used to seeing – instead it’ll have chains attached to the driver itself. This Thursday (08/21/08) you’ll be the ‘God of Golf. (more…)

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