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Halo 2: Anniversary Not Running In 1080p



And what will surely instigate this stupid fanboy war between the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One fanboys, executive producer for the game, Dan Ayoub, has confirmed that the Halo: 2 Anniversary won’t run in native 1080p resolution. However, the game is packaged within the Halo: The Master Chief Collection, and includes all 1-4 Halo titles. Besides Halo 2, every other game on the disc will run in 1080p. However, he did ensure Halo 2 will run and will look “fantastic” at 720p, and 60 frames-a-second.


Some fans of the franchise, who have been anticipating the release of the collection, were displeased with the news and took their voice on the NeoGAF forums. Frank O’Connor, who is the development director for the Master Chief Collection, felt the need to respond to some of the harsh opinions posted on the boards. He explained the reasons for the developers decision to ultimately have Halo 2 run at 720p. According to him, Halo 2′s specs are running at a higher standard then when they remastered Halo: Combat Evolved, in 2011 on Xbox 360. (more…)

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