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EA Acquires Playfish for Reported $300 Million


Over the last few months, rumors were starting to emerge that Electronic Arts was on the prowl for a new studio to purchase. Indusrty sources were suggesting that the big-time publisher was eyeing the company Playfish, who focuses solely on free social networking games. The titles are free and playable on sites like Facebook.

Both companies inked a deal worth reportedly $275 million in change, and an additional $25 million set aside for equity retention agreements. EA also promised Playfish another $100 million, but only if the company can reach certain milestones before the year 2012.

This might seem like a lot of money, but as the technology grows — social gaming will too. As of now, Playfish has released ten titles, and if you add up all the accounts that play these games — it’ll exceed 60 million ACTIVE ones. Not only that, every month there are over one billion sessions played. Those numbers can make the EA a lot of cheese in the future, if done right of course. It should also help EA become the leader for games in the social networking world. Which is something that EA obviously now plans to invest in and believes the genre’s future is bright.

via: joystiq

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E3 09: Will Protesters Go to Hell if They Lie?

Armed with leaflets and picket signs, the Salvationists Against Virtual and Eternal Damnation or SAVED for short, protested outside of the LA Convention Center during E3 on Wednesday. They were their protesting EA’s adaptation of Dante Alighieri’s The Inferno, the first part of three in the epic poem The Divine Comedy. They held signs that read, “EA =Electronic ANTI-Chirst”, “Play Dante’s Inferno, Go to Hell”, “Hell is not a game”, “Trade in your Playstaion for a PRAYstation”, “My high score is in Heaven”, and my favorite “JUST SAY infer-NO!!!”.

The group even has their own website to protest the game. outlines the groups message as to why you should not play Dante’s Inferno. But the site is the quintessential ‘horrible site’ with no document title, varying text colors and sizes and lots of animated GIFs. And of course the site and the cheesy posters made many wonder if these protesters were actually real.

Unfortunately according to the AP, the protest was staged. Which leads us to ask the question, If a protest is staged are the protesters lying? And if they are lying, will they go to Hell?

Source Image Via:

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E3 2009: EA’s Booth Largest in Company History

When the ESA announced they were bringing back E3 to its glory days, gamers celebrated everywhere. For the last two years, the gaming convention turned into the complete opposite of its former self — not exciting. Sure, it was fun; I mean, how many people can say their job requires them to go into a building and play video games for eight hours a day? It can be repetitive and tiring at the same time, but overall it’s a great time. But in 2006 & 2007, when the convention only had a few thousand people attending, compared to the 60,000 in 2006 — the glamour was gone. For work purposes, it was probably better, but for an annual event that most of us looked forward to — it was considerably worse

But once again, the ESA is bringing back the old E3, and many people including myself are wondering how much will 2009′s show resemble pre-2007. Sure, the ESA is saying the “glamour and sizzle” is coming back, but are they just hyping it up? These are the same people that said the downsizing of the show was better — they were obviously wrong.

The bigger question I have is; how serious are the publishers taking the 2009 event? And how are the booths going to look? Did the companies who buy the space take E3 seriously? I thought we would have to wait until E3 gets a little closer, however, I might have found my answers…

A source at Electronic Arts, who shall be remain nameless, gave me a tidbit of the company’s plans at this upcoming E3, and it’s a good thing. According to my source, EA is already in the works for the event that takes place on June 2. The insider was also told that the space that EA is using is the biggest, in terms of size in the companies history for the yearly event. Suggesting, that at least EA is taking the 2009 convention very seriously. The source told us that the glamour of the booth will be reminiscent to the older E3., meaning LEDs and the concert lighting that would overwhelm the attendees will be back — unlike the boring plain looking booths the companies were forced to have the last two years.

This is indeed exciting news for people attending E3 09′ and even the people who are not. We’re hoping the other major publishers and hardware manufactures are going to follow suit — and we believe they are.

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Rumor: Lego Rock Band in the Works and Why We Think It’s a Bad Idea

When people look back at this generation of video games, most will think of rhythm games. The genre brought in a slew of new gamers who before; who probably only played a video game on occasion over a friends house. Now, everyone seems to have played Rock Band or Guitar Hero. Heck, even friends of mine who would’ve never picked up a controller, has rocked out with either of the two games and they have done it more than once.

Obviously with the successes of the Guitar Hero franchise, Activision has produced crap loads of sequels and spinoffs. The amount of cash the series has made, it may as well be mistaken as a giant money maker.

However, EA and Harmonix have come out with one sequel to their highly popular Rock Band game. They have not milked the series as much as Activision has done over the last few years. But according to VG247, that just might change.

The site is reporting from a source inside either EA or the company behind Lego Batman, Traveller’s Tales — is working on a Lego version of Rock Band. Could this be real? Sure — I can definitely see a couple big suits sitting in a room: liking the combination of Lego and Rhythm games. But are they really that stupid? I hope not.

The point of the Lego and Batman or Star Wars was it was cute. The games had their own charm and they were more than just a gimmick — the lego actually made the game quite fun. There was something about running around in the Star Wars‘ universe blowing Storm Troopers and watching them explode into tiny lego — to say the least; it was certainly amusing. But what would the point of a Lego Rock Band be? Think about it; we don’t even control the band members. They are just there as a background…nothing more. Hell, I even forget about them. So how would Legos add anything new to the genre…I do not think EA or anyone else could ever give us a real answer on that one.

When it comes to to EA working with Traveller’s Tales — that could be somewhat tricky. Traveller’s Tales are not an independent company, they are owned by Warner Bros. That is not really the ‘tricky’ part. In fact, EA and Traveller’s Tales have already worked together in the past with the Harry Potter games (which is also owned by Warner Bros.) The problem lies with EA’s willingness to have a third-party benefit from one of their own franchises. It’s a different story with Harry PotterEA doesn’t own the rights to the films, they just publish the game and take a portion of the sales. Sure they must invest in the games, but the name itself sells. It’s an easy way for the company to get some cash flow.

This is different from Rock Band. The game is already an established name and including Legos probably will not sell enough copies for EA to justify giving Warner Brothers a cut. Of course, the big guys running the show might have a different opinion. But we believe if they do, it could be a mistake on their part.

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EA’s John Riccitiello: “EA will kill a game or two a year — Forever.”

Newly acquired CEO for Electronic Arts John Riccitiello has been very vocal since he started to become head boss. From talking about how EA’s lineup is the strongest compared to other gaming publishers to how the DRM complaints are overrated.

He has spoken once again while responding to EA dropping the game Tiberium earlier in the month and how they’ll keep on doing the same thing to other games…forever!

“When something’s not meeting expectations… you can course correct by giving it more time, more money, changing the concept or killing the game. If you’re committed to quality, you take one of those paths. If you preclude any one of those paths, quality will suffer.

EA will kill a game or two a year — Forever.”

Before we run to EA’s head building and scorch Riccitiello — just stop and think. Why would anyone disagree? If a game isn’t meeting expectations and the company feels in the end they’re just going to loose money by funding more into the project — than why would they continue to make it?

Remember a year ago when we used to bitch about how EA would just milk franchises and come out with utter crap? Now, they have a new philosophy — if the game isn’t good enough, than it won’t see the light of day. I’m okay with EA trying to build a reputation of quality over quantity. And in fact — I welcome it.

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Take-Two’s Shares Drop 30%

Yesterday we reported that EA terminated the deal which would have acquired the publisher Take-Two Interactive. We also made a comment in the end of our article, that it could really hurt the New York based company. Today our prediction somewhat came true. At the closing bell for Monday’s stocks, Take-Two plummeted almost 30%, while they started the day at $21.89 but ended up at $15.45 a share. Of course we just can’t blame EA‘s decision to kill the deal, the DOW JONES fell almost 500 points, it was just the perfect storm to bring a bad day for Take-Two.

[Thanks Albino Kenny]

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BREAKING: EA No Longer Trying to Acquire Take-Two

EA has issued a press release regarding their the on going talks to acquire the publisher of Grand Theft Auto, Take-Two. In the press release, EA has officially stated they longer have interest to take over the New York based company:

“Electronic Arts… today announced that while EA continues to have a high regard for Take-Two’s creative teams and products, after careful consideration, including a management presentation and review of other due diligence materials provided by Take-Two… EA has decided not to make a proposal to acquire Take-Two and has terminated discussions with Take-Two.”

EA CEO John Riccitiello also commented on the situation:

“We remain focused on creating value for our stockholders and our consumers. This has been our goal since EA launched its conditional and unsolicited bid six months ago, a bid which was repeatedly rejected by our stockholders. As part of that commitment, we remain actively engaged in discussions with other parties in the context of our formal process to consider strategic alternatives. We’re especially proud of the success we’ve enjoyed over the past eighteen months and we remain confident in our ability to generate value for stockholders.”

Although a lot of ‘hardcore’ gamers might be cheering because of EA’s discussion about not taking over Take-Two, it’s really in the end not a good thing. Over the last couple of years, Take-Two has been having major financial problems, and the only way they’ve been able to stay afloat is because of the GTA franchise. We’re expecting to see Take-Two’s shares drop. 

Source gamepolitics

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E3 08′: RAGE Teaser

Not that it’s a huge surprise, but I.D. Software’s RAGE, will be published by EA. It was announced earlier today by John Carmack (Doom) himself, at EA’s E3 press conference. RAGE was a game that was shown at quake-con about a year ago. Nothing more has been said, until today. Not only did we find out who will be publishing it, but we saw a quick tease of the FPS. If this is actually “in-game”, then Rage will be one of the best looking, if not the best looking game, to come out this year. But seriously, what did you expect, it’s I.D. software!

Still don’t believe me!? Watch the teaser above.

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