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E3 09: Wii Sports Resort – Archery

The upcoming Nintendo Wii game, Wii Sports Resort was shown off at E3 today. In this game you will be able to play 12 activities including Frisbee, Jet Skiing, Kendo, Table Tennis, Golf, Parachuting, Basketball, Archery, Cycling, Bowling, Canoeing, and wakeboarding. Of all of them, Archery was making the most buzz at E3.

During Nintendo’s Wii Sports Resort presentation the Archery portion was demoed. The way you play the game is by holding the Wiimote as the bow and the nunchuk as the arrow. The difficulty of the game is described as like real life, as in it requires a great deal of skill. Players will find that the game is not about learning the controls, but doing what comes natural.

When playing you must account for wind, distance, and moving targets. By pulling back further and aiming higher you can arch your shot to hit your target. as you pull back a reticle appears and gets smaller the further you pull back.

This game looks like a lot of fun and we will give our full impressions when we get our hands on it.

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E3 09: Sony Shows off Motion Controller

Today Sony gave a demonstration of the new motion controls that they are working on. The controller that was used was only an engineering prototype to show off three tech demos. The prototype controller is more like a wand and it has an orb on the end of it that can change color depending on situations in the game. The controller will also have buttons on it to perform actions. The controller is used in conjunction with the EyeToy to track your movements.

The first demo took place in a virtual room where on screen the wand has an object superimposed over it depending on what you are doing. The objects they used as examples ranged from stop signs to guns. The point of this demo was to show off the amazing accuracy and one-to-one tracking of the device on screen. No matter how you hold the controller, it will be tracked accordingly.

In the second demo two controllers were used. This demo was to show how you could interact with a virtual 3D world as if it were right in front of you. The controllers were used to pick up, reposition, and scale objects. In addition they also showed how easy it is to write, draw, and paint with the motion controls. Due to it’s pinpoint accuracy it appeared to be incredibly easy to write and draw. When they were painting they showed how you could use spray paint and by simply rotating the can/ controller you would get a different look.

The third and last demo was to show off combat. In the demo one controller was used for a sword and the other for a shield. It worked exactly as how you would expect it to, the sword would swing exactly how you moved your arm. Then at the end they showed off a bow and arrow that was controlled much in the way that archery is handled in Wii Sports Resort. One hand holds the bow and the other draws the arrow. If you pull back far it will shoot harder, and if you rotate your bow hand the bow will rotate (gangster style as referred to in the demonstration.) then you press a button to release the arrow.

Overall this technology has lots of potential and will put Sony back on the same playing field as Microsoft and Nintendo in terms of controlling and interacting with games.

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E3 09: DSi Photo Sharing to Facebook

Nintendo announced today at their pre-E3 conference that coming this fall, you will be able to upload photos you take with your DSi to Facebook. This is a great because we now no longer need to use our phones to upload photos to our Facebook pages.

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E3 09: Gran Turismo PSP

Today Gran Turismo for the PSP was announced at Sony’s pre-E3 conference. Gran Turismo PSP contains 800 cars and 35 tracks. Since there are so many cars, if you work with a friend (Ad-hoc is supported but there was no mention of online play) you can share the cars that you have collected.

Gran Turismo is set to launch on October 1st this year.

Image Via: Joystiq

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E3 09: PSP Go Price and Launch Date Announced

During the Sony pre-E3 press conference today the more details of the PSP Go were released. We now know that it will be launching on October 1st in North America and will cost $249, the same price as when the PSP first launched. We also found out that going foreword all PSP games will be distributed digitally through the PlayStation Network as well as on UMD in retail stores.

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E3 09: Wii Fit Plus

Today during their pre-E3 press conference, Nintendo announced Wii Fit Plus. Set to come out in the fall of 2009, Wii Fit Plus adds fifteen new balance games including: juggling, skateboarding, a math game (yay!), and a Mario type platformer. With Wii Fit Plus and MotionPlus you can extend your exercising experience. There are also six new strength and yoga training activities and the Wii Fit Plus will track your total calories burned.

Wii Fit Plus will be available in both Balance Board bundle and standalone versions.

Image Via: Joystiq

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E3 09: New Mario Game?

This morning Nintendo Everything posted some images of E3 banners with a black sheet over them. This is nothing out of the ordinary as publishers want to try to contain as much information as possibly to make the reveal that much more exciting. However you can almost see through these banners to see what appears to be a title on one banner and a Goomba and the Fire Flower that turns Mario into Fire Mario.

We wont know for sure if this is actually a Mario game until the show starts today but we will post anything we find out. Be sure to check back for updates on this and all other games coming out of this year’s E3.

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E3 09: Shadow Complex Trailer

During Microsoft’s pre-E3 press conference, Epic Games, the developer that brought you the Gears of War series announced an all new game for the Xbox 360. The game is Shadow Complex, an XBLA title that is mostly a 2D scroller with injections of 3D gameplay. Joystiq describes Shadow Complex as “Metroid meets Contra and HAS A BABY”.

The main thing that stands out with this game is the quality of it. The game looks as well-done as full retail games, but has the quick gameplay of an XBLA game. The main gameplay has you in the 2D scroller environment killing your enemies then at certain points you can switch to a 3D environment. One of those points is when you grab a turret and try to take down enemies that are around you.

The game also has pre-rendered ‘take out moves’. One of the moves that the trailer showed was when your character sneaks up behind an enemy he can incapacitate his enemy. When you do this the game zooms into the pre-rendered move and then zooms back out and seamlessly puts you back into the action.

Shadow Complex will be arriving on Xbox Live this summer. Be sure to check back later for any additional coverage of this game as well as all other coverage from E3 09.

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E3 09: Assassins Creed 2 Trailer

Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed 2 is one of the games that I am really looking forward to at this year’s E3. In the second installment of the extremely popular game Assassin’s Creed, you play as Ezio, an assassin in 1486 Venice, Italy. The trailer does not show any gameplay but it does show your new weapon, a firearm.

When we get anymore details on the game or if we get a chance to play a demo at E3 we will post our impressions here.

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E3 09: DiRT 2 Trailer

Today the trailer for CodemastersDiRT 2, the followup to DiRT (Colin McRae: DiRT) which was actually the sixth racing game in the series. DiRT 2 will feature 9 countries, 100 events, and 50 drivers featuring Ken Block, Tanner Foust, Dave Mirra, and Travis Pastrana.

The first half of the trailer hardly shows any driving, and most of the second half appears to be pre-rendered. However this game is expected to have stunning graphics since it will be using an enhanced version of the EGO engine, the same engine that was used in GRID.

The game is set to release this September and you can expect our impressions of it in our ongoing coverage of E3 09 all this week.

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