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Dead Space Movie Gets Director

Dead Space

Eagle Eye director D.J. Caruso is set to hit the director’s chair for the big screen adaptation of the Electronic Arts hit, Dead Space. There is no script as of this time, but the films producers and EA hope to have a writer and concept set by September so they can begin to hunt out a buying studio.

“‘Dead Space’ becomes the fifth EA title to percolate as a feature property. Aside from the “Dante’s Inferno” film that will be produced by Strike Entertainment partners Eric Newman and Marc Abraham, EA is in business with Universal on “Army of Two,” with Scott Z. Burns (“The Bourne Ultimatum”) scripting and Scott Stuber producing. EA’s “The Sims” is being developed by producer John Davis and “Mass Effect” by “Spider-Man” producer Avi Arad.”

It’s hard for me to look forward to films taken from video games, due to the history of their quality, but I’m going to put my hopes in this one. The team that will put this movie together should take some heavy notes on the visuals EA used, which made Dead Space such a complete enjoyment. (Read our Dead Space review HERE)

Source: Variety

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Dead Space Coming to the Wii and Why We Hate the Idea

Everyone I talked to thoroughly enjoyed Dead Space. Sure, the game had its quirks, but overall it was a pleasure scary as sh*t to play. Not only that, it was great to see EA take risks once again and try to create original content.

Because of the positive feedback that EA received from the horror-space game, the publisher has decided to release the same game on the Nintendo Wii. That’s right, the same system that your Mom and Grandma play, will now include one of the scariest games ever made.

The announcement was confirmed from the CEO of EA John Riccitiello. He even promises that even with the Wii being underpowered when compare to the other consoles, it will still make you crap your pants.

“It is absolutely going to be the quality of fear factor of the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.

After the jump, read why we hate the idea! (more…)

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Entertainment Weekly’s Best & Worst Games of 2008 (Ready to Hate This List?)

Entertainment Weekly’s newest issue features their annual “Best & Worst of 2008” awards. It’s the issue were they rank their favorite and not so favorite movies, TV shows, books and so on.

In the same issue, the publication actually has a section devoted to video games. Of course, the section is one of the last pages in the magazine, but hey; at least they mentioned it, right?

Now, you might be wondering what did they choose for best game of the year and we’ll tell ya– but we want to full warn you; you might be disappointed.

If you thought the VGA’s pick of Grand Theft Auto IV was a bad decision, than I’m guessing you’re going to hate this. Are you ready? Ok — they picked Wii Fit as the best of the best of 2008. Not LittleBigPlanet, GTA or even Left 4 Dead (that didn’t even make the list). Oddly enough, the iPod Touch was ranked at number 10 — last time I check, that isn’t even a video game

We like to note that they fail to honor such great games that were released this year like; Gears of War 2, Prince of Persia, Metal Gear Solid 4, World of Goo, Left 4 Dead, Fable II, Fallout 3, Resistance 2 and many others. But for some reason, they thought Madden: All Play for the Wii was superior than those mentioned above.

EW also mentioned the “Top 3 Worst Games of 2008.” Number one was Saints Row 2, which actually had higher reviews than their top choice. Number two was Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, which honestly wasn’t horrible. And their number three worst game…EA’s Facebook Scrabble…why is that even mentioned!?

After the jump, check out the full list and feel free to complain. (more…)

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Downloadable Content for Dead Space Announced

Because of the success of EA’s survival-horror game Dead Space, the company has decided to release downloadable content. However, it’s more milking the title than actually giving the player content they would find interesting to purchase. Meaning, if you’re expecting exclusive new levels — don’t. EA is basically releasing extra content such as; new suit’s and more powerful weapons.
Although, we’re not complaining to much because in the end, we choose if we want to buy the content or not. The DLC prices will be anywhere from $1-4 and some will even be exclusive to either the PS3 and Xbox 360. Expect to see the new content on both Marketplace and PSN on November 20, 2008.

After the Jump, check out the full list. (more…)

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Review: Dead Space

Let me start off by saying that Dead Space is not a scary game. It tries, but doesn’t quite deliver the scares of the “horror” game its advertised to be. BUT… that does not mean that the game sucks

In Dead Space, you control Isaac Clarke, an engineer who’s team is sent to locate and repair a ship named the USG Ishimura in a rather distant future. The USG Ishimura is one of many ships that “cracks” other planets in the universe to suck its resources and return them to a dying Earth to be consumed. Isaac and his crew quickly find that the ship has been taken over by some alien life form and get stranded with no choice but to make the ship operational themselves, and regain communications as an only hope for survival.

Read our review after the jump! (more…)

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Confirmed: Dead Space 2 ‘In the Works’

While speaking with Variety, general manager Glenn Schofield, might have slipped some info about a new Dead Space game already in the works. During the interview he was talking about the possibly of a movie sometime in the future and how they would want the story to gap the two games,

“We’re talking with movie studios right now. We have been all along. The difference with this is we need to go in and say, “This is not a $10 million movie.” Sure somebody could make it, but that’s not what we are looking for. It’s an expensive movie. By doing this now, we could have a movie that bridges the gap between the two games.”

So they have confirmed two separate stories, one they are shopping around the license to movie studios and more importantly — we’re getting a sequel to one of EA’s best original I.P.’s. Of course if the game some how doesn’t sell well (which it is), than maybe we wouldn’t see one.

But of course we think it is selling just fine and figured we would have seen more than just one game — in fact most likely we’ll see it turn into a franchise. I just didn’t think we would have had an ‘announcement’ so soon.


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Dead Space Engine to be licensed Out

Creating gaming engines these days is big money. Just ask Epic Games who developed the highly-successful Unreal Engine. Their newest engine, Unreal Engine 3, is used by almost every big gaming company including EA, Capcom, 2K Games, Sega, Sony and more. And almost every genre uses it, from fighting to driving.

Understanding how much money one company can make creating one, EA has decided to license out the engine from their sci-fi horror game Dead Space.

The roots of the engine dated back with the 2005 Bond game, ‘From Russia with Love,’ and the 2006 video game adaption ‘The Godfather.’ The sequel to the Godfather for the Xbox 360 and PS3, also is using the same engine which should be out in 2009. As we write this now, lawyers are currently sorting the mumbo jumbo legal stuff and figuring out what to name the engine.

According to gameplayer, EA should be making an announcement soon, and when they do, we’ll bring it to you.

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Live Blog From EA’s E3 Press Conference

In just a few minutes, we’ll be bring you what EA has in stored for us in 08′. And yes, This time it’s LIVE!


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Watch the Dead Space Trailer by the Director of the First Saw Movie

Movie director James Wan (Saw) has directed the new trailer for EA’s new sci-fi horror game Dead Space. The trailer, which aired for the first time on Spike TV, is set to be the official trailer for E3 08′.

As cool as it is that some people in Hollywood are finally giving games the respect they deserve (the respect is called money), I’m going to be completely honest with all of you. I couldn’t tell that a Hollywood director made this video if you didn’t tell me. It really wasn’t anything out of the realm of what I’ve seen before.

Oh well, it wasn’t like Martin Scorsese was directing it or anything.

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