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Video: Interview with the Lead Writer for Cameron’s Avatar Game

Our friends over at, a site founded by Natalie Portman and CEO Christine Aylward, just posted a new 7 minute video on all things Avatar. The video features Aylward with Nathon Gunn of Social Game Universe and Kevin Shortt, the Lead Scriptwriter – Story Designer of James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game.

Check out the video embedded above that’s filled with in-depth information on the videogame as well as the film. Through the discussion you’ll learn the game takes place some 2 years before the events of the film. A handful of actors from the film are back to supply their voice talents, the most involved being Sigourney Weaver, who was ecstatic about the game development process. It’s somewhat ironic that Weaver was thrilled to be apart of a videogame because if you remember correctly, she was adamant about not being apart of the Ghostbusters game. It wasn’t until later she changed her mind because she learned the original cast were going to lend their voices for the adaption of the 80′s cult classic. But by then, it was too late because the game was already underway and she lost her chance to be involved. It sounds like she finally figured out that videogames are a new form of entertainment (duh) and when an opportunity arises to be apart of one, she’ll take the role.

Kevin, who also wrote the LOST videogame, divulges that the game will feature two playable narratives and that the final script was over 900 pages (Compare that to a film script that hovers around 100!) Finally the most fascinating aspect of the whole project has been James Cameron involvement with the game from the start of pre-production on the film. Cameron shared complete assets including storyboards, model renderings, and a complete translation booklet of the Navi language.

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