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E3 2011: Mario Kart 3D Trailer

It was inevitable that Mario Kart was coming to the 3DS. The series has hit every major Nintendo console since it’s debut on the SNES. Today, Nintendo decided to release a trailer for the series’ first entry on the 3DS. While the objection and gimmicks remains the same, it does have some minor twists.

During the clip, we saw instances of drivers falling from cliffs and paragliding in the air, while sitting in the go-kart. There were also times when riders were in water and a propeller was making them move beneath the lake, at much slower speeds.

And even looks like players will be able to fully customize the karts this time around.

Check out the trailer up top.

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E3 2011: Debut Trailer for Insomniac’s OverStrike

EA announced that they will be publishing Insomniac’s next game, titled OverStrike. In the past, we’ve been used to Insomniac games being exclusive to the PlayStation 3, but now even Xbox 360 owners can enjoy the videogames created by the talented studio.

It’s hard to grasp what kind of genre OverStrike will fall into, mainly because the video is nothing but CG. But if I were to guess, it will be a third-person action title, with fighting and shooting elements. It’s also evident that humor will play a huge role into the narrative of the story, and that the developers do not want the audience to take the characters so seriously. That could be a breath of fresh air for once, considering most have forgotten that comedy can also tell a fun story.

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E3 2011: Kinect Sports 2 Video Demo

One of the more popular games to come out with the Kinect‘s launch was Kinect Sports –  though that’s not saying much — and now it is getting a sequel. Yes, Microsoft thinks the casual motion sports title warrants a brand new game, with new sports and more boringness.

Like most of the Kinect titles, Microsoft isn’t won’t go out of their way to market it the hardcore gamer. rather they’re betting on you wasting fifty bucks in hopes you can convince that girl you like videogames are fun. Don’t give in to their ploy. Plus that girl doesn’t like you.

Players will be able to play through a variety of sports, including baseball, football, golf, tennis and more. Of course, don’t expect these games to play like their real-life counterpart, instead be simpler version of them.

Check out the demo up top.

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E3 2011: First Halo 4 Trailer

The biggest franchise Microsoft has is indeed Halo, and when their E3 press conference ended, they gave us a tease for the series’ next adventure.

Like it was reported a little earlier, Halo 4 is coming, but probably not for awhile. Today, the company just ended the press briefing with a quick trailer for Halo 4 and even promised this would be a start of a new trilogy.

We already know Bungie is no longer associated with the games, due to other ventures they want to pursue, so the question was: who is taking over the beloved series? Well we now have that answer.

343 Industries, who is headed by Frank O’Connor — who worked for Bungie in the past — will be taking over the important duties of developing a successful Halo game. There’s no pressure in that, right?

While the trailer is more of a tease, and reminds me of some of the earlier trailers for the franchise, there is one thing we do know: Master Chief is returning, and the story looks to unfold as soon as the third Halo ended.

Please, while you watch, don’t pee on yourself.

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E3 2011: Tim Schafer’s Sesame Street Game…?

I love Tim Schafer, he has developed some amazing titles in his days. But this one I’m gonna probably skip…

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Frogger 3D Trailer


This years marks the 30th anniversary when Frogger was released in the Arcade. In honor of that, Konami is celebrating the birth of the franchise by releasing a revamped version of the game on the 3DS.

Last year, the company confirmed with Nintendo that they were indeed working on a new version of the frog. The title was then revealed by a list of upcoming titles for the 3DS, which was giving to the press at last year’s E3. But since then, we heard nothing about the game…until now.

The publisher has just released the E3 trailer for Frogger 3D, and to be honest, while it doesn’t look amazing graphically, the game kinda seems like it could be enjoyable. The game will come packed with over 60 stages, where the point of each one is to get Frogger safely home from danger around him. However, expect different environments this time around, as opposed to the one highway level, which was made so famous during its arcade run.

Check the trailer out after the jump. (more…)

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E3 2011: Trailer for Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City


Capcom has released a trailer for Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City, thanks to E3 being just mere days away. Unfortunately the entire clip is nothing but some fancy CG, and the company refused to show any gameplay this time around. As always though, there is a hidden message as to what to expect when we finally get to see gameplay footage.

If you watch the trailer, you’ll notice the four characters are running and relying heavily on their guns, as to where the Resident Evil games tends to be traditionally slow moving and scarce on ammo. Yet, the trailer suggest that this game will be different.

A big portion of the game also looks to involve the characters’ environment to be in complete darkness, and the flashlight at the end of their guns will be a useful tool throughout the game.

See what I mean after the jump. (more…)

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E3 2011: Prototype 2 Trailer

Radical Entertainment, the guys who brought us 2009′s Prototype, has just released the trailer, which is found after the jump, to the sequel of that very game. While the first title did decently well with fans and critics alike (78/100 on Metacrtic), I’m just unsure the sequel is shaping up as must play or was needed for that matter. (more…)

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E3 2011: Twisted Metal Trailer

The E3 2011 Twisted Metal trailer has hit the web, and it has a twist about half way through and it proves it won’t be just driving around.

While on paper Twisted Metal for this generation sounded like a great idea, I wasn’t sure how well it would translate because the battle driving games have gone stale years ago. But thankfully David Jaffe, the series creator, had something up his sleeve this time around.

The franchise will be introducing bots, much like the Transformers (or Power Rangers, whichever you prefer) and battles between automobiles and giant-ass robots that can fly…will take place. Will it be enough for critics to support the game by launch day? Maybe….

Well player Mr. Jaffe, well played.

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Launch Trailer for Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

Activision still believes in Spider-Man, or at the very least, is milking the franchise until their contract with the property expires. Today, they released the launch trailer Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, which is due out on September 7th.

The game will offer four different Spider-Mans that are all playable and at one point, had a comic series that starred them. The playable characters are: Noir Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2099, Amazing Spider-Man and Ultimate Spider-Man.
While I like the new art direction, which now uses a cel-shading to emulate the comics, the gameplay still looks like it’s using the stale engine, that some of the older Spidey games used. Hopefully, things have changes — but I’m not holding my breath.

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