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E3 2015: The Last Guardian Walkthrough

Back at E3 in 2009, Sony unveiled the third title from Japanese developer Team Ico. It featured a small child with his giant feathered companion, which resembled a griffin. This game was called The Last Guardian. The unveiling was nothing more than a trailer, but it embedded an emotional connection that many gamers already felt between the young boy, and his pet. It ended up winning many E3 awards that year, but once the show ended, it went dark. The game disappeared from existence. Later, Sony would break the dreadful news that it was canceled.


A few young hopefuls every year, around this time during the expo, would hope Sony would once again reveal the title to the world. Eventually it would be forgotten, and many of us just accepted its cruel fate. (more…)

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New Trailer for COD: Advanced Warfare; Special Editions Revealed

Here we go again. Another year has gone by, which means another Call of Duty. But unlike the last 2,000 sequels that have been released, this one is being built on next generation hardware. If that doesn’t get you pumped, you’re probably a normal person.

Today, Activision has revealed a new trailer, and we have it after the jump, which focuses mostly on the campaign, and with a quick tease of multiplayer. And in all seriousness, this game is shaping up like it could be fun. Sure… it’s probably been “inspired” by Titianfall, but that’s a good thing. It’s getting fans of the franchise a breath of fresh air, and it might possibly introduce some new ones. And maybe…just maybe…ex-fans might return. But maybe that’s also just wishful thinking.  (more…)

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Star Wars Pinball Announcement Trailer

The hype of Star Wars has never gone down towards up obscurity since the original film was released in 1975. And with the announcement of Disney purchasing Lucasfilm, and the next Star Wars movie will be released in 2015 with J.J. Abrams directing it, Star Wars is about to be as big as ever, which is perfect timing for Zen Studios to release a digital pinball game based on the franchise for mobile platforms, Xbox Live and PSN.

When the game is released digitally, there will be a few pinball tables to select from, which are inspired by “Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, Boba Fett, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars.”

Watch the trailer for Star Wars Pinball after the jump. (more…)

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Long Cut of God of War: Ascension Super Bowl Trailer

Sony has just released that God of War: Ascension trailer that was being teased a few days ago. If you watch the entire two-minute trailer, you’ll see the softer side of the games protagonists Kratos. It looks like the game’s goal is to give insight on the emotion of Kratos, something that has been missed in the entire series. You’ll notice that Kratos is still haunted by the death of his child and wife, while the song “Hanging On” by Ellie Goulding plays. Their deaths looks like to have been from murder. So the spark for Kratos’ motive for for being so violent could just stem from vengeance.

The trailer, up top, will air this Sunday during the Super Bowl. However, the version that you’ll be watching during the commercials will only be about a one minute cut. Well it hasn’t been confirmed why Sony decided to edit the commercial in half, it’s a safe bet it probably has to do with money. According to Ad Age’s Brian Steinberg, the average ad which is about 30 seconds will roughly costs between 3.7 and $3.8 million. So while next installment of God of War is a huge title for the company, it’s probably not worth spending close to $8 million to show it off during the most-watched sporting event in the country.

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E3 2012: Halo 4 Gameplay Demo

To start of their E3 presser, Microsoft decided to demo off what surely will be their biggest game they will publish all year, Halo 4.

A few years ago it was announced that Bungie Studios, the creators of the Halo franchise, would separate themselves from Microsoft. However, Microsoft still owns the rights to the Halo series, so instead of just stopping development on the popular franchise, the company handed over the keys to 343 Industries, a studio newly established by Microsoft to just continue work on the Halo universe.

343 certainly looks to be on top of things, and the development of the game does NOT look hindered in anyway because of the studio switch. In fact, from a technical standpoint, it looks superior when compared to any of the Halo titles Bungie produced.

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Rayman 3 HD Release Date & Trailer

As promised by Ubisoft, Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc is going to be released on Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network. Today we get word on when the updated version of the 2003 platformer is going to be uploaded onto the servers. And that day is March 21. (more…)

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Riddler Trailer for Batman: Arkham City


Batman: Arkham City will have loads of Villains. Some of these mischiefs include the return of the Joker, voiced by Mark Hamill, Poison Ivy and the provocative Harley Quinn.

After the jump, we have included a new trailer for the stealth game which focus on the Riddler, who is one of Batman’s many nemesis throughout the game. (more…)

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E3 2011: Luigi’s Mansion 2 for the 3DS

I can’t believe it has already been 10 years since Luigi’s Mansion was launched on the first day with the Gamecube. While many people talk about not having fond memories of the haunted house title, I for one did.

I always thought the negative remarks about the game were from people’s disappointment that Nintendo gave us that on the Cube’s launch day, instead of an actual Mario game. And they let those feelings get in the way of a game they should’ve enjoyed.

Well I’m happy to learn the company is releasing a full fledged sequel to Luigi’s Mansion for the 3DS. Not only will be in 3D but also include 12 mansions to explore with Luigi’s trusty vacuum.

Visually, it looks close to the Gamecube’s version, but not quite on par, just yet. But that all could change considering the development of the game isn’t finished.

Check out the trailer up top.

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E3 2011: Kid Icarus: Uprising Trailer

We already knew Kid Icarus was coming to the 3DS, but what we didn’t know was the ability to fight other players over the Internet.

Is it just me, or do you also find the aspect of playing 3D games on the road that have the visuals of the Wii, exciting?

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E3 2011: Super Mario 3D Trailer

The trailer for Super Mario 3D is finally out, which we so nicely put up top for you. When the 3DS was announced, Nintendo confirmed that a Mario game was indeed in the works, and even went as far to show what the logo would look like. The far left side of the logo, was a tail and the company teased fans on what that tail was.

When watching the trailer, you’ll notice Mario once again jumping into a raccoon suit, which he so famously did back in Super Mario Bros. 3, for the NES. So obviously, that was why we have it attached to the logo.

In terms of gameplay, the title reminds me of Super Mario Galaxy game, which makes sense considering the developers made both Wii titles too. But there are also similar elements that I notice from Super Mario Bros. 3, so it looks to include the best of both worlds.

Considering those are my two favorite Mario games, I’m sold.

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