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Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Pushed Back



One of my favorite games of 2012 was the indie-title Hotline Miami. It featured intense, fast, overhead gameplay mechanics, which was mixed in with 16-bit graphics, and a top-notch soundtrack. So, it’s no secret that I’ve been anticipating the sequel for a while now. But unfortunately I’m going to be forced to wait a little longer then I expect.


Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number won’t be available to purchase until late 2014 or sometime in early 2015, which would mean it’s been pushed back by a few months. According to the official Twitter account for the game, the sequel isn’t quite polished enough, so some tweaks are needed.  (more…)

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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Announced by Ubisoft


It has been three years since we last saw a Ghost Recon title. However, that’s about to change thanks to a Ubisoft announcement. The publisher has confirmed that their studio Ubisoft Paris, the same team who developed the Advanced Warfare series, is underway working on Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier

The company is promising the title will include “cutting-edge technology, prototype high-tech weaponry, and state-of-the-art single-player and multiplayer modes,” which isn’t hard to believe since pretty much every Ghost Recon has been considered a “Grade A” series.” And honestly, it was the Modern Warfare before Modern Warfare and not only that, the older Recon’s are STILL some of the most realistic shooters of-all-time.

The game sounds like it will launch sometime this holiday season; however, if you own an Xbox 360 you’ll get a chance to experience a tease beforehand. Included with Splinter Cell: Conviction will be a Ghost Recon: Future Soldier beta key. Exactly what that will entail is unknown, but we’re pretty sure multiplayer will be the focus.

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Cool Stuff: Space Invaders Autopsy Shirt


Chris Rowson designed the shirt above, which depicts what would happen if those”Space Invaders” were indeed real and if the US government or any other for that matter do, if they caught one of those sinister aliens. If you want to purchase one, head over to and pick one up for only $18.



Cool Stuff is a feature of /gamer. Know of any geekarific creations or cool products which should be featured on Cool Stuff? E-Mail us at

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Great New Footage of Uncharted 2

Every time new video footage of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves emerges online, I become more and more impressed with the title. That is saying a lot considering I already had incredibly high expectations for the action sequel. Naughty Dog has released more clips and this time it features Drake battling it out on a train in the rainforest.

While he firefights with baddies on the locomotive, a helicopter appears and automatically makes the scene epic. Drake then has to jump from platform to platform, while it moves at a fast speed and at the same time he has to dodge missiles from the chopper. It truly is remarkable what the studio is doing with the PlayStation 3 and this title looks like it could rival a blockbuster summer film when it comes to action

There is no question, there is a lot going on the screen at once, especially when one of the platforms spins out of control and just misses Drake, however, I might be more fascinated by how Drake talks to himself. For instance, right after the train misses him, he starts to laugh uncontrollably and thanks god for tunnels. This little feature of him entertaining himself by blabbering nonsense adds a lot of character and this is something that is missing in videogames. Most games have cutscenes, but when the action is going on — there’s no dialog. Which makes the main characters quite boring when you compare it to other mediums of story-telling.

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GTA: Chinatown Wars Headed to the iPhone


We already know that Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars for the Nintendo DS was met with fantastic reviews, but the majority of DS owners didn’t purchase the game. Later, the publisher, Rockstar Games, announced it was headed to the PSP. Although I don’t think the dismal sales initially forced Rockstar to port the title over to Sony’s handheld, but it certainly didn’t discourage them either.

If you thought the decision to port the game over to the PSP was big, then you’re gonna surprised by the company’s new revelation. Rockstar Games has announced that Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is going to be ported over to

Apple’s iPhone/iPod Touch. The game is expected to be available in the App Store starting this fall which is around the same time the PSP version ships, but an exact date has yet to be revealed.

This is huge for Apple because they have been trying to convince gamers that their platform can be a real gaming system. We already know how big of a franchise GTA is and having it available for a device that so far, isn’t perceived as a serious gaming machine — is a win situation for Apple. Not only that, considering Rockstar doesn’t have to box and ship actual software for the iPhone; they just have to throw up a digital copy in the App Store, which means its not very costly to port and definitely worth the risk.

source: venturebeat

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Gamescom Trailer for Uncharted 2

Sony has released another trailer for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, which was first shown at Gamescom. The video starts off in what looks like the same area as the first teaser — the middle of nowhere with a snow storm howling around Drake. While the clip doesn’t show much in-terms of gameplay elements, it certainly tries to prove that a videogame trailer can give off the same type of emotion as a film advertisement.

Videogame developers have been desperately trying to compete with big budget movies, however, in the end they generally fail. While a director for a videogame has an eye for camera work, they usually have a hard time helming the actors. You even see this with well known actors who lend their voices in a game, but for the most part their lines end up being cheesy. In the end, an actors horrible performance can really take a player out of the game, and it ultimately hurts the story and the seriousness it’s trying to tell.

Everything I’ve seen with Uncharted 2 is the complete opposite. So far, what I’ve seen has been almost perfect. From the gameplay elements, to the cut-scenes, to the acting and score — everything is top notch. Which in turn should easily make this game a contender for game of the year.

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Earthworm Jim Coming to XBLA, PSN and WiiWare


Earthworm Jim is officially ready to make a comeback. Gameloft has inked a deal with Interplay, the original developers of the classic 16-bit game, to bring Earthworm Jim to Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, WiiWare and mobile phones. When the sidescroller debuted on both the SNES and Genesis, it quickly became a smash hit and even spawned a sequel and a few spin-offs. However, there hasn’t been a new game since 1999.

We are delighted to partner with Interplay to bring Earthworm Jim to multiple downloadable platforms,” said Gonzague de Vallois, senior vice president, Gameloft. “The game, with its humorous and edgy style, is a great fit for today’s gamer who craves a fully immersive experience that is fun and easily accessible. We look forward to delivering a fantastic game.”

The new deal is a bit vague. A press release was sent out, but it made it sound like both companies are planning to bring out the original, and not new installments. If this is true, hopefully the title sells well enough to warrant a brand new incarnation of Earthworm.

Basically, if it ends up being the first Earthworm Jim and you want a new story — make sure you purchase the download. And hopefully we will finally see a new adventure featuring your favorite invertebrate.

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Robin Williams Talks About Gaming on the Tonight Show

A few nights ago, Robin Williams made an appearance on the Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien to promote his new movie World’s Greatest Dad. During his interview, Williams talked about his love for online gaming — especially shooters. He then proceed to discuss the trash talking that is associated with playing a game over the Internet and obviously the man makes a joke or two. I guess that’s his job or something.

It’s been known that Williams has a passion for videogames and at one point, he bragged how he was obsessed with the Battlefield series. The man went as far to name his daughter Zelda. And yes, she was named after The Legend of Zelda series.

It’s always cool to see someone of Williams’ age and be successful as he is, but still finds the time to game.

Up top is an embedded video of that same interview.

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2K is Developing an Ambitious, Industry-Changing, Multiplayer Shooter


A new job listing has appeared over at 2K Boston’s classified section. The posting is rather interesting because the developers behind the original BioShock are looking for candidates for “an unannounced shooter.” Not only that, the person hired will be responsible for some sort of multiplayer level designing. At the same time, the company isn’t looking for some generic online experience, but something more groundbreaking than previous multiplayer videogames. “No applicants will be considered who aren’t able to demonstrate they’ve got the skills to build an industry-changing multiplayer design,” is posted on the job listing.

What could it be? Well of course we’re not too sure. But the the creative director over at the studio, Ken Levine, teased the idea of the company’s next project.

We had a scope and ambition in mind which is more ambitious than anything we’ve ever done. Even more, substantially more ambitious than BioShock,” said Levine last month.

So this is what we know so far. 2K Boston is working on a ambitious shooter, with industry-changing multiplayer aspects which has yet to be announced.

You had me at “hello” 2K Boston.

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Must See Augmented Reality Shooter

When I think augmented reality videogames, I think about walking around a real world environment but interacting with computer visuals. For the most part, I’m pretty sure most people think closely to the way I do.

A group of programmers over at Georgia Tech have done something a tad different and developed a cool idea for an augmented reality shooter for mobile camera-phones. Although the title has rather basic gameplay mechanics, the team has created something which definitely has potential in the industry.

I’m sure most people have seen some sort of viral campaign for either movies or even videogames, where you hold up a piece of paper in front of a computer webcam. Once you do that, a 3D graphical image appears on the computer display. The technology used for those things, is the basic idea that the Georgia Tech team did with their game called ‘ARhrrrr.’ Although this game is much more interactive.

The story is rather simple. Civilians are trapped inside a small town square, where a zombie invasion has begun. It’s up to the player to shoot and kill the undead, who are terrorizing the town square. The way you do this, is by lying a special paper with images on it, which made for the game, flat on a table. You then grab your camera-phone, and simply point the lens towards the paper and it’ll reveal an interactive 3D world. By moving the phone around the paper, it’ll seem like your flying inside a helicopter overhead the town in a 3D landscape. From there you’ll see swarms of zombies trying to attack people, and its your job to shoot them down by aiming your phone towards an enemy. Pretty awesome stuff.

Check out the developers trailer above.

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