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Frogger 3D Trailer


This years marks the 30th anniversary when Frogger was released in the Arcade. In honor of that, Konami is celebrating the birth of the franchise by releasing a revamped version of the game on the 3DS.

Last year, the company confirmed with Nintendo that they were indeed working on a new version of the frog. The title was then revealed by a list of upcoming titles for the 3DS, which was giving to the press at last year’s E3. But since then, we heard nothing about the game…until now.

The publisher has just released the E3 trailer for Frogger 3D, and to be honest, while it doesn’t look amazing graphically, the game kinda seems like it could be enjoyable. The game will come packed with over 60 stages, where the point of each one is to get Frogger safely home from danger around him. However, expect different environments this time around, as opposed to the one highway level, which was made so famous during its arcade run.

Check the trailer out after the jump. (more…)

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Graphical Comparisons of Snake Eater for the 3DS to the PS2 has a bunch of images that are comparing the 3DS version of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, which comes out later this year, to the 2004 version for the PlayStation 2.

The above picture is an example of what the site has. On the left is the PS2 game, and the right the Nintendo 3DS. If you can’t tell right away, the PS2 Version looks considerably better. That is actually a disappointment, considering the 3DS’ hardware is about 10 years older than the elderly Sony system.

Although the 3DS version is far from looking terrible, you do notice some glaring differences in graphical quality, besides the obviously blur effect the 3DS seems to have. For one, Snake’s jacket in the PS2 is more detailed; you can clearly see that he’s wearing a camouflage, while on the 3DS it’s just a boring gray. His beard and facial hair are more pronounced on the PS2 and you see markings on his straps, as well. Of course, this could all change because we are still months away for Konami to finally releases Snake Eater for the 3DS and at the very least, the that version will be in 3D.

Click here to see more images.

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3DS Update Starts Tomorrow

Starting on June 6, Nintendo will finally release the long-awaited update for the 3DS.

The new firmware will allow owners of the portable system to access the Nintendo eShop, a virtual shopping center which will sell original 3D games and even some classic titles, which will also have a third-dimention twist.

To celebrate the launch, Nintendo be giving away a free 3D remastered version of the classic NES title Excitebike. The retro game will be available on June 6, and gamers will be able to download it for free until July 7. (more…)

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Actor Jesse Eisenberg, From the Social Network, Speed Runs Super Mario with Miyamoto Watching

Wait, that isn’t Jesse Eisenberg? Why is this news?

Apparently, it’s Andrew Gardikis, and he holds the world record for the fastest speed run for the original Super Mario. He’s kinda like the Billy Mitchell of Super Mario Bros., but with less girls.

The video is over at Kotaku, where Gardikis attempts to break his own record with the creator of the classic game, Miyamoto, painfully looking-on.

Unfortunately for Gardikis, he didn’t break his record nor even the game — which means he leaves alone…again.

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New GoldenEye Remake Trailer Shows off Multiplayer

The reason why anyone would be happy to hear about the remake of GoldenEye for the Nintendo Wii wouldn’t be because of the single player campaign. And it’s definitely not because we get to play as the irresistible Daniel Craig — no, it’s because of the innovative multiplayer mode — well, back in the day it was innovative.

Up top is a new trailer for the ‘enhanced’ remake of Goldeneye, which is being developed by Eurocom, a company best known for some of the poorer James Bond videogames, and published by Activision.

While I’ll certainly play this update of the classic title, I’m not sold it’ll be something I’ll keep on going back too, and for a number of reasons. First, I always felt Perfect Dark was a superior title, which most of you should know is a ‘spiritual sequel’ to Goldeneye. On top of that, I don’t think a gaming studio who brought us such disastrous games like Predator: Concrete Jungle for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox and Spyro: A Hero’s Tale, can recreate a title better than what Rare did 13-years ago for the Nintendo 64.

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CES: Microsoft Announces ‘The Game Room’ for Xbox 360 and PC

Last night during CES, Microsoft announced a new feature which lets your Avatar from Xbox Live walk around a virtual arcade filled with retro classic games. If it sounds a little bit like PlayStation’s Home, than you are not alone. The news came from the company’s convention keynote and they revealed a trailer for this new way to play some old favorites, which we embedded up top.

Starting next spring, members of Xbox Live will be asked to download the new feature. Once they do, their Avatar will be inside the ‘Game Room,’ where they can walk around and check out videogames where most of us grew up with. It was confirmed that each arcade machine will display its original cabinet artwork that should give the feeling of authenticity to anyone that was around when these games were released.

So far, Microsoft announced classic games from Atari, Activision, Intellivision and Konami will be available right away and every week a new game will be released inside the ‘Game Room.” If you’re worried that the resolution of these original games would look awful, don’t worry, Microsoft promised each title will be re-mastered in 1080p. Each game will have more updates including two-player over Xbox Live, Achievements and cross-platform leaderboards with PC users.

Now here is the bad part, the pricing. If you want to purchase just one game, it will set you back 500 Microsoft Points ($5); however if you plan on playing just on the Xbox 360 or PC, and not on both, it will be 240 MSP ($3). The company is also allowing the gamer to play a single game, just like what we used to do back in the 80s, and will cost 40 MSP ($.50).

While I like the idea, I think the prices are way to high. Honestly, these games are so simple they can be played on pretty much anything and charging a gamer $5 so he/she can play on Xbox and PC, is rather high. And don’t get me started on the $.50 single play. If Microsoft wanted this feature to sell more systems, they honestly should release free games for everyone and when a ultra-popular game like Space Invaders is released — then maybe a price could be set for it.

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ESPN Reports EA is Bringing Back NBA Jam


According to ESPN, EA Sports is set to announce a classic game from the 16-bit era is returning. The sports website is reporting that the giant publisher has bought the rights to the 1990′s popular sports title NBA Jam and they plan on updating it exclusively for the Wii.

The rumor isn’t that far fetched, considering it was (is?) owned by the struggling Midway Games, but whom have recently started to sell off its assets. Although when those reports came out, I don’t remember NBA Jam being one of games mentioned. Obviously if this true, the game should have a major overhaul and I’m not just talking about the graphics.

NBA Jam was a pop-culture icon. Not only was it an over-the-top arcade basketball game, when the sport was at its peak, it had crazy characters and themes. From the famous phrase like “Boomshackalacka,” to playing as Bill Clinton; it was a game that many talked about during my childhood. While the gameplay was fun, it wasn’t perfect. What made it survive for so many years were the secretes. Unlike today when a game comes out, you can pretty much find whatever hidden easter-eggs it has on day one, thanks to the Internet — NBA Jam fans didn’t have that luxury back then. Back then, we found some secrets every month through gaming magazines or word of mouth and when you saw it for yourself — it was something special.

So while I look forward to what EA will do with the NBA Jam reboot, if it is true — I’m not sold on the idea just yet. To me, it will be nothing more than the newer arcade sport games they have developed recently like, Madden Arcade or NHL Arcade.

It should be noted that Midway at one point tried to bring back NBA Jam in 2004 for the PlayStation 2 and original Xbox. Sadly, the game didn’t live up to the hype and ultimately received not-so-great reviews by critics.

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Cool Stuff: “Super Plumber” Print (Super Mario)

SuperPlumber People seem to forget when Mario isn’t saving Princess Peach inside the strange world of the Mushroom Kingdom, from the clutches of Lord Bowser, he is a plumber on the side. Everyone wants a little extra cash and in this economy, being a hero just doesn’t pay all the bills.

Up top is picture drawn by Pat Kinell, which he entitled “Super Plumber.” It shows Mario what he does best, and that is fix the pipes of an old-broken-down sink, while having a few ‘friends’ on the side.

Obviously right away you can spot some of his enemies on the floor, but there are a few other Super Mario Bros. references. For one, if you look on the floor to the right of Mario, you’ll see a raccoon tail, which would have been from the third installment of the famed series. On the top of the toilet, you should notice a tissue-box with it baring a mushroom logo. Above that, on the windowsill, you’ll see a miniature Piranha Plant getting some rays. And to the right of that, check out the picture that resembles one of the many infamous castles.

If you want to own a 11X 14″ print, click here — it will only set you back $50.


Cool Stuff is a feature of /gamer. Know of any geekarific creations or cool products which should be featured on Cool Stuff? E-Mail us at

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Cool Stuff: Pac-Man Watch


I love videogame fashion that doesn’t overdo the geekeyness, while I sport it. Not that I have anything wrong with geek-wear, in fact I have quite a few gaming shirts and other attire that I dress up in. But sometimes I don’t want to blind people with my dorkyness and I find as I get older — I want things a little more subtle.

This watch is a perfect example. As you can tell, this limited edition ticker has a class look to it, but if one were to inspect closer, they would know it was from the great retro classic, Pac-Man. Not only is the yellow looking pizza guy on the watch, but displays his arch-nemesis the ghosts, Inky, Pinky and Clyde — trapped inside the ‘nest.’

What is really cool is as every second goes by, so does Pac-Man around the watch — eating pellets, a ghosts and whatever is in his way of destruction.

Although, Looking like a classy videogamer doesn’t come cheap. You can order one for $130 on clubnamco, but if you really want one, you should hurry. According to the site, it should be a collector’s item because only 500 of these beauties were made.



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Picture: What if Link Starred in The Simpsons


Up top is an image of what Link from the Legend of Zelda would look like if he were on The Simpsons. Odd? Sure, but definitely cool. Although, it obviously wasn’t created by any of the artists from the show, but a fan who apparently has his own site and showcases his work. And yes, it always revolves around the famous cartoon.

Thanks to Kotaku.

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