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EA Laysoff Employees in Vancouver

A report from IndustryGamers has confirmed that Electronic Arts is laying-off a small number of employees from their Vancouver offices. According to the EA, the small round off pink slips is due to a “transformation” of EA Canada and Black Box (Need for Speed: The Run). (more…)

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Oklahoma Bill Would Tax Violent Video Games

Oklahoma State Representative William Fourkiller (D-Stilwell) has introduced a bill which would add a one-percent tax on “violent video games,” in order to help childhood obesity and bullying.

The bill, which was written on the twelfth of last month, would use the ESRB scale and only tax games that have a Teen, Mature or Adult rating. Of course, there are plenty of games rated Teen that aren’t considered violent by the ESRB. (more…)

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THQ Facing Delisting, CEO Takes Pay Cut, Jobs Lost

For the past two-decades, THQ has been a top publisher. But lately, the company is having major financial trouble, to say lightly.

Just yesterday, Nasdaq has given the company until July 23 to raise their share price above $1 for ten consecutive days, or they’ll be force to be delisted.

Because of the dreadful notice, the company has already started to take action and have announced some major overhauls and changes. (more…)

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PS Vita to be Region Free

Sony‘s next handheld system, the PlayStation Vita, will be region free, which means imported games will be playable on the device.

The news comes from Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida‘s twitter page. “Yes, it is,” Yoshida confirmed when questioned about the system being region free. (more…)

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Today Show: You’re Odd if You Game as an Adult


Apparently the Today Show has a segment which talks about a guys perspective on life. The bit features Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, whose looks have passed years ago, and former TV host Donny Deutsch.

During the segment, Deutsch is asked if it’s normal for men in their 30′s to still play video games because he’s evidently All Knowing.

Watch the clip after the jump.

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Report: PSN Store to have a Major Overhaul


According to a report by reghardware, Sony is currently developing an upgrade to their PlayStation Network Store. The site is disclosing that the videogame company is trying to have a more ‘image-driven layout’ to the PSN store that is inspired by Xbox‘s dashboard and PC‘s  digital distribution network Steam.

A source familiar with the new redesign tells the website that PSN will soon look like “an aesthetic layout with logically marked sections and rolodex lists.” And it will include more than just brighter colors, instead of the plain blue background that exists today. (more…)

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E3 2011: Video Footage of Uncharted: Golden Abyss

You know the PS Vita is an insanely powerful handheld when Sony runs a gorgeous version of Uncharted that is on par with the original game. At Sony’s yearly press conference, the company showed Nathan Drake‘s — who will be voiced by the same actor Nolan North — next adventure for the first time in public, which is titled Uncharted: Golden Abyss. The story, which is written by John Garvin (writer for the 2011 film Sanctum) is said to be told before the first installment, but not much is known beyond that.

During the public demo on stage, we got a glimpse of how the team, Sony Bend Studios, took advantage of all the Vita’s features. In one scene, we see Nathan climbing up a cliff, and in order to jump from one platform to another, the player must tap where he wants Nathan to move. Other things, like Nathan climbing up a latter, requires to rub their fingers behind the system up and down, which is using the touch sensors in the back, to move Drake up.

Up top, watch as the game is running on an actual PS Vita handheld.

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E3 2011: NGP Named PS Vita and Details


We already knew what Sony’s big announcement was going to be at this year’s E3, we just wanted the details, and today we got them. The company has confirmed the PlayStation Vita, previously known as the NGP, and will be released at year’s end. (more…)

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