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Video Game Awards; The Winners and Losers (Updating…)



Tonight will be the 9th time the Video Game Awards will grace the stage, and television. Over the years, the award ceremony has been met with mostly criticism. The negative press seemed to have stemmed from the idea Spike TV was consistently trying to create a hip-award show, something that was similar to the MTV awards, rather than the film industry’s annual staple: the Academy Awards.

Tonight will be different then past shows. This year, the network, along with the producers, are listening to the gamers, or so they say. While the awards will be handed out, the acceptance speech will be prerecorded in 30 second clips, so other content can be the main focus. Viewers can expect to experience more trailers, more news and live demos on stage in an apartment. Basically, it sounds more like E3, with a few awards handed out in-between breaks.

After the jump, we will update all the winners and losers, and all the nominations. We will also be updating the site with each trailer, and live demo that is shown. (more…)

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China Set to End Ban on Video Game Console Sales

China Flag 2


Less than a year ago, there were some reports of China was getting ready to end a 13 year band on video game consoles. The ban was originally implemented to protect children from an unhealthy lifestyle, which they believe influenced a child’s upbringing.  (more…)

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Activision CEO Wonders About the Growth of Next-Generation of Consoles


A lot of us are taking for granted the arrival of Sony and Microsoft’s new system, which are both presumedly coming out of the end of the year. And while Nintendo already released their next-generation system last year — with the Wii U — they haven’t lived up to their own sales expectations. But most of us figure that the PlayStation 4, along with the next Xbox, will sell a higher quantity of systems.

But if you were the CEO of the biggest game publisher on Earth, you would have your reservations about these new systems selling like hotcakes in the upcoming years. And a lot of that has to do with the fact that you been seeing a steady decline in sales, and that Nintendo couldn’t convince the number of customers they wish to see purchased their console and handhelds these last few years.

There’s definitely been a blow back in the video game industry, and Activision boss Bobby Kotick is worried that trend will continue in this upcoming generation. (more…)

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More EA Layoffs, Company Said it was for “Essential Changes”

You're Fired Back to the Future 2


The last few months, EA has had some problems. And I’m assuming they would just like to forget about, them but they can’t. Now the company has confirmed additional layoffs for an “organizational update.” On the company’s official website, they posted the following statement:

“In recent weeks, EA has aligned all elements of its organizational structure behind priorities in new technologies and mobile. This has led to some difficult decisions to reduce the workforce in some locations. We are extremely grateful for the contributions made by each of our employees – those that are leaving EA will be missed by their colleagues and friends.”

“These are hard but essential changes as we focus on delivering great games and showing players around the world why to spend their time with us.”

A few weeks ago, the company reduced the workforce, and also released a small number of employees back in February. (more…)

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Boston Video Game Store to Host 26-Hour Online Telethon for Marathon Bombing Victims


An independently owned video game store called Game Underground, is just 20 mere miles away from where the Boston Marathon bombings occurred last week, which killed three while injuring hundreds

With Game Underground being in such a close proximity of the horrible tragedy that happened last week, the store felt the need to do their part in helping the victims and their families of the fatal bombings.

The store owner, Jamie York, came up with an idea called the “Marathon Stream to Help the Boston Marathon Victims.” (more…)

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Activision Cuts 30 Full-Time Jobs, Expects Fewer Licensed Games


Activision has confirmed that they are laying off 30 full-time employees, and they plan on launching fewer license based games, the publisher told Kotaku.

In 2013, we expect to release fewer games based on license properties and as a result are realigning our structure to better reflect the market opportunities and our slate,” the company told the gaming website. “Approximately, 30 full-time employees have been impacted globally, which represents approximately one half of one percent of Activision Blizzard’s employee population.

Activision did reveal a portion of the layoffs came from Treyarch, but it wouldn’t affect any of the planned downloadable content for Call of Duty: Black Ops II because the cuts at the studio were “minimal reduction.” (more…)

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Star Wars Pinball Announcement Trailer

The hype of Star Wars has never gone down towards up obscurity since the original film was released in 1975. And with the announcement of Disney purchasing Lucasfilm, and the next Star Wars movie will be released in 2015 with J.J. Abrams directing it, Star Wars is about to be as big as ever, which is perfect timing for Zen Studios to release a digital pinball game based on the franchise for mobile platforms, Xbox Live and PSN.

When the game is released digitally, there will be a few pinball tables to select from, which are inspired by “Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, Boba Fett, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars.”

Watch the trailer for Star Wars Pinball after the jump. (more…)

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GameLoft’s Blackberry 10 Games

Yesterday might’ve been the biggest day BlackBerry history. The company showed off its new top-of-the-line mobile phone, the BlackBerry Z10. The company is hoping to compete with Apple’s iPhone and what seems like the infinity amount of Android smart phones out there. One way the company plans to compete is getting off to a big start in the application store. According to BlackBerry, the store should have about 70,000 apps already available to download.

And one way to compete with the ever-growing mobile market, is to make sure that when people have spare time on their hands, they can play a video game on their smart phone. Gameloft has released 11 titles, that are already available on BlackBerry competing platforms, however these games should run as good as any other phone on the market, considering the power of the phone.

After the break, find out what games can be downloaded on Blackberry application store. (more…)

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PS Vita Version of Killzone Dated

During Gamescom 2012, Sony announced that PlayStation Vita would be getting its own version of Killzone. Officially titled, Killzone: Mercenary, Sony revealed that Guerrilla Games would not be developing the games, but gave the honors to GG sister studio, SCE Cambridge Studio.

During a press event last night, SCE Cambridge Studio confirmed a release for which the Killzone: Mercenary game would be in stores, which is this September 17. Which is kinda of shocking, considering there is a real possibility that brand new video-game hardware could be shipped around the same time from both Sony and Microsoft.

By checking out the visuals alone, Killzone: Mercenary looks to be a triple-A title for the Vita, something the portable device has been missing. And because of that, you’d figure Sony would market this as a system seller. But because it’s so close to a possible release date of new consoles, I would have a hard time believing the general public would be buying both a Vita and new Xbox/PlayStation home console.

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US Senator: Video-Games Are More Dangerous Than Guns

During a discussion today on MSNBC, A Republican US Sen. Lemar Alexander of Tennessee, suggested something so outrageous that your head might literally explode. Chuck Todd, the host of the Daily Rundown, ask Sen. Alexander if he would ever support universal background checks on firearms, in wake of the Newtown, Connecticut school-shooting. His answer is so crazy that some people on the far right might think he’s demented. (more…)

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