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Rumor: Unity Technologies Up For Sale

Unity logo


A new report from CNET is claiming that the heads of the gaming engine Unity is currently weighing its options about possibly selling the company.


According to the website, the company has already shared a presentation outlining its value with some silicon valley tech companies, including Google. In recent months, Unity Technologies has had serious discussions about a possible purchase with a “would-be buyer,” according to the article.  (more…)

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Video: Ghostbusters and Super Mario Bros. Mashup

James Farr mashed-up Ghostbusters and Super Mario Brothers and what you get is something that all ADHD children will love, along with fans of both franchises. The story loosely follows the original Ghostbusters but obviously replaces Bill Murray and company with Luigi, Mario, Princess Peach and the always worthless Toad.

I do love some of the easter-eggs Mr. Farr used in his animation, which include Mario and Luigi using the Super Nintendo Super Scope zapper; instead of the Proton Pack, the Yoshi eggs bursting out of the package, the NES Advantage controller as the shift stick in the Ecto-1 and the ‘dogs’ of Ghostbusters were represented by the Chain Chomps.

Check out the video up top.

(via Kotaku)


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Kate Upton’s Hidden Talent is… Mario Kart

All of us already know what Kate Upton’s biggest talent is: to be one of the most photogenic people in the world. You might not think that’s a skill, but I would disagree. Well… The very least, that’s what I would tell her if I ever met her. And I’m pretty sure you would too.

Anyways the model had an interview with the publication GQ, and the interviewer asked Upton if she had any hidden talents, and I’m pretty sure you and I are already thinking the same thing, but unfortunately that’s not what she said.

Apparently, Mrs. Christensen Ms. Upton think she one hell of a Mario Kart player. Apparently that’s her biggest hidden talent. (more…)

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No Price Cut for the Wii U in the Immediate Future; and What is Wrong with Nintendo’s Marketing Campaign

If you held-off buying a Wii U in hopes that Nintendo would have a price cut because of the sluggish sales, you should stop and just buy one. A day after Nintendo reported that they had to lower their expectations of units sold for the new hardware for the first fiscal quarter, Nintendo completely denied the possibility of a price cut.

Satoru Iwata admitted to investors and reporters that the Wii U’s momentum, along with the 3DS’s, has run out of steam in the US; however, he felt that a price got wouldn’t i necessarily improve sales, and that would only hurt Nintendo’s bottom line in the end. And ultimately it would be great software that would jumpstart sales once again. “We are already offering it at a good price,” Iwata said. (more…)

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US Senator: Video-Games Are More Dangerous Than Guns

During a discussion today on MSNBC, A Republican US Sen. Lemar Alexander of Tennessee, suggested something so outrageous that your head might literally explode. Chuck Todd, the host of the Daily Rundown, ask Sen. Alexander if he would ever support universal background checks on firearms, in wake of the Newtown, Connecticut school-shooting. His answer is so crazy that some people on the far right might think he’s demented. (more…)

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Nintendo Nets Profit, Lowers Expectations

Nintendo has some good news and bad news today.

First the good news. this past year has been a rough one for Nintendo, thanks in part to the sluggish start of the 3DS. But for the first time in nine months of the 2012/2013 fiscal period, Nintendo’s profit is in the green. The company’s net profit is about $160 million American, which is still way down considering where they were just 3 or 4 years ago which was in the billions. But at the very least they’re not in the red, so that’s good news for any company trying to grow. Especially for a company that’s been having some difficult times.

And now for the bad news.


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The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Intro Hand Drawn

The cutscene of link getting shipwrecked on the beach in the Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening on GameBoy is iconic. For one, it was a cutscene on a portable system, that only had two colors to show for it. There weren’t many around like that at the time.

Chris Cross was so inspired by that quick scene, he decided to hand draw it and wow, is it awesome. It makes me want Nintendo to re-release the title in this type of animation, because boy does it work well. And the music is incredible I might add.

He even made two separate versions of this video. One is black & white (above) and holds true to the original version of Link’s Awakening. However, when the GameBoy Color was released years later, Nintendo remade the 1993 title, and added color, calling it the DX version. Chris Cross also made a second clip and it is in color, which we have after the break. (more…)

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Nintendo Book Hyrule Historia is Amazon’s Bestseller

Nintendo is releasing a 279-page book that will be published by Dark Horse Books, that will tell the history of the Legend of Zelda. Called Hyrule Historia, the hardcover is scheduled to be released tomorrow (January 29th) in various online retailers and anywhere books are sold.

But the biggest online retailer of them all, Amazon, has listed Hyrule Historia as the top bestseller. The book has been in the top 100 for the past 93 days, but within the last couple of hours, it has earned the top spot.

In the UK, it’s a few notches down, and currently stands at number five; however, it is climbing fast. So don’t be surprised if it takes the top spot soon.

The suggested price is $34.99, but right now Amazon has slashed the price to a little over $19, which is 44% off, so it might be worth a pickup right now. If you’re interested in the contents, after the jump, we have breakdown on how many pages each game gets. (more…)

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Report: China Considering Lifting Ban on Game Consoles

The China Daily is reporting that the People’s Republic of China is considering lifting a 13-year ban on video-game consoles. Apparently, back in November, the PlayStation 3 received a certification from the Chinese safety standards. Rewind to 2000, and the government established the ban because according to their own research, it would jeopardize the mental stability of children’s minds. (more…)

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Disney CEO Reviewing Its Violence Games; Is Marvel and LucasArts excluded?

Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger is taking steps to prevent unwanted violence in his company’s video games, following the tragic school-shooting of Newtown, CT, according to Deadspin.

His quote was from a Q&A at HRTS Newsmakers Luncheon, which also included Hollywood-producer Brian Grazer. “Fortunately at Disney there’s very little [violent content], but I still want to make sure we’re asking ourselves the right questions in terms of that standard,” Iger said, “and also [ensure] we’re willing to be a part of a dialogue in today’s world that I think is pretty necessary in terms of what our role is and what our role should be.

While most seem to agree that Disney has very little violent content in their video-games, they do own a few video-game intellectual properties that could, in theory, be toned-down when it comes to violence. (more…)

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