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Target Lists Price for Xbox 360 Pro at $250


A few days ago, there was a flyer going around from Walmart that proved the Xbox 360 Elite unit was dropping its price from $399 to $299. That won’t be the only package that will take a price cut from Microsoft. A circular advertisement from Target is now suggesting that the Xbox 360 Pro bundle is going to be $50 cheaper starting next week. The cost will now be $250 and will include a 60GB hard-drive.

When the new price takes effects, it’ll now be $50 cheaper when compared to the PS3 Slim and will retail the same as the Nintendo Wii. If you remember, the Xbox Arcade hardware bundle was selling for $250 last year, however, the system did not come with a hard-drive — so the customer had to either purchase one separately or by a memory unit.

No question, this holiday season for the videogame industry is going to be a rather competitive one. This is going to be the first time all three hardware companies are going to sell their systems within $50 of each other, which is less than most of the new software out there.

Source: engadget

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Walmart Advertises Xbox 360 Elite at $299


For sometime now, we’ve been hearing rumors of the Elite Xbox 360 price drop. Thanks to a flyer from Walmart, we can pretty much confirm the gaming gossip. The advertisement lists the Elite console at $299, which is a $100 price and is the same price as the newly announced PS3 Slim.

The system will still sport the jet black look and include a 120GB hard-drive. However, unlike the previous Elite packages, this one won’t come with an HDMI cable. In fact it’ll only ship with generic A/V cables and for those who don’t know, those specific cables can only output 480i resolution. Meaning, if you plan on buying the cheaper console and want HD visuals, you’ll have to drop some extra cash for other accessories.

While it’s great to see the price cut for the unit, it is just funny to see Microsoft, who was the originator of pushing this generation into High Definition, not include at least component cables.

source: gizmodo

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New Screens for Alien vs Predator


Some new screens for Alien vs Predator has made its way online, thanks to Sega. I’ve said this over and over, I thought the ‘first-person shooter’ was one of the better surprises at this past E3. The company who developed the original titles, Rebellion, have teamed up with Sega and are trying to bring back the franchise to its greatness — something the films failed to do. Actually, the movies made the franchise a mockery but thankfully it didn’t kill the chances of seeing another videogame once again.

Alien vs Predator is scheduled to be released sometime in the first quarter of 2010 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Hit the jump to check out the rest of the images. If you want to enlarge them, just click on the image. (more…)

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Two Gorgeous Modern Warfare 2 Screenshots

CallofDutyMW2(Click to enlarge)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is so big, if Activision decided to release one image a day — it would be always one of the top stories everyday. Today the company has released two gorgeous screenshots of Modern Warfare 2.  The picture up top is to me is more impressive, even though we see close-ups of the soldiers running with the second one.

In the picture up top, check out the lighting reflecting off of the individual ripples of the water, it’s pretty impressive stuff. Also, seeing the ice floating on the ocean gives off a great effect.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is due out on November 10, 2009 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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FCC Document Claims a 250GB PS3 Slim On the Way


Well, well, well, what do we have here? It seems as though Sony is planning on releasing another version of the PlayStation 3 Slim. PS3News uncovered an interesting FCC document, which might prove this new rumor. According to the filed papers, the FCC not only got their hands on a 120GB model of the PS3 Slim back in March to test, but they also received a 250GB model as well.

If you look at the image up top, you’ll notice the ‘model number’ CECH-2001B highlighted and includes a 250GB hard-drive. The model announced earlier today is the CECH-2001A. One of the models comes with an “A,” while the other ends in a “B.”My guess is whenever this 250GB system is released, the system will be back at the $399 mark.

It should also be noted that when Sony submitted these systems to the FCC, they were definitely trying to be sneaky and fool the gaming press. Instead of using their Sony Computer Entertainment America name, they went by a fictitious title and called themselves Sand Dollar Enterprise. However, they used Sony’s own Foster City, CA address.

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These Are Actual God of War III Screenshots

GodofWarGamescom(Click to enlarge)

A few months back, the creator of the original God of War, David Jaffe, said that the third-installment of the serious looks “like a painting come to life.” Then by the time we saw the first trailer during the Video Game Awards, we thought Jaffe might have been on crack. While the title looked mighty impressive, it certainly didn’t look like a “painting,” but more like God of War on a next-generation console. When E3 finally arrived, it looked good but hadn’t changed to much since we saw it at the VGA.

Today, Sony has sent out a patch of screens of God of War III and guess what? They look “like a painting come to life.” The image up top is not some concept art, but an actual screenshot of the highly anticipated game. And after the jump we have even more to showoff. Just make sure to click each one to enlarge them. It truly is visually, a work of art. (more…)

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High-Resolution PS3 Slim Photos

SlimPS3(Click to enlarge)

With the big announcement of the PlayStation 3 Slim model announced, Sony has sent out high-resolution shots of the new unit. The first picture, which we have up top, compares the slim model with the older-bulkier system.

While I like the idea of having a smaller console that consumes less power, I hate the new look. Sure it could grow on me as time passes, but for some reason it reminds me of one of those fake consoles that play 1000s NES games, which you would find in some shady mall cart.

On the positive side, at least dust won’t collect on the unit making the system look nasty.

After the jump check out the rest of the images. Remember to click on each picture to enlarge them. (more…)

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This is What the Big Daddy You’ll Play as in BioShock 2


Up top is the final version of how the Big Daddy will look, when you play as him in BioShock 2. 2K Marin’s Colin Fix has posted the image on his personal blog and confirming this is how the main character is designed.

Although its not a huge surprise because we saw similar shots in various gaming magazines. However, seeing what he’s definitely going to look like, explains why this Big Daddy seems rather faster and more agile than the predecessors in the first BioShock. He’s no question smaller and looks more ‘human-like.’

Below is what the Big Sister, Big Daddy’s nemesis, will look like.


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Batcave will be Available for PS3′s Home


Eidos is giving PlayStation 3 owners a lot of love with their highly anticipated Batman: Arkham Asylum game. First we hear the Joker will be a playable character, which is exclusive for the PS3. Now, the publisher, along with Sony, have announced that customers who buy the Batman title for the PS3 will get the Batcave for the Home service. It’s safe to say that hardcore Batman fans are going to seriously spazz out when they unlock Bruce Wayne’s secondary lair under Arkham,” said a Sony representative.

As you can already tell by the screenshot, not only can you have your Home avatar roam the headquarters of the dark knight, but you can check out the famous Batmobile as well. Although, if I were to choose which exclusive content I like more, it would be hands down playing as the Joker. But I guess it really doesn’t matter because PS3 owners are getting both, while the 360 is getting shafted.

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Microsoft Sends Avatar Trophies for E3 Attendees


One of the cool things about going to E3, is getting some of the cool exclusive swag. Microsoft was running a cool promotion during the event. If you headed towards the Xbox booth, they had a computer setup, where you would enter in your name and Xbox Live Gamertag. From there, the company promised to send you a trophy that you could download for your Xbox Live Avatar. The add-on was bragging rights to prove others on the Live network that you went to E3.

Although its nothing really special, up top is that trophy.

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