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Leaked Photo of Super Mario 3DS? (Nope)

Update: This has been proven to be a fake, and just Photoshopped from another title. If you wanna see the original image, just click on continue reading. (more…)

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Here is the New Xbox 360 Controller

Yesterday, we were first to report that Microsoft was going release a controller for the Xbox 360 that had its d-pad redesign. We also wrote that Microsoft would officially announce the newly revamped device and up top is a video with the actual redesign.

Like we said, the d-pad can be popped-up by routing it 90 degrees, giving the player the feel of a four-way directional pad, instead of eight. The controller is supposed to gear towards the fighting fan, who in the past, complained about the original Xbox 360 control pad and some even refused to buy one for the system.

One thing we didn’t know was the price, but now we do. According to Microsoft, the controller is going to cost $65 when it’s released on November 9th, which is $15 more than the original wireless one.

After the jump, watch Major Nelson fool around with the controller and not a sexual way, either!

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Five Portal 2 Screens

portal 2 7

The cake might have been a lie, but these screens for Portal 2 are certainly real. Valve Software has released five new screens for Portal 2, thanks to Gamecom going on right now in Germany. While judging these screens, some kind of gooey substance is flowing through some sort of industrial sewer, what exactly that is, remains to be seen; however one things for sure, it should play a big part in the sequel.

As we already know, the graphics should be a step up from the original, especially sense it’s being shipped as a single game, as opposed to the first one which was shipped with various other titles as a compilation package. Instead of Valve looking at it as a ‘bonus’ title, they’ve decided to use a lot more resources, which¬† in-turn should make the game feel like a true sequel, and everything from the graphics to the production should feel updated.

Portal 2 should be out early next year for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. After the jump, check out the rest of the screens.


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Gmail’s Retro Game Theme is Filled with Awesome

Free Gmail Theme Game retro

(click to enlarge)

First I want to write that this came out in November, so if you see it and scream at me because it’s ‘old,’ I don’t care. I’ve talked to several people who use Gmail, many of them in the videogame industry, and they have yet to see this. So I decided to share it with all of you.

If you log into your Gmail account and select the themes tab, and find the ‘High Score’ theme. If you select it, your email will now look like a 8-bit game from the past. What’s even cooler is when it’s the daytime, the top part will show a sun; however, once night fills the actual sky, a moon along with stars will cover your Gmail. But that’s not all.

If you check out the left hand corner where the chat icon is, you’ll notice that it looks like an arcade cabinet. If you choose to chat with someone, a cabinet will appear on the right side, along with a quick animation of a retro-like game on the screen. As you can tell, I’m telling Peter from /film how I feel about him. Also, if you check out the little color icons that let you know if people are online, busy, or offline, now have a Space Invaders look to them.

Gmail Game Theme Night

Overall, I love the look and have officially switched my theme… for good.

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Photo of the Day: Control the Girlfriend with a Controller

Girlfriend Controller

Gregor Collienne is a photographer from Germany. However, he doesn’t take pictures that catches his eye, or tries to capture the perfect setting to inspire people. Instead, for the most part, he takes humorous snap shots of people doing an everyday activity and pairs them up with another group, who are doing something completely different. When you check out his work, you not only chuckle, but they make you think — it almost feels like an optical illusion.

Up top is one picture of his work. While it’s unlike a lot of his photos — it made me laugh nonetheless. I’m assuming the picture is asking all of us, what if we could control our girlfriends or all women for that matter, with a single PlayStation controller? Like, how awesome would that be? No more would we hear the excuse: “I have a headache.” Can some smart scientist make this happen? Please!

If you want to check out Collienne’s work, click here.

via: technabob

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More Leaked Screens of Halo: Reach Thanks to EB

Halo Reach Screens11

Yikes! EB Games (Gamestop) has leaked photos of Bungie‘s upcoming game Halo: Reach for the Xbox 360. The official website to the retailer posted the pictures, which I have included after the break; however, some have already seen these exact same screens because of the latest issue of Game Informer. The only problem, most people have yet to get their hands on this month’s issue. So this was a major screwup by EB.

The screenshots really showoff the direction Bungie is headed with their final chapter of the famed first-person shooter. Reach is expected to take a much grittier/darker take when compared to the previous installments, and these pictures prove those expectations some have.

While Halo was far from being a non-serious action title, these screens make the game look like Bungie is going after a much more realistic approach and the studio is definitely upping the graphics department. And for the first time, Halo will look like it belongs on this generation.

Again, after the jump, check out all the screens.

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Picture: What if Link Starred in The Simpsons


Up top is an image of what Link from the Legend of Zelda would look like if he were on The Simpsons. Odd? Sure, but definitely cool. Although, it obviously wasn’t created by any of the artists from the show, but a fan who apparently has his own site and showcases his work. And yes, it always revolves around the famous cartoon.

Thanks to Kotaku.

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Duke Nukem “D-Day” Image Emerges


The official Facebook page for Duke Nukem has been updated with one picture. The caption for the image simply reads “D-Day,” with no other information on why or what the screenshot represents. Could this be a completely new Duke Nukem that is on the horizon, or is this an image from the now defunct Duke Nukem: Forever game? Nobody seems to have an answer.

If you analyzes the picture, you’ll notice it somewhat looks like a scene from the leaked footage of Forever showing Duke battling a monster/robot in a football stadium, which was first seen back in May. Although, most of that footage was definitely a callback to the original games.

Hopefully more information on what this ‘D-Day’ image actually means is forthcoming.

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Splinter Cell: Conviction Demo NOT Included with Assassin’s Creed II


Rumors have been suggesting that customers who buy Assassin’s Creed II, will receive an exclusive demo for Splinter Cell: Conviction, for the Xbox 360. The rumors started to appear thanks to a video from the HipHopGamer and a post from a NeoGAF user. The game comes with a card that includes a URL and a code which gives the customer the chance to download a freebie. Right away people started to think that the game is coming with the demo. If that is what you are hoping, then please by all means stop.

We received a picture of this so-called voucher, and from what we can tell — it’s not an exclusive demo for the next Sam Fisher title. It doesn’t say anything about a demo nor does it even suggest a tease for the game will be available if you purchase Assassin’s Creed II. If you read the card, it tells you to “go to the URL, then “enter your key code,” from there you’ll “receive [a] free instant download.” This sounds like nothing more than a free wallpaper or something similar.


Also, it says nowhere on the box that a demo is include with every copy of Assassin’s Creed II for the Xbox 360. Don’t you think that this is something Ubisoft would want to advertise on the case if it did include a demo? It’s not happening, sorry guys.

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Pac-Man Made Out Tuna Cans (Can-Man)


If you had a crapload of tuna cans lying around… what would you do? Probably throw them out, right? Well, someone decided to make Pac-Man art out of them, and displayed their work at Canstruction — a convention dedicated to stacking food and drink metal cans. I can’t figure out what’s weirder; the fact that someone had the time to create this replica of Pac-Man using thousands of tuna cans, or an annual event where people stack food containers. (more…)

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