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Report: Sony Releasing The PS4 In China This December

China Flag


Just last month, it was reported that Microsoft was the first foreign company to release a video game system in China in 14-years. Now it looks like the console’s rival, the PlayStation 4, is set to make a impact in the world’s largest country.


The business site Bloomberg is reporting that Sony plans on shipping the PS4 sometime this December in China, thanks to a filing that was discovered on a official Chinese government website. Bloomberg also expects Sony is shipping 200,000 systems annually to the communist nation. A spokesperson from Sony did confirm the filing to the country’s government, but suggested the production amount is different.  (more…)

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First Time In 14-Years, China Sees A Console Launch; Xbox One



The Xbox One is officially on stores shelves in China, marking the first time in 14-years a foreign video game console was available in the largest country in the world.

Venture Beat reports that Microsoft has partnered with Chinese media company BesTV to launch the system into 4,000 retail locations throughout 37 cities in the country. (more…)

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Pink 3DS Coming February 10

“Roses are red; violets are blue; I just bought a pink 3DS for you.”

Just in time for Valentines Day, Nintendo will introduce a new color for the 3DS system: pink. Officially called Pearl Pink 3DS, the device will debut on February 10, and retail for $169.99, and will not include a video game.

No question, Nintendo grabbed the very profitable female demographic with the original DS. And by releasing a pink version of its successor, Nintendo undoubtedly feels it could give some women the little incentive to upgrade.

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Microsoft CEO Confirms Blu-ray Drives Coming to XBox 360?


Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, had a chance to sit down with Gizmodo and discuss the future of the Xbox brand. During the interview, Ballmer was asked if one day we would see a Blu-ray drive included with the Xbox 360. While it didn’t seem likely that one would be packaged with a new system, he did reveal something rather interesting. “Well I don’t know if we need to put Blu-ray in there [Xbox 360]—you’ll be able to get Blu-ray drives as accessories,” he told the website.

What does he mean? You could definitely interpret what he was trying to convey is that Microsoft is going to sell separately a Blu-ray accessory, much like they did with the now defunct HDDVD-drives. If this is the case, I’m pretty sure it was a slip-up. While he might have just admitted that a Blu-ray player was coming to the Xbox 360, he wasn’t exactly enthusiastic about the idea. Right after he spoke about these “drives,” he than proceeded to talk about the future of movies is not Blu-ray and he believes its on-demand, as well as digital downloads — an opinion I happen to agree with as well.

To watch the interview, click here.

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Saw Director to Helm Castlevania Film

James Wan wrote and directed the original Saw film. The series is ever going and has grossed over $600 million worldwide. Later this year, Konami expects to ship a videogame version of the movies. Basically, Wan has started a successful franchise.

Now, James Wan has confirmed on his myspace blog that he is going to direct the film adaption of the famous videogame Castlevania.

“I haven’t blogged in awhile, and I will keep this short. Yes, for those that who have been asking, it has been announced that CASTLEVANIA is one of my next projects. It’s still early on, but I’m truly excited about this project, and i think it will allow me to showcase aside of my film-making that I love – designs and visual. The world of Castlevania is so rich and beautiful, coupled with a great premise and lush characters…I’m honored to be shepherding this.”

After Wan directed the Saw series, he went on to do the same for two more movies, Death Silence and Death Sentence. Both films were not met with the best reviews and currently hold a 17% and 19% on rottentomatoes, respectively. However, on IMDB user scores, both films are getting at least a 6/10.

Essentially, if you like these films already and love the Castlevania series — this is great news. However, if your in love Castlevania’s adaption of Dracula but hate Wan’s films, you might want to think about protesting this one.

via: /film

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Dead Space Movie Gets Director

Dead Space

Eagle Eye director D.J. Caruso is set to hit the director’s chair for the big screen adaptation of the Electronic Arts hit, Dead Space. There is no script as of this time, but the films producers and EA hope to have a writer and concept set by September so they can begin to hunt out a buying studio.

“‘Dead Space’ becomes the fifth EA title to percolate as a feature property. Aside from the “Dante’s Inferno” film that will be produced by Strike Entertainment partners Eric Newman and Marc Abraham, EA is in business with Universal on “Army of Two,” with Scott Z. Burns (“The Bourne Ultimatum”) scripting and Scott Stuber producing. EA’s “The Sims” is being developed by producer John Davis and “Mass Effect” by “Spider-Man” producer Avi Arad.”

It’s hard for me to look forward to films taken from video games, due to the history of their quality, but I’m going to put my hopes in this one. The team that will put this movie together should take some heavy notes on the visuals EA used, which made Dead Space such a complete enjoyment. (Read our Dead Space review HERE)

Source: Variety

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UK Posters for the Prince of Persia Film


Empire has an exclusive first look at the UK posters for the film adaption of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Disney, who is distributor of the film, is definitely taking an unique spin to promote the film and not the obvious summer videogame blockbuster film ads we would have expected.

Is it just me, or do they remind you also of a magazine cover, and less a Jerry Brickheimer film? Either way I like it, and it gives me hope that this movie will be a little more serious than some of the other crappy videogame inspired films we’ve seen in year’s past.

If you don’t know by the name alone, the movie is using the story line of the great 2003 hit, Prince of Persia, which followed the Prince and a dagger he used to control time. I for one thought the title was easily one of the best titles to come out for that generation. The game was released for the Xbox, PlayStation 2 and Gamecube.

Thanks to /film.

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New Max Payne Details

Thanks to the magazine Game Informer, details for Rockstar’s upcoming Max Payne 3 has started to trickle down to the Internets. The publication is reporting that Max has started to go further into his depression. The ex-cop is now bald, has facial hair, and is now addicted to pain killers — which according to the magazine will somehow affect the gameplay. Judging by the cover of Game Informer, Max Payne now reminds me of a cross between the newly bearded Sam Fisher and the bald headed/white tank-top wearing John McClane, of the Die Hard series.

This time around, instead of exploring the gritty streets of New York City, Payne finds himself in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Early reports suggest that Max decided to move away from NYC, where is child and wife were both killed, which was portrayed in the first game.

Game Informer is impressed with the visual style and they even compared it to the beautiful looking game, Uncharted 2. Not only does the game supposedly look gorgeous, but the environments are described as fully-destructible. This is all done because Rockstar is using their in-house engine called RAGE, which has already been used for Grand Theft Auto IV and more recently Midnight Club: Los Angeles.

A big chunk of the videogame will take place in ghetto Brazilian urban areas, where large gunfights will take place. And yes, the Max Payne signature bullet time is back. Not only that, but a brand new cover system will debut with the action title, which seems like a standard for shooters of late. Deeko, who has the mag, said Game Informer is promising the title to be ultra-violent and maybe even more so than its predecessors.

We should also expect to see some kind of multiplayer for Max Payne 3 when it hit store shelves, which is a first for the series. I could definitely see Rockstar creating something very innovative for multiplayer — especially with the bullet time.

Rockstar hopes that they can ship the next incarnation of Max Payne before the end of the year and made available for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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E3 09: Will Protesters Go to Hell if They Lie?

Armed with leaflets and picket signs, the Salvationists Against Virtual and Eternal Damnation or SAVED for short, protested outside of the LA Convention Center during E3 on Wednesday. They were their protesting EA’s adaptation of Dante Alighieri’s The Inferno, the first part of three in the epic poem The Divine Comedy. They held signs that read, “EA =Electronic ANTI-Chirst”, “Play Dante’s Inferno, Go to Hell”, “Hell is not a game”, “Trade in your Playstaion for a PRAYstation”, “My high score is in Heaven”, and my favorite “JUST SAY infer-NO!!!”.

The group even has their own website to protest the game. outlines the groups message as to why you should not play Dante’s Inferno. But the site is the quintessential ‘horrible site’ with no document title, varying text colors and sizes and lots of animated GIFs. And of course the site and the cheesy posters made many wonder if these protesters were actually real.

Unfortunately according to the AP, the protest was staged. Which leads us to ask the question, If a protest is staged are the protesters lying? And if they are lying, will they go to Hell?

Source Image Via:

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E3 09: Metal Gear Solid: Rising Also Coming to PS3

When game designer Hideo Kojima took the stage at the Xbox 360 briefing, he confirmed that Metal Gear Solid: Rising was coming to the Microsoft console. It was a bit of a surprise because Sony repeatedly suggested that the series would only be able to play on a PS3. After the conference, reports started to emerge that Rising would be an Xbox 360 exclusive, living the PlayStation 3 in the dark.

Luckily for owners of the Sony console, this isn’t the case. Journalist and TV host Geoff Keighley, tweeted that he spoke with SCEA head honcho Jack Tretton. According to Tretton, the PS3 will have Metal Gear Solid: Rising available the same time as the 360 launch.

“Spoke to Tretton – he confirmed Metal Gear Rising is absolutely coming to PS3 alongside Xbox 360.”

So, PS3 ‘fanboys’ can now relax knowing their going to also be able to play the next installment of Metal Gear. Which makes sense for Konami. Why at this point in the gaming industry would you make a popular game like MGS and alienate 25+ million people?

This isn’t a victory for either Sony or Microsoft. The true winner is Konami.

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