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NBA 2K15 Face Scan Feature Is Terrifying

NBA 2K15 face scan

One of the cooler additions to NBA 2K15 is its feature to allow gamers to scan their face into the game… when it works. While the technology is nothing new in the video game world (I remember 2003′s Tony Hawk’s Underground doing it), it’s still a neat concept. And with the advances in hardware, I expect great results… and we do have that in NBA 2K15… when it again, works.


An imgur has appeared online, which has a series of images from how terrifying some of the user faces can be. Be forewarned, you’ll be disturbed and we take no responsibility if you fall into a deep depression. (more…)

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Job Listing Suggests The Return Of The MLB 2K Franchise


Last year, 2K Sports announced they were halting development on their MLB 2K series.

We have decided not to renew our MLB 2K series for 2014,” read a statement from a company earlier in the year. “We are very proud of the achievements made by the MLB 2K team and look forward to their contributions to our future titles.”

Many outlets, rightfully so, took it as if the company was abandoning baseball altogether. We’ve might have spoken too soon. (more…)

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EA Offers Netflix-Style Subscription Service For Xbox One


Electronic Arts has announced a subscription-based service called EA Access. The Netflix-style service will launch in a few weeks for the Xbox One, but a beta has started today. EA has yet to reveal if the service will be on Sony systems in the future.

When the general public has the ability to subscribe to the service, it will cost $4.99 monthly, or they can choose a yearly price of $29.

The service will offer gamers with a slew of EA titles, and they will rotate from month-to-month. Much like what Netflix does with their streaming option. (more…)

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Madden 14 Dated; Evidence Suggests that EA is Planning on Releasing Madden Biyearly

Technically speaking, the 2012 NFL season has yet to be determined, and EA has already announced Madden 14‘s release date, which is on August 27th, 2013. The news comes from the official website which already has a logo and is celebrating 25 years of Madden video-game football.

This is the only information that is available because underneath the logo, it just says “Madden 25 coming soon.” Which I guess means that more details are forthcoming. IGN is suggesting that because it reads “Madden 25 coming soon,” EA is planning on releasing Madden bi-yearly cycle, instead of the typical year-to-year pattern. (more…)

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Once Again, Fans Can Vote for Madden ’13 Cover, 64 Players to Choose From

Last year, EA held an Internet poll on who should grace the cover of Madden ’12. The publisher made sure every team was represented with a player, though that hardly meant it was the team’s superstar. In fact many people, including myself, wondered why some of the players had a real opportunity of being a cover athlete.

Apparently, EA found the voting a success because not only are they repeating it once again, but they’re doubling the amount of players who fans can decide on. (more…)

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Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD will Cost $15, Robomodo Developing

During the Video Game Awards show on Saturday, Activision unveiled a trailer for Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD The company promises it will include levels from the award-winning first two installments of the franchise. A little while after the show, we got word that the remastered version will only be available as a download only. (more…)

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Watch a Guy Get a Million Dollars for Playing a Baseball Game


For the last two-years, 2K has been giving away a million dollars to the person who pitched the first perfect game in their MLB 2K series.

If you don’t know what the astounding feat is, it’s when a pitcher faces the minimal number of batters, which is 27, and every batter makes an out. If it happens, the pitcher will forever be in baseball lore, accomplishing something that only 18-men have done before him.

Brain Kingrey of Louisiana did just that in the virtual world, and 2K award him a million dollars for become the first to do it in MLB 2K11. Congrats to him, but he’s lucky because I would have been the first, but I find MLB The Show a superior baseball game.

Watch the video, after the jump, of him getting his check, and his reaction because he had no clue that he had won. (more…)

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E3 2011: Kinect Sports 2 Video Demo

One of the more popular games to come out with the Kinect‘s launch was Kinect Sports –  though that’s not saying much — and now it is getting a sequel. Yes, Microsoft thinks the casual motion sports title warrants a brand new game, with new sports and more boringness.

Like most of the Kinect titles, Microsoft isn’t won’t go out of their way to market it the hardcore gamer. rather they’re betting on you wasting fifty bucks in hopes you can convince that girl you like videogames are fun. Don’t give in to their ploy. Plus that girl doesn’t like you.

Players will be able to play through a variety of sports, including baseball, football, golf, tennis and more. Of course, don’t expect these games to play like their real-life counterpart, instead be simpler version of them.

Check out the demo up top.

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Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed for WWE SmackDown Vs. Raw 2011

THQ has revealed specifics of what to expect when WWE SmackDown Vs. Raw 2011 is pre-ordered. Like other titles, where you reserve the game, is what you get. Here’s the scoop:

* Best Buy (or any retailer in Canada): Brett Hart playable character
* Toys R Us: Undertaker’s “Ministry of Darkness” gear
* Three outfits for Randy Orton (T-shirt, suit and referee uniform)
* Walmart: “Tribute to the Troops” arena

I would probably pick the Best Buy option. Although, I wonder if it’s the Brett Hart of yesteryear, or the modern, fat, slow, old version of Brett Hart.

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iPhone Gets NHL 2K11 Tomorrow


2K Sports has announced that starting tomorrow, hockey fans will be able to purchase the iPhone‘s first ever NHL licensed videogame.

The company confirmed that NHL 2K11 will cost $1.99 for the first week, but could be priced higher by the time it ends. According to 2K, it will ‘closely’ look and feel like its console counter-part because the graphics, along with the animations, were coded directly from the more powerful home consoles. Of course, I have a hard time believing that, considering when you compare any iPhone game to the Xbox 360 or PS3 titles — the phone always falls short and by a lot.

The control system is designed with the iPhone in mind, so I’m assuming it should take advantage of either the new gryroscope or the accelerometer, but nothing has been confirmed. Sadly, 2K failed to release any media which probably not a good sign for the visuals, so when you wake up tomorrow head over to the App Store and check out the screens they provide in the preview section.

In my opinion, there has yet to be a good iPhone/iTouch realistic sports game. Sure, EA has released a few Maddens and various other sports titles on the device, but note one has captivated me, and this stems mostly from the simplistic approach EA has taken — especially when it comes to the control scheme. Hopefully 2K has figured out how to appease the hardcore sports gamer with this installment of NHL 2k11, but I’m not holding my breath.

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