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Grand Theft Auto V For PS4 Requires A 50GB Install; Largest Ever

GTA V PS4 Screen


Grand Theft Auto V for the PlayStation 4 is gonna be huge. A I don’t mean from a sales standpoint. A user from a GTA V forum, captured a screenshot that shows the space required on the HDD in order to play the remastered version of the open-world game on the PS4. A a mandatory 50GB install is the necessary space needed.


If this is indeed correct, and I’m sure it is, than that gives this version of GTA V the new title belt as “the biggest install for a video game to date.” The previous champion will be Wolfenstein: The New Order, which was released a few months ago, with a 47GB install.   (more…)

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Sonic CD Hits iOS, Xbox Live and PSN Tomorrow

An all-time classic and quite possibly the best installment of the series — Sonic CD is being released on multiple platforms tomorrow.

Sega announced the Sega CD version of Sonic will be released on Xbox Live, the PlayStation Network and iOS. Other mobile devices such as Android will have to wait until 2012 before it gets the retro classic in their marketplace. (more…)

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Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD will Cost $15, Robomodo Developing

During the Video Game Awards show on Saturday, Activision unveiled a trailer for Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD The company promises it will include levels from the award-winning first two installments of the franchise. A little while after the show, we got word that the remastered version will only be available as a download only. (more…)

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Microsoft Jacks Up the Price of Xbox Live

The price  for Xbox Live is going up. Starting on November 1st, any person who renews or activates a yearly subscription for Xbox Live should expect to ten dollars more, which was first revealed on Currently, a year for the online service is $49.99 and it has maintained that price tag since 2002. What was probably not a coincidence, was when Live started in the first half of the decade, it cost the same as a brand new videogame. Now with the newly announced price hike, Xbox Live will once again sell at the same price as the latest game.

The yearly subscription isn’t the only price that will be affected by the recent news. The 3 Month Gold package will cost five dollars more ($24.99), while the 1 Month package is listed at three dollars more ($9.99)

Major Nelson tried give the reason on why his company has decided to expand the price of the online service.

Since launching Xbox LIVE in 2002 we have continually added more content and entertainment experiences for our members, while keeping the price the same. We’re confident that when the new pricing takes effect, an Xbox LIVE Gold membership will continue to offer the best value in the industry.”

Obviously, Xbox Live fans are, well…not happy. Some people are speculating that the higher price means the company is going to announce something during the Tokyo Game Show, that will help justify why, we, gamers will have to shell-out more. However, I wouldn’t jump to that conclusion just yet.

Again, when Xbox Live launched in 2002, Microsoft probably judged the price hover around the same price as a game, and back then they marketed it that way. As the decade passed, videogames went up ten bucks, while Live kept its $49.99 price tag, and to be honest, I was surprised by that. Oddly enough, I think gamers would’ve been able to deal with the price chance when the Xbox 360 was first sold in stores, then they are now.

Xbox Live is hands down the best online service we have, and to maintain that isn’t cheap. Unfortunately prices go up — it’s part of economics — and it will happen again.

What? You actually thought we would be paying $49.99 for Xbox Live forever?

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Microsoft to Improve Xbox Live Communication

kid playing xbox live

Eurogamer is reporting that Microsoft is planning to significantly improve the sound quality of the headset, during an Xbox Live session. The upgrade is to coincide with the launch of Kinect, which Microsoft hopes will change the way we play games forever.

Jerry Johnson, who is the bigwig over at Xbox Live Studios, discussed how the voice communication has never changed since the launch of Xbox Live in 2002.

“The codec we used when we first launched was a low bit rate codec and we stuck with that.  We launched and we said we required broadband. We required a 64k connection, which not many people think of as broadband any longer. But that was the minimum requirement to run the service at the time. It’s time for us to move on. Especially if we want to think about broadening – a crackly headset on the top of your head – not what people think of when they talk about popular entertainment.”

With upping the bit rate, Xbox Live members will be able to communicate in a clearer fashion. When the online service made it’s industry changing debut, Microsoft praised how chatting with a friend, while playing over the Internet, sounded almost identical to a cellphone conversation. And that wasn’t an exaggeration. However, that was almost a decade ago, and communication technology has enhanced so much so, that Xbox Live’s sounds fuzzy and outdated

Although the quality of how somebody sounds over the net isn’t a deal breaker for me if I want Live or not, it’s certainly a welcoming overhaul.

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Why the PC Version of Final Fantasy XIV Ships First


Final Fantasy XIV is going to have some fantastic features. So much so, that Square-Enix has confirmed that the PlayStation 3 has hit some developmental snags because of the size of the game. Because of that, the game’s producer Hiromichi Tanaka, has reasoned why there will be a six month gap between the PC release and the PlayStation.

Come this September, gamers can by the 14th installment of the famed franchise, while PS3 owners have to wait until March 2011. “The main reason was the memory,” Tanaka told VG24 through a translator. “On the PC, they have enormous memory. For PS3, there’s a restriction.”

Although he didn’t detail what he meant by memory because that could range anywhere from RAM to the HDD, he did say the studio is working diligently to resolve the problem.

They are adjusting the memory size and customizing it; it took longer then we were expecting,” he explained. “But we’re really working hard to bring it out as soon as possible.”

I find it intriguing that the company is going to launch the PC version of the game first, and wait for the PlayStation 3 to arrive months later. I understand Square-Enix looks at how well the PC market responds to an MMO, especially when compared to the consoles. However, this title is a little different. Unlike say, World of Warcraft, which the franchise already had an established PC fan-base and was one of the pivotal reason for its success, Final Fantasy doesn’t have that luxury. I just think by the time the game arrives next year for the PlayStation 3, the hype, however large that is, will be gone.

This makes me wonder what the future of gaming is going to be like. Both Sony and Microsoft have stated that they want this generation of systems to run longer than ever before. If that happens, and all the signs are pointing to that it will, will games start to appear on the PC first because the developer’s imagination will exceed the limitations of home consoles? It appears that this specific gap between the PC and PS3 version could be the start of something.

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Xbox Announces The Xbox Live Family Pack


Major Nelson has announced the Xbox Live Family Pack, which allows up to four Gamertags to become Gold members at once — saving the customers an estimated $99.

The Family Pack allows one person to be the primary controller of the whole account, so he/she can distribute points earned and even monitor online activity. So if you’re worried about your 12-year-old daughter running away with a 35-year-old male, you’re somewhat protected.

The pack will also allow simplified billing, which charges everything to the primary’s billing information, and that same person has control if something can be purchased or not.

Once again, Microsoft is making a huge push for the Xbox 360 to become a family friendly system — something most people associate the Wii as. What is probably not a coincidence is the Xbox Live Family Pack being available in November, the same month as Kinect.

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Activision CEO: “I Would Have Call of Duty be an Online Subscription Service Tomorrow”

guns and money

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick knows all-to-well about the kind of profit one can make with a subscription based gaming service. Blizzard, the team behind the ultra-popular World of Warcraft franchise, is a subsidiary of Activision and has gone on to make millions from their MMORPG, all because they charge $10-a-month per-character. Kotick believes the same formula could apply to the Call of Duty franchise and if he could, he would charge players tomorrow, which he revealed to the Wall Street Journal.

I would have Call of Duty be an online subscription service tomorrow,” Kotick told the newspaper. “When you think about what the audience’s interests are and how you could really satisfy bigger audiences with more inspired, creative opportunities, I would love to see us have an online Call of Duty world. I think our players would just have so much of a more compelling experience.”

Now get this, he somehow believes gamers want to pay for a subscription for Call of Duty. His reasoning: many people already pay for Xbox Live and play Call of Duty, which obviously means they would shell out even more, just to play some kind of MMO Call of Duty.

I think our audiences are clamoring for it. If you look at what they’re playing on Xbox Live today, we’ve had 1.7 billion hours of multiplayer play on Live. I think we could do a lot more to really satisfy the interests of the customers.”

I’m not saying a subscription based Call of Duty wouldn’t succeed; I just don’t think people would pay for Call of Duty, if it played exactly the same way, as it does now. If Kotick believes gamers would pay ten bucks a month to play a Call of Duty, but the only difference would be with hundreds or even thousands of online players at once, much like World of Warcraft, he’s gonna have a rude awaking.

The reason why people are so addicted to ‘WoW,’ isn’t just because of the amount of people who play. It’s because the player creates a avatar, who then has to build his/hers reputation in a virtual world. In a way, the person who is playing, is living a second life — in a fantasy world.

Even if Activision captures the ‘magic’ of building a character in a Call of Duty universe, I’m not sold if the type of audience who play Call of Duty for countless hours, would even be up for something like that.

We’ll know one day because I think it inevitable that a MMO Call of Duty is going to happen.

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Perfect Darks for Xbox Live Dated for March 17th


Mark down March 17th because that’s when one of the best first-person shooters of-all-time is making a return. Microsoft has announced that Perfect Dark, the classic title for the Nintendo 64, is getting its re-released on that day for 800 Microsoft Points. Microsoft has also revealed that from March 3-30 is when Xbox Live House Party will take place.

According to them, House Party is playing host to some of the most anticipated titles for Xbox Live, which obviously includes the spiritual successor to Goldeneye. Including Perfect Dark — three games will be part of the ‘House Party’ and if gamers buy all, they be refunded 400 Microsoft Points. If they are already a Gold subscriber, they’ll get one month free to Xbox Live.

The two other games are Toy Soldiers; which comes out on March 3rd and Scrap Metal; which has a release date March 10th. While I’m sure the other games will be fun, I’m craploads more excited for Perfect Dark. During the PSX and N64 generation, Perfect Dark was, and in many ways still is , one of the best games to play with friends. But thanks to Xbox Live, I’ll be able to play with the same people as I did almost ten years ago, over the online service. I get the feeling Rare is about to take a lot of my time once again…

After the jump, check out a description for each game. (more…)

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EA Announces Vague Dates for Medal of Honor and APB, Among Other Titles


Summer is universally known as a slow time for gamers. Most of the anticipated titles skip the warm season and generally come out when the weather gets colder, just in time for the holidays. However this year, Electronic Arts has decided to change up the theory “when games should be released.”

Barring no major setbacks or delays, EA is set to release both the reboot of the Medal of Honor game, which is set in modern times and Realtime World’s ambitious title APB (All Points Bulletin) will be released this summer. The publisher expects to release both games between July through September; however no exact date was announced.

The company also announced vague dates for a couple other important games as well. From October to December, Crysis 2, Criterion’s (Burnout) first take on Need for Speed and EA’s MMA game will all be launched. Following December and ending in March, Dead Space 2, a sequel to Dragon Age, an unnamed Epic Games shooter, along with a unannounced action title, are all scheduled to ship.

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