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Wii U GameCube Controller Adapter Only Works For Smash Bros.

Gamecube Adapter Wii U


Hey look everyone, Nintendo is screwing up once again.


After rumors started to circulate around the information super-highway that the Gamecube controller adapter for the Wii U would work with other existing games for the system and its Virtual Console, Nintendo confirmed that it would NOT. Obviously if the gossip proved to be true, that would’ve broke a streak of years for Nintendo of making the right decision based off of common sense. Once again, the Internet has been fooled by Nintendo. (more…)

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Online Multiplayer DLC Coming for Two-Year Old Scott Pilgrim: The Game

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game was released as a $10 digital download back in 2010, around the time the film was released. The retro feel, beat em’ up title, was inspired more by the comic than the movie, and was met with positive reviews.

In a strange move, Ubisoft has revealed downloadable content for the year old title. The DLC is slated to be uploaded onto Xbox Live (presumably PSN) next week, and has a price tag of $2 (160 Microsoft Points). The update will finally give owners the chance to play online multiplayer, which was something I didn’t understand why it wasn’t available at launch…two years ago. (more…)

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Sony Cuts Jobs at Gaming Studio SuperBot

Sony has confirmed that an untold amount of employees at the studio SuperBot were laid-off. Before the official statement from Sony, the news was revealed by IGN, who was tipped by Insomniac’s Mike Birkhead’s Tweets.

The Culver City, California-based studio has only developed one title, which was the heavily inspired Smash Bros. game called PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, which was released this past November. (more…)

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The Simpsons Arcade Game Coming to PSN and XBLA

If you grew up in New England, surely you would know about the American restaurant chain called the Ground Round. As a child it was one of the top places I would wanted to dine. Not because the food was incredible, in fact, it wasn’t great at all. But they had one thing…and that was a small arcade room. I would order my food, and beg my Mom for a few quarters and mash some buttons as my burger was being grilled.

Looking back on it, there were two titles I distinctly remember playing all the time at the ol’ Round, and both titles were developed by Konami, AND both were extremely popular 90′s TV shows. One was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And the other…the FREAKING The Simpsons. (more…)

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Tekken Wii U Details

With Namco confirming that their hit fighting series Tekken was coming to the newly announced Nintendo Wii U system, it certainly raised some eyebrows. I mean, this was the first time Tekken would be coming to a Nintendo console, and only the second time it would be playable on something Nintendo — in 2002 Tekken Advance was released for the Game Boy Advance.

During a brief video during the announcement of the Wii U, we saw a quick glimpse of Tekken and a possible fighter editor for the game. We now know for a fact that players will be able to do just that, and even more, thanks to a new video released by Namco foretelling us some of the features the title will include. (more…)

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E3 2011: Debut Trailer for Insomniac’s OverStrike

EA announced that they will be publishing Insomniac’s next game, titled OverStrike. In the past, we’ve been used to Insomniac games being exclusive to the PlayStation 3, but now even Xbox 360 owners can enjoy the videogames created by the talented studio.

It’s hard to grasp what kind of genre OverStrike will fall into, mainly because the video is nothing but CG. But if I were to guess, it will be a third-person action title, with fighting and shooting elements. It’s also evident that humor will play a huge role into the narrative of the story, and that the developers do not want the audience to take the characters so seriously. That could be a breath of fresh air for once, considering most have forgotten that comedy can also tell a fun story.

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Watch Conan O’Brien Fight Mario

Take a break from all this E3 fuss, and watch the video after the jump where late night host Conan O’Brien takes on Mario in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. If you’re unfamiliar with the game, and just now thinking of purchasing the fighter because of O’Brien’s appearance, you should be warned — he isn’t actually in the game.

No sadly, he’s not a selectable Nintendo character but instead a mod created by Ike_Lawleit, by using Snake’s likeness. (more…)

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Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed for WWE SmackDown Vs. Raw 2011

THQ has revealed specifics of what to expect when WWE SmackDown Vs. Raw 2011 is pre-ordered. Like other titles, where you reserve the game, is what you get. Here’s the scoop:

* Best Buy (or any retailer in Canada): Brett Hart playable character
* Toys R Us: Undertaker’s “Ministry of Darkness” gear
* Three outfits for Randy Orton (T-shirt, suit and referee uniform)
* Walmart: “Tribute to the Troops” arena

I would probably pick the Best Buy option. Although, I wonder if it’s the Brett Hart of yesteryear, or the modern, fat, slow, old version of Brett Hart.

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Street Fighter X Tekken Not Shipping Until at Least 2012?

Street Fighter X Tekken

Yesterday’s announcement of Street Fighter x Tekken, which is a Street Fighter game but also starring Tekken characters, was easily one of the biggest surprises of all of Comic Con. At the end of the unveiling, it was disappointing to learn that we would have to wait sometime before we get our hands on the game. Of course, a actual date wasn’t discussed, but saying it’s not going to be released for a while is also a matter of opinion.

The producer of the title, Yoshinori Ono, spilled the beans on when we should expect the title to be spinning in our systems, and we sadly agree with the whole ‘waiting awhile,’ crap.

Ono, who spoke with Famitsu, said the fighting game won’t see the light-of-day for at the very least, two years. Meaning, we won’t be playing Street Fighter X Tekken until the year 2012. And if the rumors that are currently circulating the Internet are found to be true, that’s the same year the world ends. So we’re pretty much screwed on ever playing this game.

According to Mr. Ono, the development of the title started about two months ago, which also hurts its chances of being playable during E3 2011. In one hand, it’s great that a company would announce something so early on, but on the other, it really sucks we have to wait this long.

Street Fighter x Tekken will be available for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, so long the world stays intact.

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VGAs: UFC 2010 Trailer

If you like UFC, I’m sure you’ll dig the world premier trailer for UFC Undisputed: 2010.

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