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E3 2015: Microsoft Shows Off Minecraft Working With Hololens


What seemingly stole the show this morning at the Microsoft E3 press conference, is the new presentation of Hololens. If you’re unfamiliar with Hololens, it’s Microsoft’s augmented reality headset, or AR for short. The company announced they we’re working on this AR project back in January, and showed off how this technology can enhance your life in your home or business.


But today is a video game expo, and Microsoft decided to show off how Hololens can systematically change the way we play video games, and more specifically, their newly purchased Minecraft series.


During the presentation, a guy was sitting on the couch playing Minecraft through Hololens. But instead of looking at a television, it was simulating a projector screen on the wall.  A woman was playing the game on her tablet, and she seemingly entered the guys server, and they were playing together. The guy wanted to get a better view on where she was, so he stood up, looked at a table and instantly the map grew on his table in 3D. From there he was able to walk around the table, zoom in and look in fine detail of where she was walking around. He was even able to create markers on the map that she could see by the flick of his fingers. It truly was an incredible experience and you can watch the entire thing above.  (more…)

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Backwards Compatibility Coming to Xbox One

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 10.39.15 AM


In a surprising announcement, Microsoft confirmed the Xbox One will have backwards compatibility starting this holiday season. Players will be able to take their current Xbox 360 disc, download a quick update, and it will run natively on their new Xbox one. Many of the features that are available on Xbox One, like taking a screenshot with Kinect, will also work with Xbox 360 games.

Games will also run a tad better, thanks to the advanced hardware for the Xbox One, when the feature debuts this holiday season.

Ubisoft also jumped on the backwards bandwagon, and confirmed both Xbox 360 Rainbow Six Vegas games will be free, if players purchase the new Rainbow Six: Siege.

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E3 2015: Forza Motorsport 6 Trailer

Forza Motorsport 6 has a new trailer that dropped during the E3 press conference. I don’t care about cars too much, so I have nothing else to say, other than it looks pretty, and will run in 1080p at 6o frames.

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E3 2015: Microsoft Announces New Controller

Today, which has been rumored for awhile, Microsoft confirmed a new controller for the Xbox One, called Xbox Elite Wireless controller. The idea of the controller is simple: have the user customize it. Players can swap analog sticks, make the triggers more or less sensitive, by the flick of a switch.

They also promise more sensitive curves on the analog sticks, which is important to competitive gamers especially for first-person shooters.

The D-pad also has changed, which looks to be a combination of the steam controller and a regular D-pad. The company highlighted fighting games for this specific feature.




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