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Olly Moss Super Mario Poster

One of /film‘s favorite artists Olly Moss, imagined the Japanese Mario poster above. Titled: スーパーマリオ (Super Mario), the imagine depicts Princess Peach being stalked by the famed plumber’s arch-nemesis Bowser.

On a side-note, I would personally display the red version of this poster; it just gives off this uneasy sinister feel.

As of now, you can’t purchase the pictures but when (or if) you can, I’ll let you know.

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Pretty Sweet 8-Bit Mario Clock

What do you think of this sweet retro Mario clock? I think it’s pretty freaking awesome, even with a Goomba attached to the famous plumber’s crouch — swaying back ‘n forth…OUCH!

The 8-bit inspired clock was hand crafted with wood, and created by Etsy seller ClockworkOregon. It’s also fairly inexpensive, costing only $60.

Thanks to technabob

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Video Game Culture: Pac-Man Lights

These Pac-Man lights are a few years old, but I thought I should share them to you.

As you can tell, it’s Pac-Man eating the light bulbs, as if they were the pellets in the game. And right behind him are the evil ghosts that have been terrorizing him for the last 20+-years.

Bendedetto Bufalino and Benedict Deseille created these lights for the Geneva, Switzerlands’ Festival of Trees and Lights.

After the jump, check out some more pictures of Pac-Man doing his part to increase light pollution. (more…)

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Video: What if Breaking Bad was a 16-bit Videogame?

The critically acclaimed TV show Breaking Bad deserves all the great recognition it gets. I was late watching the show, but thanks to Netflix and the service’s ability to stream shows, I’m pretty much all caught-up. And because of that, I find this next video we posted nothing short of awesomeness.

Collegehumor re-imagined the show as a 16-bit video-game. And as ridiculous as it is, I’m pretty sure that if Breaking Bad was a show that was released 20-years ago and somehow it was adapted into a video game, it wouldn’t be nearly as cool as the video we have after the jump.

If you haven’t watched the show, or up-to-date, I recommend skipping watching this for a number of reasons. For one, it’s full of spoilers and two, you won’t get why the clip is so freaking funny. (more…)

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Cool Stuff: “Historical Reconstitution” Mario Shirt

Mario Peach Scary Shirt

Vincent Bocognani designed this terrific shirt above. It’s cleverly titled Historical Reconstitution and shows Mario with Princess Peach, riding Yoshi, but with an obvious realistic take. Is it disturbing? Sure, but at the same time — awesome.


The shirt sells for $18 or you can buy the Hoody for $40, over at threadless.


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Cool Stuff: Pac-Man Watch


I love videogame fashion that doesn’t overdo the geekeyness, while I sport it. Not that I have anything wrong with geek-wear, in fact I have quite a few gaming shirts and other attire that I dress up in. But sometimes I don’t want to blind people with my dorkyness and I find as I get older — I want things a little more subtle.

This watch is a perfect example. As you can tell, this limited edition ticker has a class look to it, but if one were to inspect closer, they would know it was from the great retro classic, Pac-Man. Not only is the yellow looking pizza guy on the watch, but displays his arch-nemesis the ghosts, Inky, Pinky and Clyde — trapped inside the ‘nest.’

What is really cool is as every second goes by, so does Pac-Man around the watch — eating pellets, a ghosts and whatever is in his way of destruction.

Although, Looking like a classy videogamer doesn’t come cheap. You can order one for $130 on clubnamco, but if you really want one, you should hurry. According to the site, it should be a collector’s item because only 500 of these beauties were made.



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Cool Stuff: Don’t Blow on this Mario Hoodie


This sweet hoodie, which was designed by Derek on enclothe, reminds me of a time when we had to blow into an NES cartridge because when we turned on the game — this is what it looked like on the TV.

Besides the color scheme and how the pattern begins to break up as it nears the top of the hoodie, I love how the zipper has a “1UP” mushroom for a zipper, which gives it an authentic feel. If you want one, hurry up because there is only a limited quantity and each sells for $65.

After the jump check out more pictures. (more…)

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Cool Stuff: Space Invaders Autopsy Shirt


Chris Rowson designed the shirt above, which depicts what would happen if those”Space Invaders” were indeed real and if the US government or any other for that matter do, if they caught one of those sinister aliens. If you want to purchase one, head over to and pick one up for only $18.



Cool Stuff is a feature of /gamer. Know of any geekarific creations or cool products which should be featured on Cool Stuff? E-Mail us at

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Cool Stuff: Instructions to Control the Statue of Liberty (Shirt)


Face it, Ghostbusters II was terrible. No matter how much we wanted to love it as kids, it just sucked. The ending was also a huge joke. Do you remember what I’m talking about? It’s when the Busters controlled the Statue of Liberty by spraying some slim and moved it with the NES Advantage Controller? It was so horrible, it’s kinda cool. Up top is a shirt that is the actual instructions of exactly how to do this, in case you have to do this sometime in your life.

The t-shirt is designed by splitreason, which comes in various sizes and is currently being sold for $18.95.


Cool Stuff is a feature of /gamer. Know of any geekarific creations or cool products which should be featured on Cool Stuff? E-Mail us at

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