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Video: New Sega “CEO” Announces The Dreamcast 2

Keith Appicary Sega CEO

Okay, not really.

Keith Apicary, portrayed by actor/comedian/youtube dancer Nathan Barnatt, went to Sega and filmed a hilarious video by pretending to announce his biggest dream: the Dreamcast 2. He’s video is nothing sort of making fun of the other hardware companies, and parodying all the other accessories Sega will ship with this fictitious new console, by poking fun at Sega’s history. An example is the ludicrous idea, the Sega Nomad: Sega CD portable gaming system.

Watch the video after the break.


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Zelda + Dynasty Warriors = Hyrule Warriors; Nintendo Announces Zelda Spinoff

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 1.08.10 PM

Nintendo is working in conjunction with Tecmo Koei and developing a spinoff to the Legend of Zelda, for the Wii U. Tentatively titled Hyrule Warriors, the game’s mechanics are much like Tecmo Koei’s Destiny Warriors series — a hack n’ slash, with a deep combo system, and numerous enemies on screen at once. (more…)

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Nintendo Unveils NES Remix; Play Retro Games In A New Way

NES Remix


Growing up with the Nintendo Entertainment System, this newly announced downloadable-only game has me giddy inside. During another Nintendo-direct feed — the company’s new way of introducing new games to the public online — the big N. unveiled a simplistic game called NES Remix. for the Wii U. (more…)

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Assassin’s Creed IV: Freedom Cry Launch Trailer



Assassin’s Creed IV downloadable content titled Freedom Cry is available now, and Ubisoft has released a launch trailer to coincide with the game-code being uploaded to the Internet. (more…)

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Ubisoft EXEC. Comments On Why Watch Dogs Was Delayed; Feels It Would’ve Been The Biggest Launch Game

Watch Dogs


Back at E3, Watch Dogs was promised to be available on the first day of this new-generation of consoles. Then in October, a month before millions of gamers were getting ready to purchase the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Ubisoft unexpectedly notified the press that the game was delayed until spring 2014.

It would be an understatement to assume gamers, including myself, were disappointed. But even more dangerously, Ubisoft was about to take a brunt of the heat from their own shareholders. While recoverable, their shares dropped dramatically.

Today news is breaking, thanks to Laurent Detoc — an executive over at Ubisoft — on why the open-world game was delayed.  (more…)

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Video Game Awards; The Winners and Losers (Updating…)



Tonight will be the 9th time the Video Game Awards will grace the stage, and television. Over the years, the award ceremony has been met with mostly criticism. The negative press seemed to have stemmed from the idea Spike TV was consistently trying to create a hip-award show, something that was similar to the MTV awards, rather than the film industry’s annual staple: the Academy Awards.

Tonight will be different then past shows. This year, the network, along with the producers, are listening to the gamers, or so they say. While the awards will be handed out, the acceptance speech will be prerecorded in 30 second clips, so other content can be the main focus. Viewers can expect to experience more trailers, more news and live demos on stage in an apartment. Basically, it sounds more like E3, with a few awards handed out in-between breaks.

After the jump, we will update all the winners and losers, and all the nominations. We will also be updating the site with each trailer, and live demo that is shown. (more…)

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China Set to End Ban on Video Game Console Sales

China Flag 2


Less than a year ago, there were some reports of China was getting ready to end a 13 year band on video game consoles. The ban was originally implemented to protect children from an unhealthy lifestyle, which they believe influenced a child’s upbringing.  (more…)

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Ubisoft CEO: No ZombiU Sequels; Sales Triggered Decision


Hoping to see a sequel for ZombiU? Stop; Because it isn’t happening, according to the CEO of Ubisoft, Yves Guillemot.

Yves revealed his company came to this decision because the sales and the audience for that particular genre on the Wii U isn’t there.  (more…)

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Short Musical About the Nex-Gen Console Wars

AVbyte decide to write a magnificent ‘West Side Story” tribute type broadway song, but the musical scenario has very little to do with two gangs living in new york. Instead, the rivalry is between PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC fanboys. Sadly, the Wii U isn’t mentioned in the console war song…just like in reality.

Via: NeoGAF

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E3 2012: EA Announced Star Wars Battlefront

EA has teased the E3 audience with a new Star Wars Battlefront game. Not much footage was shown, but clearly we will be fighting on Hoth.

The last Battlefront launched in 2005, and the now defunct Pandemic Studios developed the shooter.

Expect the series to launch on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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