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E3 2015: A Collection of 30 Rare Inc. Games Announced

Rare Inc. is turing 30, which makes me old too. To celebrate their long existence., the company is releasing a collection, which spans 30 games. It will include mostly games from their Nintendo days, including Battletoads, Conker’s Bad Furday and Perfect Dark and even some Xbox titles like Kameo.

Don’t expect to revisit these titles remastered because if you watch the trailer, many of the N64 titles, which were developed in 4:3. have boarders around them, when played on widescreen TVs. Hopefully they’ve been at least upscaled or include some sort of filter. If they haven’t, they’ll look like crap on you HDTV.

The value of the title is insane at $30. And considering many of these games from that era, still sell virtually for as much as $10, I’d say this is a must own when it ships on August 4.

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Huge Game Collection On Ebay for $164,000

Do you have $164,000 to throw away? Do you want your pad to be full of clutter? Then keep reading!


EBay seller, who goes by the name “” (I assume no relation to the band), is selling a massive collection of video games. According to him, expands almost 6000 titles, which spans over 50+ gaming systems. (more…)

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NES Furniture Set Can Be Yours

If your friends don’t think you’re the biggest geek out of the group, and you’ll or pay anyone to gain the title and you also need a new living set? Then PixelArtStudios might have the perfect furniture decorate for you.

The picture above shows off what could be your abnormally large coffee table, which is obviously shaped like a Nintendo Entertainment System, with even non-moveable controllers on its top. The door that normally opens with a real-life NES, also does for the table for storage. But that’s not all, for only $1,250 for a limited time, the set will include two tables that resemble NES cartridges with each having its own game art, one being just Mario Bros. and the other the original Super Mario Bros. And after all that, you can choose two of his wall art pieces he has made, which I think are quite cool.

After the jump, check out more pictures. (more…)

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Olly Moss Super Mario Poster

One of /film‘s favorite artists Olly Moss, imagined the Japanese Mario poster above. Titled: スーパーマリオ (Super Mario), the imagine depicts Princess Peach being stalked by the famed plumber’s arch-nemesis Bowser.

On a side-note, I would personally display the red version of this poster; it just gives off this uneasy sinister feel.

As of now, you can’t purchase the pictures but when (or if) you can, I’ll let you know.

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Pretty Sweet 8-Bit Mario Clock

What do you think of this sweet retro Mario clock? I think it’s pretty freaking awesome, even with a Goomba attached to the famous plumber’s crouch — swaying back ‘n forth…OUCH!

The 8-bit inspired clock was hand crafted with wood, and created by Etsy seller ClockworkOregon. It’s also fairly inexpensive, costing only $60.

Thanks to technabob

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Rayman 3 HD Release Date & Trailer

As promised by Ubisoft, Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc is going to be released on Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network. Today we get word on when the updated version of the 2003 platformer is going to be uploaded onto the servers. And that day is March 21. (more…)

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Video: What if Max Payne was 8-Bit?

Youtube user MajamiHiroz tends recreate art ideas like, film and games, but re-imagines them as 8-bit video games, but uses current generation effects. His latest video de-make is Max Payne.

After the jump, check out how he would interpret it as a classic 80′s title. (more…)

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Video Game Culture: Pac-Man Lights

These Pac-Man lights are a few years old, but I thought I should share them to you.

As you can tell, it’s Pac-Man eating the light bulbs, as if they were the pellets in the game. And right behind him are the evil ghosts that have been terrorizing him for the last 20+-years.

Bendedetto Bufalino and Benedict Deseille created these lights for the Geneva, Switzerlands’ Festival of Trees and Lights.

After the jump, check out some more pictures of Pac-Man doing his part to increase light pollution. (more…)

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The Simpsons Arcade Game Coming to PSN and XBLA

If you grew up in New England, surely you would know about the American restaurant chain called the Ground Round. As a child it was one of the top places I would wanted to dine. Not because the food was incredible, in fact, it wasn’t great at all. But they had one thing…and that was a small arcade room. I would order my food, and beg my Mom for a few quarters and mash some buttons as my burger was being grilled.

Looking back on it, there were two titles I distinctly remember playing all the time at the ol’ Round, and both titles were developed by Konami, AND both were extremely popular 90′s TV shows. One was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And the other…the FREAKING The Simpsons. (more…)

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THQ Facing Delisting, CEO Takes Pay Cut, Jobs Lost

For the past two-decades, THQ has been a top publisher. But lately, the company is having major financial trouble, to say lightly.

Just yesterday, Nasdaq has given the company until July 23 to raise their share price above $1 for ten consecutive days, or they’ll be force to be delisted.

Because of the dreadful notice, the company has already started to take action and have announced some major overhauls and changes. (more…)

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