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Huge Game Collection On Ebay for $164,000

Do you have $164,000 to throw away? Do you want your pad to be full of clutter? Then keep reading!


EBay seller, who goes by the name “” (I assume no relation to the band), is selling a massive collection of video games. According to him, expands almost 6000 titles, which spans over 50+ gaming systems. (more…)

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Disney Interactive Quarterly Earnings in the Green

Disney Interactive, the mega-company’s video game division, posted $291 million of revenue during last quarter, which ended on December 31, 2012. It was a small increase of four precent, when compared to the same time last year.

But better news comes from the $9 million in net-profit the company saw during the holiday quarter. Last year, Disney was $28 million in the red during the ever important holiday season. That made Disney restructure the division, which just recently had layoffs, including shutting down the Epic Mickey 2 developer Junction Point. (more…)

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US Senator: Video-Games Are More Dangerous Than Guns

During a discussion today on MSNBC, A Republican US Sen. Lemar Alexander of Tennessee, suggested something so outrageous that your head might literally explode. Chuck Todd, the host of the Daily Rundown, ask Sen. Alexander if he would ever support universal background checks on firearms, in wake of the Newtown, Connecticut school-shooting. His answer is so crazy that some people on the far right might think he’s demented. (more…)

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Report: China Considering Lifting Ban on Game Consoles

The China Daily is reporting that the People’s Republic of China is considering lifting a 13-year ban on video-game consoles. Apparently, back in November, the PlayStation 3 received a certification from the Chinese safety standards. Rewind to 2000, and the government established the ban because according to their own research, it would jeopardize the mental stability of children’s minds. (more…)

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Ex-Baseball Star Curt Schilling Lets His Kids Play Violent Games

Former Red Sox pitcher and video game entrepreneur Curt Schilling stopped by a Boston radio station, 98.5 The Sports Hub, to chat about the Super Bowl, and to also promote his first game Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

The show, Felger and Mazz, was being broadcasted live from Indianapolis, home of Super Bowl XLVI. During the chat, one of the two hosts, Micheal Felger, asked Schilling that since his upcoming role-playing game was considered violent, would he allow his younger children play the game. (more…)

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THQ Facing Delisting, CEO Takes Pay Cut, Jobs Lost

For the past two-decades, THQ has been a top publisher. But lately, the company is having major financial trouble, to say lightly.

Just yesterday, Nasdaq has given the company until July 23 to raise their share price above $1 for ten consecutive days, or they’ll be force to be delisted.

Because of the dreadful notice, the company has already started to take action and have announced some major overhauls and changes. (more…)

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Obsidian Wants the Used Game Business to Disappear

Used games is huge business. For instance, when you buy a per-owned title, a company like Gamestop makes more money, then if you decide to purchase a new one.

With that said, publishers and developers don’t see a penny when you choose a used copy. So ultimately, you’re helping only Gamestop or whatever retail you shop at, and not the industry as a whole.

Publishers are doing everything they can to ensure they make some kind of profit out of used games, so some have implemented a code that’s packed in with the disc that can only be used once to go online. If you decide to buy a used game, and don’t have the onetime code to input, you’ll have top spend extra cash to get your online kick.

Eventually though, publishers will be victorious in the used game war because at one point, most titles will be available through download. (more…)

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Graphical Comparisons of Snake Eater for the 3DS to the PS2 has a bunch of images that are comparing the 3DS version of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, which comes out later this year, to the 2004 version for the PlayStation 2.

The above picture is an example of what the site has. On the left is the PS2 game, and the right the Nintendo 3DS. If you can’t tell right away, the PS2 Version looks considerably better. That is actually a disappointment, considering the 3DS’ hardware is about 10 years older than the elderly Sony system.

Although the 3DS version is far from looking terrible, you do notice some glaring differences in graphical quality, besides the obviously blur effect the 3DS seems to have. For one, Snake’s jacket in the PS2 is more detailed; you can clearly see that he’s wearing a camouflage, while on the 3DS it’s just a boring gray. His beard and facial hair are more pronounced on the PS2 and you see markings on his straps, as well. Of course, this could all change because we are still months away for Konami to finally releases Snake Eater for the 3DS and at the very least, the that version will be in 3D.

Click here to see more images.

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New Info Concerning the Back to the Future Games

Back at E3, Telltale Games (Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People) announced they were working with Universal Studios and developing an episodic videogame based off of the Back to the Future films. While the news has been pretty scarce since the unveiling, the USA Today has reported some pretty awesome things concerning the games.

First of all, Bob Gale — the screenwriter for all three Back to the Future films — is the penning all five of the videogames that will first appear this winter for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and Mac.

While we don’t know what the exact plot of the games are, we do know a few things about what to expect. The actor who played the exuberant Doc Brown from the films, Christopher Lloyd, will lend his voice to the game. We also know the likeness of Michael J. Fox‘s character, Marty McFly, will be part of the story. Although, it’s sounds unlikely that Fox will reprise his famous McFly role. Additionally, other memorable characters from the sought-after films will make cameos,

Telltale told the publication that the famed Delorean time machine will make an appearance and the saga will be told in the fictional California town Hill Valley. Obviously Back to the Future is about time travel,  because of that we don’t exactly know what the main time period of the plot will be told in; however, we do know 1985 will play a big role.

If you played any other Telltale game, you’ll know they solely focus on the point-and-click adventure genre. They also like to throw a lot of sarcastic humor in with their games, more so than the Back to the Future movies. Because of their history, I know they’ll nail down the adventure part. But I’m a little concerned how the humor will turn out. While the Back to the Future series has a lot of comedy elements to it, it doesn’t have the dry humor Telltale’s title generally have. So, it will be interesting to see if the studio can actually find a happy-medium for their newly acquired license. Having Bob Gale should help.

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MGS: Rising to be at Tokyo Game Show, Plus Other Konami Titles

Konami has just released what games will be at the Tokyo Game Show this October. All you Metal Gear fans can rest easy because Metal Gear Solid: Rising will have a presence at the show. Unfortunately, the publisher didn’t reveal which games are going to be playable, so we have no clue if Rising will actually be playable on the show-floor, or if we’ll just see a new trailer.

Some other notable games that will be at the convention are Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Zack & Ombrea and Catherine, which is developed my Atlus.

After the jump, check out what Konami titles will be at the show.

Source: siliconera


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