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E3 2015: The Last Guardian Walkthrough

Back at E3 in 2009, Sony unveiled the third title from Japanese developer Team Ico. It featured a small child with his giant feathered companion, which resembled a griffin. This game was called The Last Guardian. The unveiling was nothing more than a trailer, but it embedded an emotional connection that many gamers already felt between the young boy, and his pet. It ended up winning many E3 awards that year, but once the show ended, it went dark. The game disappeared from existence. Later, Sony would break the dreadful news that it was canceled.


A few young hopefuls every year, around this time during the expo, would hope Sony would once again reveal the title to the world. Eventually it would be forgotten, and many of us just accepted its cruel fate. (more…)

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E3 2015: South Park: The Fractured But Whole Unveiling, Plus Trailer

Ubisoft opened their E3 press conference today with a surprise; Matt Stone and Trey Parker have been working on another South Park. South Park: The Fractured But Whole once again follows the “New Kid,” but instead of exploring the town parodying Lord of the Rings characters, they’re now cosplaying as super heroes.


The creators of the show have ditched Obsidian Entertainment, and have been working with Ubisoft San Francisco to develop the RPG comedy adventure.


The original game, The Stick of Truth was in development hell because the original publisher of the game was THQ, who in the middle of development, was in the process of bankruptcy and eventually closed its doors for good. Soon after the company was shut down, Ubisoft purchased the rights to distribute the title, but it was riddled with delays.


Once the game was finally released in 2014, it was thankfully met with high praise from both fans of the show, and gamers with its deep RPG elements.


During the E3 press conference, Parker and Stone admitted they had no plans to develop another video game after the Stick of Truth. That changed however, after the game’s release, and I presume its success. According to them though, they now comprehend how to create a game, while the SoT was a learning experience and that convince them to give it a go again. If that’s the case, it will be interesting to see how they evolved as game developers once the sequel is released.
South Park: The Fractured But Whole will be available on all major consoles.

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E3 2015: Star Wars: Battlefront Gameplay Reveal

During Star Wars Celebration, EA gave us a quick tease of Star Wars: Battlefront. It was more or less a visual representation that the game graphically looks fantastic. And what felt like a crashing halt; we never got to watch actual gameplay. Thankfully EA has delivered a five minute preview of the game in action. And oh boy, does it have game of the year potential written all over it.


EA confirmed some features. Battles can range anywhere from as 8-40 people in a single room. They promise to have authentic Star Wars characters, including Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker, along with various other famous SW stars, which you’ll easily recognize in the video above.


Some characters were even include special abilities. For instance, if you unlock Darth Vader during the battle playing as the Empire, he has the ability to use the Force and choke out his enemies, as evident in the video. Although I assume In order to play as him, you’ll have to unlock various goals throughout the battle.


The video also example of how you’ll be able to control X-Wings, AT-AT’s and other various Star Wars vehicles, which truly make it feel like a real Star Wars battle unfolding.


Since EA first announced Star Wars battlefront was coming over a year ago, I have been waiting in anticipation to finally see gameplay. I had confidence the Dice would be able to develop an authentic Star Wars title, and today they have confirmed my thoughts. This has the potential to be one of EA’s biggest titles they’ve ever released. And I’m excited that they’re not half-assing it, like many assumed they would.

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E3 2015: Microsoft Shows Off Minecraft Working With Hololens


What seemingly stole the show this morning at the Microsoft E3 press conference, is the new presentation of Hololens. If you’re unfamiliar with Hololens, it’s Microsoft’s augmented reality headset, or AR for short. The company announced they we’re working on this AR project back in January, and showed off how this technology can enhance your life in your home or business.


But today is a video game expo, and Microsoft decided to show off how Hololens can systematically change the way we play video games, and more specifically, their newly purchased Minecraft series.


During the presentation, a guy was sitting on the couch playing Minecraft through Hololens. But instead of looking at a television, it was simulating a projector screen on the wall.  A woman was playing the game on her tablet, and she seemingly entered the guys server, and they were playing together. The guy wanted to get a better view on where she was, so he stood up, looked at a table and instantly the map grew on his table in 3D. From there he was able to walk around the table, zoom in and look in fine detail of where she was walking around. He was even able to create markers on the map that she could see by the flick of his fingers. It truly was an incredible experience and you can watch the entire thing above.  (more…)

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E3 2015: Gears of War 4 Announced

Microsoft has revealed a fifth installment of Gears of War, staring a new cast of characters. The new game looks to come back to its roots, and not use many of the features that were implemented in the last released, Judgement. I find that welcoming news, considering I felt the game took a turn for the worst, and abandoned many of the mechanics that made the series great, like a simple one button action.

It’s so clear that the company decided to go in that direction, and with one of the co-creatrers working on the project, the company has decided to call it Gears of War 4, which funny because it’s technically the fifth.

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E3 2015: A Collection of 30 Rare Inc. Games Announced

Rare Inc. is turing 30, which makes me old too. To celebrate their long existence., the company is releasing a collection, which spans 30 games. It will include mostly games from their Nintendo days, including Battletoads, Conker’s Bad Furday and Perfect Dark and even some Xbox titles like Kameo.

Don’t expect to revisit these titles remastered because if you watch the trailer, many of the N64 titles, which were developed in 4:3. have boarders around them, when played on widescreen TVs. Hopefully they’ve been at least upscaled or include some sort of filter. If they haven’t, they’ll look like crap on you HDTV.

The value of the title is insane at $30. And considering many of these games from that era, still sell virtually for as much as $10, I’d say this is a must own when it ships on August 4.

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E3 2015: Tom Clancy’s The Division Trailer

Since it debuted 2 years ago, Ubisoft’s The Division has turned many heads. Not much has been shown since then, except a demo last year. While not many details were announced about the game during the Xbox One presser, a new trailer dropped. I suspect we’ll get more information about the MMO during Ubisoft’s Press conference later today.

Although a beta is coming this December exclusively for the Xbox One.

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Backwards Compatibility Coming to Xbox One

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 10.39.15 AM


In a surprising announcement, Microsoft confirmed the Xbox One will have backwards compatibility starting this holiday season. Players will be able to take their current Xbox 360 disc, download a quick update, and it will run natively on their new Xbox one. Many of the features that are available on Xbox One, like taking a screenshot with Kinect, will also work with Xbox 360 games.

Games will also run a tad better, thanks to the advanced hardware for the Xbox One, when the feature debuts this holiday season.

Ubisoft also jumped on the backwards bandwagon, and confirmed both Xbox 360 Rainbow Six Vegas games will be free, if players purchase the new Rainbow Six: Siege.

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E3 2015: Trailer for New Xbox One I.P. Recore

From the makers of Metriod Prime, comes a new I.P. exclusively for the Microsoft Xbox One called Recore.

The game features a female protagonist, who looks to survive in A post-apocalyptic world, who’s only friend is a robot, and its memory can be transported from different robots throughout the game.

Check out the concept CG trailer above.

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Report: Sony Releasing The PS4 In China This December

China Flag


Just last month, it was reported that Microsoft was the first foreign company to release a video game system in China in 14-years. Now it looks like the console’s rival, the PlayStation 4, is set to make a impact in the world’s largest country.


The business site Bloomberg is reporting that Sony plans on shipping the PS4 sometime this December in China, thanks to a filing that was discovered on a official Chinese government website. Bloomberg also expects Sony is shipping 200,000 systems annually to the communist nation. A spokesperson from Sony did confirm the filing to the country’s government, but suggested the production amount is different.  (more…)

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