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WTF? Elder Scrolls Dance (Party Time)

I just saw this new video and it really turns me on…just joking. A half-naked male dancer appears to be on speed trying to do a mixture river-dance, interpretive dance and ballet using the Elder Scrolls game . You Gotta love all the crotch/butt shots. Although, I am slightly confused as to why does he take a knife in the middle of the video to do a ‘Seppuku death?’ After that, it cuts off to a disco dance which makes complete sense. it’s just a silly video that made me laugh and I hope you all enjoy.

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New Official Nintendo Classic Controller Appears on Japanese Website

For all you Virtual Console whores, Nintendo’s Japanese site is releasing a new version of their classic controller. The “Classic Controller Pro” has grips for your hands and adds additional shoulder buttons.

Over the years controllers have changed to be more comfortable. Even though I do like the retro look and feel of the original controller, it really isn’t that comfortable if you are playing it for a long span of time. It isn’t definite that we are getting it in the states, but I certainly do hope so! Then we can all play a little longer and feel like we are kids again, even though most of us feel old.

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