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An Even Rarer Version of the Nintendo World Championship Cart Appears On eBay


A few days ago, one of the rarest video games for the Nintendo Entertainment System popped up on eBay. The cartridge was manufactured for a sponsored Nintendo tournament, and simply titled the Nintendo World Championship.

The grey cartridge only has three games on it, Super Mario Bros., Rad Racer and Tetris. And each game is represented by only a few levels, and each one could be modified because of switches on the front of the cart.

The grey cartridge that appeared on eBay had its label torn off, yet it sold for $99,000, and it officially became a world-record for a video game sold. That’s because Nintendo only created 90 of these carts and because of that, it is sought as an expensive, and very limited collectable.

However…that record might not last. (more…)

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Video: New Sega “CEO” Announces The Dreamcast 2

Keith Appicary Sega CEO

Okay, not really.

Keith Apicary, portrayed by actor/comedian/youtube dancer Nathan Barnatt, went to Sega and filmed a hilarious video by pretending to announce his biggest dream: the Dreamcast 2. He’s video is nothing sort of making fun of the other hardware companies, and parodying all the other accessories Sega will ship with this fictitious new console, by poking fun at Sega’s history. An example is the ludicrous idea, the Sega Nomad: Sega CD portable gaming system.

Watch the video after the break.


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Zelda + Dynasty Warriors = Hyrule Warriors; Nintendo Announces Zelda Spinoff

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 1.08.10 PM

Nintendo is working in conjunction with Tecmo Koei and developing a spinoff to the Legend of Zelda, for the Wii U. Tentatively titled Hyrule Warriors, the game’s mechanics are much like Tecmo Koei’s Destiny Warriors series — a hack n’ slash, with a deep combo system, and numerous enemies on screen at once. (more…)

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Nintendo Unveils NES Remix; Play Retro Games In A New Way

NES Remix


Growing up with the Nintendo Entertainment System, this newly announced downloadable-only game has me giddy inside. During another Nintendo-direct feed — the company’s new way of introducing new games to the public online — the big N. unveiled a simplistic game called NES Remix. for the Wii U. (more…)

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HD Tests Reveals That The PS3 Blu-ray Drive is Superior Than PS4′s



The last couple console launches had buzz about the actual drive of the machines. For instance, the PlayStation 2 was the first home system to let its users play DVD, which many experts predicted — and they were right — would eventually penetrate more than DVD, in terms of sales.

Many so-called experts attributed the long-term failure of the Dreamcast because Sega refused to include a DVD optical drive. And the first Microsoft Xbox had the ability to read DVD films, but a remote and attachment was needed to be purchased by the customer.

The PlayStation 3 drive was heavily anticipated because it had the ability to play Blu-ray films. And it was one of the first machines on earth — that was affordable — that had the capability to read the new HD discs.

Blu-ray today is common, digital downloads are the future, and there isn’t a new physical media to get excited this time around. Many of us, including me, naturally thought the Blu-Ray player inside the PlayStation 4, would outperform compared to Sony’s previous system. I mean, the PlayStation 3 is 7 years-old now. Well… We shouldn’t have been so sure because the fellows over at hdtvtest did some performance tests, and their conclusion is a tad of a shocker: (more…)

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Disney Announces Online Game: ‘Star Wars: Attack Squadrons’

Star Wars Attack Squadrons


So earlier this year, Disney closed the LucasArts’ doors forever. Thankfully, that doesn’t mean Star Wars games are lost forever. And today, the company has announced a new free-to-play online game called Star Wars: Attack Squadrons. Mickey & Friends were even nice enough to showoff a teaser trailer, which depicts the film’s most famous ships, without a high polycount, flying and blasting each other.

The game is being developed by a new gaming studio Area 52, and a closed beta is expected to be handed out next year.  (more…)

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Assassin’s Creed IV: Freedom Cry Launch Trailer



Assassin’s Creed IV downloadable content titled Freedom Cry is available now, and Ubisoft has released a launch trailer to coincide with the game-code being uploaded to the Internet. (more…)

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Original Tomb Raider Re-Released On iOS

Tomb Raider iOS

One of the most iconic videogames ever developed in the 90s is easily Tomb Raider. It was so wildly successful that Square-Enix even rebooted the series on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and it was met with critically acclaimed reviews. And next month, we’ll see an updated version of that reboot for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Today, however, Square-Enix has released the original game in the series on iOS, for .99 cents. According to the publisher, this is a ”full, unedited, unadulterated experience,” which was first available on the original PlayStation, DOS and the Sega Saturn, way back in 1996(more…)

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Another Battlefield 4 Patch Released For PS4; Fixes ‘Kill Trading.’

Battlefield 4 logo


Battlefield 4 was riddled with bugs and glitches since it was released for the PlayStation 4, the same day the system launched. While the game is a fun online experience, the imperfections — which made the game feel broken at times — impeded it to be great. Because of all of that, DICE, along with EA, have been working around the clock to patch things up for the first-person-shooter.  (more…)

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New Startup Studio Unveils Trailer For Their First Game, Eidolon

The independent company Ice Water Games have released a trailer for their first video game in development, called Eidolon. According to the studio:

Eidolon is a game about exploring a mysterious landscape and uncovering the stories of the people who lived there once before. It is a game about history, curiosity, interconnectedness, and the slow and inevitable beauty of life.” (more…)

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