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Details on the PlayStation 4 Launch and Controller

According to Edge, Sony will reveal the PlayStation 4 on February 20, and will announce a launch dates along with details of their controller, which were leaked to the site by a mole inside the hardware company.

According to the source, Sony is planning on releasing their next installment of the PlayStation sometime before Christmas in the US and Japan. Europeans however, won’t see this system in stores until early 2014. Apparently there’s some “complexities” involved for distribution in Europe, but those details were not leaked.

The same insider told Edge that Sony will ship the PlayStation with a redesign controller. Allegedly, it will be the same size as the current Dualshock controller, but instead of a select, start or PS button, this game-pad will feature a small touchpad, similar to the one that’s behind the PS Vita handheld device. Also, the controller spots something called the ‘Share’ button. When it’s pressed, it will allow gamers to take screenshots, along with video, and distribute it online to various social networks. An idea that we figure was inspired by mobile phones.

Along with the new controller, Sony will be introducing a new PlayStation Eye peripheral. No specific details have come out regarding the new PlayStation Eye; however, it will still be compatible with the PlayStation move controller. But it will be interesting if Sony truly plans on utilizing the Move, considering there hasn’t been a lot of content compatible with it, since it launched two years ago.

While we can’t confirm the credibility of source, the information does go in-line with what the Wall Street Journal reported just a few short days ago. And it’s not unreasonable with some of the details that Edge is providing, considering that Sony was showing off this touchpad technology on the PS Vita when it was launched two years ago. And instead of putting a full-fledged tablet inside the middle of the controller like Nintendo — which would make the system expensive — it only makes sense for Sony to counter that, by having some sort of touch technology shipping with the controller, but that also doesn’t break the bank.

Although, I don’t understand why Sony is still pushing the PlayStation Eye. This’ll be the third integration of the technology, and it just hasn’t sold to the level of what they wanted. And it might not be just bad marketing either, the people that buy the PlayStation are generally hard-core gamers that want to stay away from my casual experience. In a weird way, I think Sony understands that, because they are not pushing the PlayStation Move nor Eye aggressively in their marketing campaigns

And then we’re just going to have to wait until February 20 when everybody expects Sony to finally announce a new PlayStation after six years of the PS3 in stores

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