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How the World has Changed Since Duke Nukem Forever was Announced in 1997


Tomorrow is a huge day for anyone waiting for Duke Nukem Forever, especially if they’ve been waiting since it was announced back on April 28, 1997.

By the time the game arrives, it will have been 14 years, 1 month and 17 days since it was confirmed, or even you can even say 445,824,000 seconds, if you want to make it sound like it was a shorter wait.

A lot has changed in the world since 3D Realms had made the infamous revealing of Duke Nukem Forever, and after the jump, we put some facts together as to what has.


-There are almost a billion more people living today then in 1997.

-In 1997, less than 57 million people used the Internet in the US, and more than 66% of those who did, had access to only a speed of 33.6K or less. <link>

In 1997, 55 million people had cellphones or 20%, compared to 285 million, or 91% today.  <link>

-And cellphones looked like this:


-This is a picture of super hot actress Hayden Panettiere

She looked like this in 1997

-Titanic was the number one film in 1997, followed by The Lost World: Jurassic Park.

VHS was the dominate force in home movie entertainment, while laser disc technology was a far second. DVD would be introduced to America in 1997, but a player would cost $1000 and up.

-At the time, Pixar had only released one film, which was Toy Story (1995).

-Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo games were still being produced.

-The Game Boy was still consider relevant.

-While limited, there was still support for the Sega Game Gear.

- Link’s first 3D quest, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, was still more then a year away from release.

-Many gaming journalists gave Wing Commander: Prophecy the best graphics award, this is what it looked like:

-The name Gamestop didn’t exist, and a majority of those stores that would change its current name were called Babbage’s and Software etc. EBX and Funcoland, which would later be gobbled up by Gamestop, were their own separate companies.

-E3′s home in 1997 was in Atlanta, GA

-This was considered an innovative controller by Nintendo at the time:

-Bill Clinton was just inaugurated in January for his second term and his infamous announcement of “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” had yet to be uttered, and wouldn’t for another year.

-Four months after Duke Nukem was announced, Princess Diana would die from a car crash in Paris.

-Hong Kong was still under British Rule.

-Steve Jobs wasn’t at Apple.

-The term iMac had yet to be coined. In fact the letter “i” had yet to be used for anything Apple, until a year later with the introduction of the iMac.

-Most people listened to music on a compact disc, and cassette tapes were available by driving to and walking into something called a record store. MP3 players were unheard of, never-mind iTunes.

-The Spice girls just started invading the US, with releasing “Wannabe.”

-The world had yet to hear of the names of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake.

-Justin Bieber was only 3 years-old and had no musical impact. The world was in a better place.

-An animated show called South Park was set to debut, and looked to be another Comedy Central failure. Critics called it: “sophomoric, gross, and unfunny,” and blasted the stars of the show by writing, “It might help if the South Park kids had personalities, but they’re as one-dimensional as the show’s cut-and-paste animation.”

-Seinfield was still on the air.

-Derek Jeter was coming off his rookie season.

-Besides Scott Rolen, every player that won a major award in Major League Baseball in 1997 is now retired.

-The Montreal Expos still had a baseball team, while Arizona, Tampa Bay and Washington DC were still waiting.

-Just moving from Houston to Tennessee, the Titian’s were still called the Oilers in 1997.

-Brett Favre was 28 years-old, and due to technology limitations, he couldn’t text pictures of his penis.

-The NFL’s 2011 first round draft pick, Cam Newton, was only 8 years-old.

-The number one weekly wrestling television show wasn’t produced by the WWE, but instead Ted Turner’s WCW Monday Nitro. In fact, WWE wasn’t even called its current name, instead it was known as The World Wrestling Federation.

-Major League Soccer was just underway in its sophomore season.

-/film’s Peter Sciretta ran a wrestling website called

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