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Win Dante’s Inferno for Xbox 360 (Contest)


Congrats to comment number 68, Rob, who won the copy of Dante’s Inferno.

The contest is now closed, thanks to all who participated.

On February 9th, gamers will be preparing to “Go to Hell.” Not because we’ve been playing murder simulators all our lives (according to the word of Jack Thompson), but due to the fact Electronic Arts is set to ship their latest videogame Dante’s Inferno, which is loosely adapted from Dante Alighieri’s legendary epic poem The Divine Comedy.

Players will assume the role of Dante, a veteran of the Third Crusade. When Dante finds his love, Beatrice, soul trapped inside the clutches of hell, he attempts to follower her, but quickly learns the “light-bearer” Lucifer is personally seizing her spirit. In order to save Beatrice, Dante must fight through hordes of demons in the Nine Circles of Hell and when he finds her, merry her in order to free her soul.

This will be one of the first time a studio, Visceral Games in this case, will take on the task of mixing a videogame with one of the great literary works in human history. I’m excited to see how the team will pull it off, I’m sure most of you are too.

Thankfully one of you /gamer readers will be able to snag a copy of the highly-anticipated title on Xbox 360 for free, thanks to a contest we’re holding. The rules are simple: after the Jump, a question will be asked about the Divine Comedy. All you have to do is type your email, we’re it is required to comment (for contact purposes), answer the question right, and automatically you’ll entered into a drawing. Whomever is selected will be notified right away.

The contest will start NOW and end on February 9th, at midnight pacific standard time.

Again, the question is after the jump.

Question: Who helped guide Dante through Hell?

(To answer, comment below)

DANTE’S INFERNO     Go to Hell on 2.09.10

EA’s Dante’s Inferno is an epic descent through Dante Alighieri’s nine circles of hell – limbo, lust, gluttony, greed, anger, heresy, violence, fraud and treachery. At a blazing-fast 60 frames per second, each circle features unique environments, all new creatures, terrifying demons, story elements and are scored distinctly to set a tone that fits each circle of sinners.

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114 Responses to “Win Dante’s Inferno for Xbox 360 (Contest)”

  1. Virgil guided Dante through Hell.

  2. Virgil guided dante through out hell in the divine comedy

  3. Yes,


    God, I want this game!

  4. The Roman poet Virgil, author of Aeneid, guided him through Hell.

  5. Virgil guided Dante through Hell.

  6. Virgil was Dante’s guide

  7. that will be Virgil

  8. Dante’s guide was Virgil.

  9. The Roman poet Virgil guided him through Hell

  10. Virgil guided Dante.

  11. Virgil guided Dante!

  12. Virgil

  13. Virgil!!!

  14. Virgil helped guide Dante through Hell and Purgatory in The Divine Comedy.

  15. Virgil guided Dante through Hell and Purgatory.

  16. Virgil

  17. Who was Virgil

  18. The correct answer is Virgil

  19. Virgil

  20. Virgil

  21. his dead wife lady

  22. Virgil

  23. Virgil

    Who is an awesome character in Arcanum.

  24. Virgil!

  25. Virgil, Virgil, Virgil!

  26. Virgil guided Dante

  27. Virgil

  28. The Roman poet Virgil was Dante’s guide through Hell.

  29. Virgil, the poet, guided Dante Alighieri through Hell!

  30. Virgil

  31. Virgil guided Dante.

  32. Virgil, of course!

  33. Virgil

  34. Virgil!

  35. Virgil

  36. Virgil helped guide Dante through Hell.

  37. Virgil was Dante’s guide.

  38. Virgil helped guide Dante through Hell in The Divine Comedy

  39. Virgil

  40. That would be Virgil, sir.

  41. Virgil

  42. I didn’t even have to look this one up on Wikipedia, it’s Virgil.

  43. Virgil guided Dante through Hell.

  44. Virgil!

  45. Virgil.

  46. Virgil guided Dante through Hell.

  47. Virgil FTW.

  48. how did I never know about /gamer thank goodness that /film just tweeted about this — I feel left out of the internet.

    A – Virgil

  49. jeez there’s even a /gossip — I swear I read the su up email every single day

  50. Virgil

  51. Virgil

  52. Virgil is his guide.

  53. Virgil!

  54. Virgil!

  55. Virgil

  56. Virgil ‘Bud’ Brigman

  57. Virgil

  58. I am positive that it was Virgil who guided Dante through hell.

  59. Virgil!

  60. Virgil guided dante through hell using a Prima Strategy Guide

  61. Virgil

  62. It was Virgil, the poet

  63. Virgil helped guide Dante through the nine circles.

  64. Virgil was Dante’s guide through hell.

  65. virgil

  66. Virgil

  67. Virgil guided Dante through hell.

  68. Virgil

  69. Virgil helped to guide Dante through hell.

  70. The Roman author Virgil guided Dante through hell.

  71. Zac Efron

    just kidding. It was obviously Virgil.

  72. The Roman poet Virgil

  73. The Roman poet Virgil

  74. Virgil

  75. Roman Poet Virgil helped Dante.

  76. Virgil, the son of a farmer.

  77. Virgil

  78. Virgil guided Dante through HELL!!!

  79. Virgil guided Dante through Hell!

  80. Virgil

  81. Virgil guided Dante though hell.

  82. Virgil helped Dante travel through hell!!

  83. VIRGIL!

  84. Virgil was his guide.

  85. THat was motha lickin virgil

  86. Virgil is da guide

  87. Virgil.

  88. The Roman poet Virgil guided Dante through Hell.

  89. Virgil

  90. Virgil.

  91. Virgil guided Dante through Hell.

  92. VIRGIL!

  93. virgil

  94. Virgil

  95. Virgil

  96. Virgil

  97. Virgil guided the lovely Dante through Hell!
    Would love to play this game :D looks awesome!

  98. Virgil guided Dante

  99. Virgil guided Dante

  100. yeap, virgil guided Dante through hell

  101. Virgil was Dante’s guide

  102. Virgil guided him through hell

  103. Virgil guided Dante through hell.

  104. Virgil guided Dante through Hell.

  105. The Roman poet Virgil guided him through Hell

  106. Virgil guided Dante through Hell

  107. Virgil led Dante through the levels of hell.

  108. Dante was led by Virgil, the poet.

  109. Dante was led by the Roman poet Virgil. In the form of a spirit.

  110. Virgil :)

  111. virgil

  112. it was virgil

  113. so who won the contest?

  114. Congrats Rob!

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