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Cool Stuff: Instructions to Control the Statue of Liberty (Shirt)


Face it, Ghostbusters II was terrible. No matter how much we wanted to love it as kids, it just sucked. The ending was also a huge joke. Do you remember what I’m talking about? It’s when the Busters controlled the Statue of Liberty by spraying some slim and moved it with the NES Advantage Controller? It was so horrible, it’s kinda cool. Up top is a shirt that is the actual instructions of exactly how to do this, in case you have to do this sometime in your life.

The t-shirt is designed by splitreason, which comes in various sizes and is currently being sold for $18.95.


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2 Responses to “Cool Stuff: Instructions to Control the Statue of Liberty (Shirt)”

  1. Excuse me, but GH 2 is better than half of the crap coming out nowadays. As far as sequels go, it’s no T2 or Godfather Pt II, but it’s better than Wayne’s World 2 and most remakes lately. I know it’s a bad comparison but it’s early and I’m tired and this is an awesome shirt but don’t crap on a decent sequel.

    “It’s always the quiet ones”

    “the phone lines are over there!”

    “He is Vigo! you are like a buzzing of flies to him!”

  2. Terrible? Really? It may not live up to the first one, but how could it? It’s still fantastic. Watch it again.

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