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GameUniCon: “Largest Video Game Convention in New England” Announced


Living on the west coast, I really have taken for granted the amount of conventions dedicated to videogames. This side of the country represents some of the biggest and well-known expos in the world like: E3, GDC and even PAX. These shows have thousands of attendees each year, and they seem to grow year-in and year-out. However, for me it wasn’t always easy to access a gaming show.

You see, I grew up in the Boston area, where the local government is trying to lure videogames publishers and expand to the Bay State. Just recently, Penny Arcade announced they will be extend their PAX show to two times a year and one of them will be on the east coast, and Boston is the lucky city to host the show. In a way you can say it was the first major confirmation that Boston is trying to be a focal point for the videogame industry.

While PAX is certainly a welcoming sign that New England could bank on a never-ending industry, the show won’t be the first to entice thousands of gamers to visit the Bay State.

A few years ago, the largest Ebay videogame seller opened an independent game store in Framingham, MA; a suburb just west of Boston. The store, called Game Universe, sells everything from retro gaming machines like the original Atari 2600 and goes all the way to this newest generation. While the concept alone is worth visiting, the store’s owners wanted to make sure their customers also had an incredible experience when they came to explored the outlet as well.

They decided to attach six 50″ plasma screens on the walls around the store and even added 5.1 surround sound to some of them. Each display was capable of playing anything, so if you wanted to experience E.T. on the Atari alone before your friends who were supposed to met you but are running late to play a little Gears of War — it could be done.

Word got around fast and customers started to come into the store just to play games. Management thought it would be a great idea to start-up tournaments, in hopes it would lure even more customers. The theory ended up being successful; the owners had to purchase another eight smaller screens because of the high demand of customers entering exclusively for LAN tournament play.

Over the course of three years, the store has earned some great creditability; they even saw players as far as California come to participate in their gaming tournament. They noticed that gaming tournaments were not just some fad and if done right, could actually be held inside a convention. That is exactly what they are planning as I write.

We have spent the last three years building our local reputation for running pro-level tournaments at Game Universe in Framingham, MA,” said James Jewett co-executive director. “We got to the point where we outgrew our venue so we decided take on a larger event.”

Game Universe has just recently revealed a gaming convention called GameUniCon and will take place at the 20,000 square foot Best Western Royal Plaza in Marlborough, MA. Get this, when the convention opens its doors on August 21st, they won’t close until three days later on the 23rd. That’s right, show organizers have confirmed it will be 24-hours long, and never close until the final day.

After the jump, read more about this newly announced convention.

Not only will the self-proclaimed “Biggest Video Game Convention in the history of New England,” run gaming tournaments, where the total prize money exceeds $10,000, they are promising thousands of screens, where players can enjoy everything from the NES to today’s systems like the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii and a wide variety games for each systems, without pressure tournament play. In the end, they are hoping the casual gamer to the most hardcore of hardcore gamers can enjoy the convention together.”What we are trying to do is make an event where casual gamers can have fun as well as hardcore pro-level gamers,”Jewett said.

Even if you consider yourself a casual gamer, you might want to check out some of the tournaments anyways. While the hardcore player will definitely want to test their skill against some of the world-famous pro-gamers in Halo 3, Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Street Fighter 4; the casual game can also participate in the adrenaline feeling you can get by playing in a playoff. They are offering Tetris, Air Hockey and other casual games in one-on-one competitions. Heck, they are even offering a Battletoads speed run, where the fastest player to reach the end wins a prize.

If a tournament is not going on, especially in the early hours, players can challenge other players in money matches. This means any gamer who think they can beat another attendee in an available game can do so, and even place money down to prove their greatness. All they have to do is let a representative from the show know they would be doing this and how much money is being challenged, from there the game is on.

Not only can you demo some of the latest games, or turn-back the clock and play Super Mario Bros., Jewett is promising there will be other attractions as well, “You can have an amazing time at GameUniCon even if you aren’t interested in entering any gaming tournaments or even play games.” During the 72-hours straight event, they will offer a pool; where attendees will watch movies while swimming, and cleverly called it a “dive-in” movie. The show will also have a dealer room; which will feature old and new videogames, comics, toys and anime, comedy and educational panels about the industry, DJPretzel founder of OC Remix and Larry Oji SFHD Remix Soundtrack, KrushRadio will air a live broadcast, even Keith from Talking Classics on ScrewAttack and super hot TNA wrestler Velvet Sky will be in attendance. Over the course of the upcoming weeks, GameUniCon workers promise to announce much more.


Think she’s hot? Well, She will be at GameUniCon!

During the night time, planners are going to have a large concert which would make music enthusiast smile, but the concert definitely has an appropriate videogame feel. “Our concerts will be a mixture of bands that are featured in Guitar Hero and Rock Band such as Freezepop as well as bands such as Powerglove and The Megas that put their own spin on classic video game music,” James Jewett explained. Another band already confirmed for the show is Internet cult-hit group The Konami Kode, will be jamming as well. Jewett even said they plan to reveal even more bands, and announcements should happen soon.


Quite possibly the greatest band of all-time Freezepop, will be preforming at GameUniCon.

Tickets for the show is $40, however, if you plan on entering in any tournament(s), then passes to the show are only $30. Keep in mind, each tournament does individually cost extra, so make sure you check GameUniCon’s website for further instructions.

Below is everything you pretty much need to know about GameUniCon including many of the 30 already announced tournaments, plus more. Be sure to regularly check their official website or /gamer to get the latest news about the upcoming convention. We’ll see you there!
======Press Release======

Huge New England Video Game Convention and Concert Announced

The Biggest Video Game Convention in the history of New England is taking place this August 21st – 23rd at the Best Western Royal Plaza in Marlborough, MA.

GameUniCon 2009

Over $10,000 in Guaranteed Cash Prize Tournaments including

* Halo 3
* Street Fighter 4
* Super Smash Bros Brawl and Melee
* Soul Calibur IV
* Rock Band
* Battletoads Speed Run
* Tetris
* Air Hockey
* and more… (over 30 Tournaments)

A Video Game Concert featuring

* Freezepop
* Powerglove
* The Konami Kode
* The Megas
* more bands TBA!

So Much to Do!

* 24 Hours a Day for 3 Days
* Hundreds of Screens setup for Freeplay for Classic and Current Systems!
* A Dealer’s Room featuring Video Games, Comics, Toys and Anime
* Industry and Celebrity Guests
* An appearance by TNA Wrestling Knockout Velvet Sky
* World-Famous Players Competing in the Tournaments and Featured Matches
* Comedy and Educational Panels
* A Dive-in Movie Theater
* DJPretzel founder of OC Remix and Larry Oji SFHD Remix Soundtrack
* Live Broadcast
*’s Keith from Talking Classics
* and much more!

Passes are on sale now at

Full List of Tournaments and Prices

Convention Pass 3 Days $40 only $30 if You Enter Any Featured Tournament.

* Halo 3 4v4
* Halo 3 2v2
* Halo 3 FFA
* Super Smash Bros Brawl Singles
* Super Smash Bros Brawl Doubles
* Super Smash Bros Melee Singles
* Super Smash Bros Melee Doubles
* Super Smash Bros Plus
* Super Smash Bros 64
* 2 Street Fighter 4 Tournaments
* Street Fighter 4 3v3 Team Battle
* Soul Calibur IV Invitational Tournament
* Soul Calibur IV 3v3 Teams
* WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2009 Tournament
* Rock Band 2 Full Band
* Rock Band 2 Drums
* Rock Band 2 Guitar
* Rock Band 2 Vocals
* Guitar Hero Metallica Guitar Only Tournament
* Guitar Hero Smash Hits Guitar Only Tournament
* 1am Tetris Tournament
* 1am Air Hockey Tournament
* Marvel vs Capcom 2
* Tatsunoko vs Capcom
* Super Street Fighter II HD Remix
* Street Fighter III Third Strike
* BlazBlue
* King of Fighters XII
* Super Mario Bros Speed Run
* Battletoads NES Speed Run
* Guitar Hero and Rock Band High Score Battle
* More On-The-Spot Tournaments to be Added!

It is recommended that you get your passes soon before they sell out!

GameUniCon is a joint venture between Game Universe and Keough Enterprises.

Game Universe is the World’s Largest Video Game Seller on ebay.

Game Universe also has a retail store in Framingham, MA where they hold weekly tournaments for many of the games featured at GameUniCon. Game Universe is currently looking to franchise and expand their retail stores.

Keough Enterprises has run events including Marathons, Concerts and many other shows in the New England area. Keough Enterprises also hosts event sales offering our exclusive products in the health and beauty markets. Our business is supported with a patented auto-replenishment system. What you want, when you want it: The customer controls what they receive, and when they receive it, with delivery right to their front door.

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7 Responses to “GameUniCon: “Largest Video Game Convention in New England” Announced”

  1. Sounds like it could be fun.

  2. Wow! this is going to be the greatest weekend ever. Bang Camaro was just signed and they already have freezepop and powerglove! 24/7 gaming for 3 days pure awesomeness!! I am buying my pass now before this sells out.

  3. Hey guys, Digg this article!!!

  4. Im looking for a good band to join up for the RB2 portion of this tournament. I live close to the venue and would hate to waste such a good chance to play.
    I Play RB and RB2 Bass Expert level 99% on all songs.
    XBOX360 gamer tag: ibleedpaint cs

    Please contact me if you can help me jump on a team

  5. Good luck!!!! Sorry I’m going to miss it!! Next year though :)

  6. Hey Chris, you should head to the scorehero forums. There is a pretty large thread for our convention in the tournaments and events section. Lots of people finding bands to enter there.

  7. Sounds stupid. If there are devs there then that means no demos of upcoming games. Why would I want to pay to play games that I have played a thousand times aready.

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