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Green Day Announced as DLC for Rock Band

We pretty much already knew Harmonix grabbed the rights to include Green Day in their popular Rock Band game. The rumors started to leaked this past week through various interviews and reports.  The only thing I didn’t know was if the company was planning on shipping a full Green Day game, much like The Beatles: Rock Band which is coming out later this year, or if it was just some downloadable content. Today we finally get the answer.

MTV and Harmonix have announced that Green Day will be an exclusive download for Rock Band, and starting on July 7th owners of the game will be able to purchase three songs. The first songs included in the pack are “21 Guns,” “Know Your Enemy” and “East Jesus Nowhere,” which are all from the band’s newest album ‘21st Century Breakdown.’ The company plans on bringing even more songs to the mix down the line.

Like I said before, I really think Green Day could be a perfect band for a rhythm game like Rock Band. Not only do most people enjoy their music, but their songs have a lot of feeling in them and should translate really well with our plastic instruments.

I also believe Harmonix could have (and I would have preferred) had a completely separate game for Green Day — just like the Beatles. To be honest, as much as I love the Beatles — I think Green Day might have been easier to market to the gamer demographic. I understand that both Harmonix and MTV are hoping to bring a new type a gamer into the fold with The Beatles: Rock Band. I’m just not sold on the idea yet.

I do believe The Beatles: Rock Band game will sell well, but I’m not convinced it’ll go on and sell millions upon millions. I just don’t know if the younger generation really cares about the history of The Beatles. Where I think a Green Day: Rock Band did have the potential to do just that.

Of course, if Harmonix were to release both bands as their own separate videogame, they run the risk of flooding the market. This is something Activision has been doing for a while now, and they’re on the verge of killing their own Guitar Hero franchise down the line.

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5 Responses to “Green Day Announced as DLC for Rock Band”

  1. And the songs are freakin easy. Woo hoo 3 chords.

  2. I’m part of that younger demographic but I would much rather play The Beatles than Green Day. Can’t say I really like them. Actually, I don’t really like any new music. There just should have been no more bands after the 80s. Ha ha.

  3. <> Oh MY GOD!! Green Day songs are so hard to play. I cannot think of any other band harder to play… Pantera, Slayer, what’s that?<>

  4. By the way, I was trying to be sarcastic… ¬_¬

  5. It is amazing to see a sell out rocker with a sell out message printed on his shirt.

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