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Google Earth Day Logo Features a Hidden Triforce

This is kinda neat. Like every holiday/event, Google likes to have a little fun with their logo when you visit the search engine. Earth Day is no exception. Whoever created this year’s Earth Day Logo, must love The Legend of Zelda series. Because he or she, decided to sneak the Triforce from the game, and stuck it inside the picture. Check it out up top.


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36 Responses to “Google Earth Day Logo Features a Hidden Triforce”

  1. -hums The Legend of Zelda-

  2. wow!! thats a great find lol i love zelda,i cant believe i didnt catch it but ive never really thought of google hiding images but i ve been on google all day :

  3. Ummm… not sure that’s intentional.

  4. Of course its intentional. They spend months creating this, they know exactly whats going in and whats going on, they go over the whole picture with a fine tooth comb to make sure that there’s nothing bad, its the same when creating box art for computer games.

  5. Oh god, its the water temple. NOT THE WATER TEMPLE!!

  6. They go over it with a fine tooth comb? Not always. Google “Okami cover” and you’ll see how carefully box art is scrutanized.

  7. LMMFAO @ #4.

    I wholeheartedly agree… I hated that damn level.

  8. Looks more like the AOL logo.

  9. Fine-toothed comb, my ass. Old Super Mario Galaxy cover, look where the stars are.

  10. UH…. that is NOT the tri-force logo


    that’s not what the triforce looks like. that guy was right, looks more like the AOL logo but i’m sure it’s some editing mistake.

  11. Actually it probably has more to do with showing that google arnt newfags and they can triforce….

  12. What’s with the galaxy cover? I don’t get it…

  13. Cat:

  14. I would guess it was intentional, as it’s probably too big of a coincidence that a perfectly-formed triforce would appear by accident…

  15. @ #11, what about the gradual evolution of triangle-like organisms and their subsequent collective action? It could just be a small colony of evolved proto-triangles…

  16. @mee, you really think they spend months working on these little logos used for one day? You don’t think their designers are busy with other assignments? No they probably spend a week from project start to finish with thumbnails, comps, and then final rendering followed by a quick once over by the head designer….Good to go!

  17. Dont want to spoil you geeky dreams but the triforce is not just from Zelda, other toy’s games ect have featured it as well, most notably Space Lego!!! The old Blacktron sets to be precise. Its also a neo pagan symbol for the three fold law, ‘what ever you do will return unto you three times’. As this was the google logo for earth day I’m betting that’s why it’s been included, given that neo pagans view the earth as their deity and everything.

  18. Dumbass. Ross, your being too nice, this person is retarded if he thinks that Zelda used the triforce first. The bible being one huge example.

  19. talkin bout the triforce, is dere gonna be other zelda game or is the series over?

  20. LOL, it’s definately because Google wants to show that they can triforce and aren’t newfags. Although it has nothing to do with earth day, it has everything to do with Google subculture! I wonder if any other Google logos have subtle 4chan references…

  21. Um…I hate to break it to you, but that is a school of fish.

  22. Wherever this logo was from, it’s not a sure thing that it was “Google’s” idea. they hold contests for these things in some cases (Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Doodle designed by Doodle 4 Google Ireland winner Evan O’Sullivan Glynn – March 17, 2009), in other’s they have specific people from other companies do them (Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! Courtesy of Dr. Seuss Enterprises – March 2, 2009). It’s possible that inhouse staff came up with this one, but that’s not a forgone conclusion. And if it wasn’t google that did this one, I doubt they noticed your beloved ‘Triforce’ or whatever you want to call it even if they did give it good ‘look over’.

  23. It’s true…

    There’s been other spottings throughout the years:
    (Bottom left corner of first ‘O’)
    (Below the knife handle)

    When Google employees posed for the Street View photo, one was dressed as Link:

    IMHO I would’ve gone as a Royal Guard…

  24. It was a Female you made this logo

  25. If you have a macbook (hurrah Apple!) you can zoom in (control + two fingers on trackpad) and clearly see that it is the triforce, no questions asked.

  26. If I had to guess I would say its the designers logo/signature/trademark. Especially after seeing post #23′s response.

  27. I agree with #26/Jake. I think this is an artist signature. Only a cosplaying graphic designing Zelda playing freak (akin to my heart) would come up with a signature this annoying and then pose for the crime.

    And actually, I also agree with #24. I think it’s a she. The picture isn’t the best of quality. Thanks Street View… but I’m sure we can comb the cosplay groups for the cosplayer with that costume/shield.

    I say we go to 4chan and lynch this mofo @ the next game-con. ;-p

  28. you can zoom with vista as well…
    crtl +

  29. Left + Up + Right, Left + Up + Right. . .

  30. uh no it just means that google arent newfags wow…

  31. thats the pyramid, same one on the dollar bill. it’s illuminati owned. they like to their logos in everything. if you see a pyramid with an eye in the middle, its them.

  32. shopped

  33. simpsons did it!

    and btw: its the triforce but not entirely. not a friggin pyramid. newfags

  34. hmmm it probably has more to do with the fact that whoever grabbed this image has photoshopped it in.

  35. ▲ ▲

  36. aaaaaaaand its fake.

    the official one is on that page.
    Thanks to whatever idiot posted this

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