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Dead Space Coming to the Wii and Why We Hate the Idea

Everyone I talked to thoroughly enjoyed Dead Space. Sure, the game had its quirks, but overall it was a pleasure scary as sh*t to play. Not only that, it was great to see EA take risks once again and try to create original content.

Because of the positive feedback that EA received from the horror-space game, the publisher has decided to release the same game on the Nintendo Wii. That’s right, the same system that your Mom and Grandma play, will now include one of the scariest games ever made.

The announcement was confirmed from the CEO of EA John Riccitiello. He even promises that even with the Wii being underpowered when compare to the other consoles, it will still make you crap your pants.

“It is absolutely going to be the quality of fear factor of the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.

After the jump, read why we hate the idea!

We won’t deny the game still has the potential to pinch the fear nerve on Nintendo‘s system, we’re just not convinced it should be released or nearly as good as the other systems. Dead Space is a technological achievement on its own right. Obviously by having it on the Wii, the game will have to be severely downgraded. Not only that, from a home theater perspective, the Wii just won’t work. Dead Space could be one of the best games to take advantage of 5.1 surround sound; hearing the creepy noises in each individual speaker really added to the atmosphere. The Wii simply can’t do that, sure the system does Dolby Pro Logic II, but when people say there isn’t a difference between 5.1 and Pro Logic, they must be smoking something.

At the same time, I understand many people still don’t own a home theater system — so that really shouldn’t play into EA creating a game on a particular system. But little things like that bother me and I feel Dead Space just doesn’t belong on the Wii. And not because I hate the Nintendo, I love it in fact love them. Heck, If EA decided to make Boom Blox on the PS3, I would go ballistic. Some games should be meant to be on the system is was designed for.

Of course, during these economic times, EA is looking to make as much money as possible. And considering the Wii has almost as many PS3 and Xbox 360s combined — it probably isn’t a bad idea.

I’m pretty sure when we all see the first screenshots for Dead Space: Wii, the game will get a similar reception that Capcom’s ‘Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop‘ has got since it was announced.

That’s not a good thing…

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29 Responses to “Dead Space Coming to the Wii and Why We Hate the Idea”

  1. Not everyone has HD or 5.1 surround sound, and they still got scared.

  2. Just because technically the Wii isn’t quite up to snuff doesn’t mean it can’t be a great game.

  3. I agree, I never said it couldn’t be a good game. I just feel in the end, it’ll be a considerably downgraded version…

  4. Nice theory, your weak link is that this will be an entirely new game.

  5. I’m afraid I’m going to have to agree with everyone else here, Jon. Graphics and sound aren’t everything. Too many people these days equate graphics and sound with game quality.
    And I’m going to have to go with the old TRS-80 game ‘Dungeons of Daggorath’ as the scariest game ever made. Ask your parents about it kids.

  6. “I’m afraid I’m going to have to agree with everyone else here, Jon. Graphics and sound aren’t everything. Too many people these days equate graphics and sound with game quality.”

    Again, I agree with graphics and sound are not everything when it comes to most video gams. But when a game’s appeal is the atmosphere, graphics and sound are extremely important to immerse the player. Now this is the case for Dead Space and having to significantly downgrade those great attributes, will the game be nearly as good? My guess, no. Of course, that is why we have a comment section ;)

  7. seeing as the wii is supposedly “just a gamecube” they will pre render it,play the resident evil gamecube remake and come back and I dare you to right that it’s not scary and the graphics suck,then play resident evil 4 and imagine it crossed with dead space controls and they could have the best version on wii.

  8. Where did you learn how to write? If you would like to get your point across without sounding like a 12 year old, stop using cliches.

    No, it will not have the same sound. This is obvious so why include it at all. No, the graphics will not be comparable. Again, this is obvious and so unnecessary to include in your argument.

    If little things like this bother you, then keep you mouth shut and you opinion to yourself.

    If you would like to enjoy life and enjoy playing video games, then have an open mind and stop being a biased, opinionated, blowhard.

    I’m so sick of individuals who think that just because they have an opinion they should express to as many people as possible. I’m sick of ignorant little pricks who continue to express their disgust in the Wii based on its graphics, sound, etc. If you don’t like it, stop fucking talking about it.

    Yes, EA should make Dead Space: Wii because its THEIR FUCKING DECISION.

  9. I’m sorry this article is weak, I don’t mean to sound like a critic or anything like that but it just is.

    You basically just said Dead Space won’t be good on the Wii for the same reasons people said the Wii wouldn’t be a success at the E3 in ’05 (graphics, sound, HD, etc).

    When I first saw the headline I was hoping you were going to tackle a few more interesting points like how the motion controls would translate to the game.

    Other than that, you really have got to look at the fact that the game is also on PC.
    PC games offer the ability to turn down the visuals and sounds so that the game can run smoothly, plus they have to be played on a monitor and so forth.

    I doubt that changed the experience much for people playing on Windows, Why should the Wii be any different?.

  10. I would actually LOVE to see Dead Space on the Wii.
    Just to see what Redwood Shores can do with the Wii.

    Other than that… yeah, EA is just trying to cash in on their new IP. Can’t blame them for that though… If that’s the price of having EA make new IPs, then so be it.

    Now, what I don’t understand is why they haven’t gone as far as announcing Mirror’s Edge for the Wii. Now THAT game fits the Wii audience much better, no?

  11. So lets say dead space was originally planned for Wii, 360 and PS3 would you still have a problem with it?

    There are several games out across all 3 platforms and there wasn’t a big deal before now.

    Why shouldn’t Wii ownwers be entitled to a game worth playing?

  12. Dude,
    Your only reason for not wanting it on the Wii is surround sound capabilities and because you “feel” it doesn’t belong.
    Pretty lame and invalid reasons
    How about you see how many people “feel” that should be on the Wii?

  13. This whole story is silly. Kids act like no one was ever immersed or ever scared before 5.1 audio or HD. As if a scary game was somehow invented in 1080P. Are you kidding me? Go watch The Exorcist in 480P and stereo and tell me that shit’s not scary. You absolutely don’t need HD to get scared. The very idea is insane. This game could be great on the Wii. Perhaps even better than the original. This game is all about precise aiming and dismemberment, what better controller for such a game than an IR pointer. Duh.

  14. “That’s right, the same system that your Mom and Grandma play, will now include one of the scariest games ever made.”


    Wii is a great option to a game like Dead Space because it has public for this kind of title. Wii games sales:

    Resident Evil 4 – 1.7 m
    RE: Umbrella Chronicles – 1.3 m
    House of The Dead Return – 1.0 m

    Mom and Grandma’s console? Yeah, as you can see, your comment about the public of the Wii just sucked (a lot). It was a genuine hater comment.

    Again, there is nothing wrong about bring Dead Space to the Wii because the Wii has public for it. This is so right that other companies are doing the same: Capcom with Dead Rising (a shitty port, but…), SEGA with a new House of The Dead and Madworld (these two will be great) and Marvelous with No More Heroes 2 (the first was good).

    Plus, Dead Space does not need “next-gen OMFG visuals” to be scary. This kind of comment sounds like a NOOB comment made by someone that did not play older console systems. LOL.

    Are you a real gamer? Because looks like you started to play in this generation. A gamer with some experience would never say what you said.

  15. Uhm… ok, good article.

    “Some games should be meant to be on the system is was designed for.”

    What about the possibility of a new take of the IP for the Wii? Riccitiello said that EA are bringing Dead Space IP to the Wii, not the same game.

    This game will be a total new game, not a port. Remember this words…

  16. This article is completely useless and completely irrational. For one thing, if EA does it right this should look good on Wii for what the Wii is. Considering that Resident Evil 4 and Super Mario Galaxy impress people, that still says a lot. Then coupled with the fact about the “downgraded version”. I owned an X-Box last gen that has amazing graphics on every single game I could own. The PS2 versions always looked like jokes with bad frame rates a horrifically fuzzy textures. I’m sure that stopped people from enjoying the PS2 and they all bought X-Boxes instead…oh wait.

  17. Just look at metroid Prime 3, that game was VERY atmospheric and it was a Wii game.

    Wii can handle a built from the ground up version of dead space, just not a port.

    Only an idiot wouldn’t want games for the Wii with it’s intuitive controls.

    And don’t even talk about the graphics crap.

    Metroid proves everyone otherwise.

  18. As an nintendo fanboy I hate the idea of dead space on the PS3/X3600…wait I hate the idea of any good games on those systems.
    Ahhh..the whining of ps3/x360 fanboys these days.

  19. Psssh. You simpletons and your HD/Surround Sound. How could you possibly think such backwards technology can immerse you in a horror game unless you’re playing it on a holodeck.

  20. Surround sound vs Pro Logic II – what a load of rubbish.
    Stop moaning and give the game a chance for g’s sake…

  21. Wow you guys sure know how to bitch about someone simply stating a few facts without lowering himself to anywhere close the level so many commenters do.

    I like my Wii. Next to my PC it’s my only console, but I wouldn’t ever feel attacked personally if someone said it’s technically inferior and thus lacks a few tools to improve immersion. Nobody says you can’t have a great gaming experience on it, but if you guys honestly claim true dynamic surround sound and crisp graphics do nothing to enhance immersion then my guess is you never experienced the difference between playing in a lit room on a small old TV with stereo speakers and a dark room with HDTV and a 7.1 surround system where you can even pinpoint enemies by sound alone.

    I know that I’d be a lot less immersed in games would someone take my sound system. Even moreso than if I had to downgrade graphics. Sadly most people don’t have good sound setups and it is something not as easily changed as putting HD graphics into consoles. You can’t force people to buy surround sets.

    Anyone saying he wouldn’t want a perfect gaming room if he could get one for free is a filthy liar though. Same for all those Xbox/PS3 people who don’t acknowledge how nice it is to have a pointer or those claiming that mouse controls are more precise. All that after the motto “if I don’t have it and can’t have it I can at least shit on it and claim I wouldn’t want it anyway and rip everyone who does have it a new one”.

  22. In fact I hope they release it for the DS, GBA and the lynx….. How about the odyssey 2?

    If they want to release it for a particular system that’s up to them.

  23. “The console that your mom and grampa plays”?! And appently is OK that Bloom Box comes to another console but not any other game to the Wii?!

    You know after 2 years of proving HOW WRONG YOU WERE this kind of stupid “I hate the Wii” articles should dissapear but no, you just can accept it, right?

    And you’ll never be.

  24. From the tone of your article, it sounds like someone is going to put a gun to your head and make you buy the Wii game.

  25. And what exactly are you comparing in your article when you say Dolby Pro Logic and 5.1? What is 5.1? Pro Logic I and II are both 5.1 as well… if you mean an HD 5.1 then label it correctly. There are three, count them, THREE HD 5.1 and 7.1 codecs.

  26. terrible article…

    RE4 did 1.5 million sales on wii…

    Clearly survival horror has a home on wii…

  27. Yea, and that was the same game from the gamecube that sold a previous 1.5 million while only adding a few extras from the ps2 version.

  28. Okay, here’s the thing: why does it matter? Does the fact that this Wii port is being made somehow hurt the experience when you play it on your PS3/360?

    I didn’t think so.

    If you don’t like it, don’t play it and quit wasting valuable Internets with your whining.

  29. I agree and disagree with the article. I played and loved dead space for the ps3. I see jon’s point that it will be downgraded for the wii. But I say go ahead and downgrade sound and even the visuals some. I can handle that if it means there will be another, most likely, incredible dead space experience. Again, I would say playing dead space on ps3 is the best way to play it. But having said that, I am glad the developers want to incorporate other platforms as well.

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