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What Do Famous Rockers Think of Guitar Hero and Rock Band?

This months Entertainment Weekly came out, and because of /film we get a subscription. An article that was featured talked about the release of the two blockbuster music games Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero: World Tour, and their significance on how they’ll help shape the music industry.

During the story, they had a small piece of what ‘famous’ real life rockers think about the two games. After the jump, read what they said.

-Nikki Sixx, Mötley Crüe:

“I Play with my kids, and they’ll go ‘Dad, you suck!’ It’s and awesome game and something we get to do together.”

Alright, It’s cool, we can all agree that both games are ‘awesome.’ But you’re Nikki Sixx, a badass 80′s bassist who banged girls left and right. Please, next time replace the word ‘kids’ with the noun ‘groupies’. It makes you look a crap load better to us geeks. Ya, know?

-Nick Wheeler, The All-American Rejects:

“It’s kind of a shame. When I was growing up, kids wanted to be in a band. Now everyone wants to play Rock Band.”

Who in the world trade groupies, alcohol, fame, groupies, and more groupies, for some plastic guitars? I love my video games, but nearly as much as my groupies.

-Roger Daltrey, The Who:

“Anything that advances music is really interesting. It’s better than all of those shoot’em up, blow’em up, kille’em games!”

I agree with the first sentience. But it seems that Mr.Daltrey thinks very little of ‘violent’ video games. Folks, this is what we would call generation gap. I’m pretty sure when ‘The Who’ first started out in england over 200 years ago, many older musicians didn’t think to fond of them. I really hope when we get old, we don’t put down art just because it’s different then what we grew up with.

-Wayne Coyne, Flaming Lips:

“The Games misguide kids into thinking playing guitar is just pressing three red buttons. It’s harder than it looks.”

Yikes, Wayne! I love the Flaming Lips, in fact they’re one of my favorite bands today. But to say these games ‘misguide’ us is completely wrong. I ask all of you fellow gamers, do any of you actually think playing a real guitar is ‘easier’ than playing Guitar Hero? (Besides the track ‘Jordon’ by Buckethead)

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6 Responses to “What Do Famous Rockers Think of Guitar Hero and Rock Band?”

  1. These guys should just be glasd theyre songs are still recongized by a jonger generation of rockers who actually wanna play it. im hinting against Wayne Coyne

    wasnt meant to be missleading was meant to be entertaining and fun… some people are so old fashioned his mother must of fed him with a wooden stick or something cause his got old school written all over him

  2. You deleted my comment? How about fixing your editing first and then attempting to hide and criticism of it. I didn’t make any claims against the site itself. I come here for a great consolidation of gaming info. However, being an English student and the son of two English professors, I was hoping for a bit more quality in the writing.

  3. “I really hope when we get old, we don’t put down art just because it’s different then what we grew up with.”

    Sadly, I’m not sure that’s going to be the case. I’m 30 and my neice is 10. I started asking her parents why she watches these crap kids shows like Hanna Montana and all of them. I started to say that we never had shows that crappy when I was growing up…then I realized one of my favorite shows was Saved By The Bell. Yeah, same crap, different show. I hate getting old!

    And as for the Flaming Lips comment, I must say that I’ve known a person or two who did guitar hero, went on to take guitar lessons and quit because it was too hard. Very sad. And not me. I quit before even playing guitar hero! haha!

  4. You only need to play three red buttons to be good at the game? I had no idea!

  5. Nick Wheeler and Wayne Coyne are tools, they are the type of losers that make it impossible to talk intelligently about rhythm games online because of the constant influx of “lol lol i play teh real geetar losers” crap.

    “You deleted my comment?”

    The site deleted your comment? Then they had a good reason for it. Leave it alone.

  6. Loving this.

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