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Scans and Screens of Game informer’s Coverge of Batman: Arkham Asylum

A few days ago we reported that Game informer was going to have an exclusive look at a new Batman game called ‘Arkham Asylum.’ As you can tell, when GI talked about how the levels of the game had a “dark and gritty” atmosphere, they weren’t kidding. The game isn’t going to be a kid friendly game at all, just look at the fourth scan down. The walls of the room have blood stained footprints on them. With a bloody question mark written on it. Could this be a sign of the Riddler? Guess what, it is! Sefton Hill the director of the game said:

“There are a lot of supervillains in this game. This is the first Batman game where you’re going to get to see and fight against all of the big supervillains, and they’re going to be represented in a way you’ve never seen before.”

GI did mention they saw some of the villains during the gameplay, the Joker, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, and Zsasz. The article also noted they saw some concept art of the game and confirmed they saw the Penguin, Riddler, Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, and Mr Freeze. And a few others, but they weren’t going to “ruin” it for us.

One of the cooler things that Game Informer found out is how the player can travel anywhere and anytime in Arkham. You are not limited to certain areas, but you can roam the Asylum freely as you please. Think that Arkham Asylum is Batman’s Liberty City.

The combat isn’t a traditional stealth game. The developers think a ‘regular’ stealth game makes the player look weak. Something they feel Batman is not.

“If you look at a stealth game, it’s about being weak and hiding…this is about being in a strong positions and them not knowing where you are. It’s a very different fell. Predator gameplay we call it. Picking of the weak people.”

Game Informer also went on to mention they received a hint about the possibility of playing as a villain such as the Joker, but as of now it’s being kept a secret a little longer.

All I know, after seeing these scans, I’m officially excited about a Batman game, and that’s a first!

See the Scans after the Break.

[Thanks to Paul]

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20 Responses to “Scans and Screens of Game informer’s Coverge of Batman: Arkham Asylum”

  1. awesome! i wasnt much impressed with the batman begins game, but this seems a worthy game title for the franchise!

  2. why does batman facial model make him look like such a douche…


  3. this game got good graphics

  4. Looks cool…….. but Batman looks a bit soft. COME ON PEOPLE!!! Sometimes I wonder if people that make these kind of games even know the comic/cartoon properly. They’re all too bothered about ‘putting their stamp’ on it. When they should ONLY be worried about keeping it original as poss (with a lil extra violence :).

  5. They’re using Alex Ross Designs as influence.


  7. … so it looks like george clooney…swell

  8. well if they made the batman character after Christian Bale who is a douche… i just hope it’s a better voice actor … other then that the game looks sick!!!

  9. This game look really good I hope that it has a demo so we can try it out before it comes out.

  10. That looks horrible.

    Why does every Unreal Engine 3 game look like it’s covered in motor oil and have models look like they’re about to pop thanks to steroids.

    One day someone will make a good-looking Batman model…

  11. And the finally made a good looking bat model, thank you. He’s dark but not horribly dark, he looks strong but doesnt look like a steroid user its perfect. And dont get me started on the Joker and Killer Croc… I cant help it, they look amazing this will be way better than TDK game awesome.

  12. wow batman on an unreal engine. they should definentley use the voise actor from the animated show for him. Game looks great, dont know how your goin to fight over-the-shoulder but i guess they’ll figure something out.

  13. Some of this looks kinda cool. But that, screen of batman fighting makes me worry. It just screams that combat will suck. I don’t want this to be some shitty true crime game with batman in it.

  14. Hope you enjoy the scans that I originally made. : )

  15. HOw the hell does Batman look ‘soft’. I swear you nerds need to find osmething to nitpick like a fiend needs to find crack. And those who immediately think of George Cloonet when they see this might have some ghey fantasies they should discuss with their pastors.

    This game looks great, Croc and joker look amazing, hope it plays as well as it looks.

  16. this game looks awsome, but why don’t they use TDK model instead of this one?

  17. Because it’s not set in the Nolan universe, which is why Joker has green hair and Harley Quinn and Ridler and Mr. Freeze and all of them are (reportedly) going to be in it. As for me, I personally like this version of the costume better. Don’t get me wrong; I absolutely loved TDK but putting some gray in this costume seems like a good choice. I myself cannot wait for what is being set up as the first truly good superhero video game.

  18. the idea of having different writers is that they put their own “stamp” on it. i like that. which is why i like batman:gotham knight. quite a few people hated that movie.

  19. I CAME.

  20. great guide if you’re interested in the characters, heres an advance preview.

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