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The Cliffanator Promises Gears of War 2 to be 10+ Hours

While talking to CVG, Cliff Bleszinski promised that his next game Gears of War 2, will in fact be longer, maybe even ten hours. Thank god. I played and beat Gears 1 in about seven or so hours. It was a great game, but was just to damn short. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting anything longer then seven. So this is a welcome surprise.

“We definitely want it [Gears of War 2] to be longer. We won’t specify a number of hours right now, but it will be longer — I can guarantee that. And it’ll have a little bit more drama too…I think that, with campaigns like in Gears, Halo or Call of Duty, my personal preference is around the 10+ hours mark, with a co-op and a multiplier you can play in the longer term. But I find a lot of games are filled with padding to make them seem longer. They do stuff like, at the half way mark, demand that you play through all the levels again backwards, and you think “kiss my ass.” We’ll never do that. We’d always rather push forward and provide new experiences.”

I’m cool with ten hours, just not under seven. Please Cliffy, please don’t lie to us.

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3 Responses to “The Cliffanator Promises Gears of War 2 to be 10+ Hours”

  1. I agree, 7 hours of game play is just not worth the price. I played and beat Halo3 in 9 hours, and it cost me $59.00 to buy. I felt so cheated. The original Halo took me about 17 hours to beat when I new what I was doing it (probably took me 30 hours the first time I played it back in 2002.) These expensive games with such a short game time is not good for the industry. I pay $8.50 for a 2 hour movie… I think they need to give me a little more than 4 movies worth of game play for that high price of a video game. I understand it takes manpower to generate something that beautiful… but put a little more manpower into making a game that lasts longer. Halo3 multiplayer time does not count towards the purchase price, due to COD4 whooing Halo’s arse … IMHO.

  2. Totally agree here we need more game time! Halo 3 was far to short!

  3. I totally agree bought it yesterday started playing around 17.00 an was finished a couple of hours after midnight… Even my girlfriend who doesn´t play was surprised to have me in bed so early…
    Her words:
    -But hunny the sun isn´t up yet are you already done?
    More value for our money please…
    M,Goodwine Sweden.

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