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Japan Company Nintendo introduces the Nintendo Entertainment System

Japanese company Nintendo issued a press release announcing a new video game system called: the Nintendo’s Entertainment System. Nintendo promises excitement for the whole family with an included game called Super Mario Brothers. The player will control a little character named Mario through various lands, jumping on mushroom men and little turtles, all while stealing coins and eating other kinds of mushrooms that make you larger at times.

We had the privilege to sit down with the creator of the game Shigeru Miyamoto.

We very happy to bring you new game system. We feel that Mario will be fun time for whole family. I have great time to create game and hope you enjoy very much.

As much as we would love to see another video game unit with our brand new Magnavox 25″ color television (yeah that’s right, we have money) next to our Video Cassette Recorder, we just don’t see anyone else buying it. With the success of the arcades, why would the masses want to sit at home and play on a television. Gaming is meant to be played with people in a arcade center. On top of it, a game of Pac-Man ONLY costs only 25 cents, compared to a blistering $199 for the home video game console and maybe as much as $50 bucks for each game. And seriously, I don’t see this Mario guy selling anything, heck he was a secondary character in Donkey Kong. We’ve already had the fad of the home gaming console with Atari and it failed. Unfortunately for this Nintendo company, it seems like they will suffer the same fate.

Check out the sexy system shots as well as the gorgeous screens of the game below.

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2 Responses to “Japan Company Nintendo introduces the Nintendo Entertainment System”

  1. Looks promising. I’d play it.

  2. I’m a little scared by how ahead of its time this system seems. I mean, we’re currently utilizing downloadable content, and mass storage disc media, I think its a little too soon to move right into the use of a Cartridge. The screenshots attached look amazing! I can only IMAGINE the detail on the particles from the smashing of those bricks!!!!

    Look out Blu-Ray… Here comes the Cartridge!!!

    In all seriousness (and a little off subject), I believe Flash Media is going to surpass disc media in the very near future in the terms of HD Entertainment. Blu-Ray will not be the be all end all of HD Video and Gaming. (although it does rock at this point)


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